Family Guy S13E03 stream – Baking Bad

Family Guy - Baking Bad

Lois and Peter open a cookie store, but things take a bad turn when he devises an interesting way to scare up customers.

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Watch Family Guy – Valentines Day in Quahog Online S11E12

Family Guy - Valentines Day in Quahog
“Valentine’s Day: A day of love, right in the middle of Black History Month.”

We are treated to a very special Valentine’s Day intro, spoofing most generic romantic comedies, especially “Valentine’s Day”.

Lois suggests that she and Peter spend the whole day in bed because it is Valentine’s Day.

Meg tells Brian and Stewie that she has a date with a guy she met on the internet. Stewie gives some dating advice when the doorbell rings. The man, Toby, flatters Meg, saying she’s much prettier than her picture, and they head off.


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Watch Family Guy – Space Cadet Online S11E08

Family Guy - Space Cadet
Given that this episode of “Family Guy” focused on Chris, by far the nerdiest of the gang (although I suppose Meg is a close second, only in a different way altogether), it seemed appropriate that the episode, “Space Cadet” would open with a Monty Python tribute. As the second of his shows in the last couple of months to feature such a tribute- the other being “The Cleveland Show”- it would seem that Seth MacFarlane was on a Python jag his own damn self. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, to adapt a phrase from another much beloved cult show.

Alas, it was not in fact, a full-blown tribute but rather more of a one-off joke, not unlike the one in the aforementioned “Cleveland.” Too bad. If they can do not one, but several “Star Wars” spoofs, why not a Python tribute? It could be fun seeing the gang speak with terrible British accents! Oh well, it was not to be, but that’s not to say the episode was terrible.

Instead, what we got was a plotline in which even Lois acknowledged that Chris wasn’t the brightest bulb in the bunch. Unfortunately for Chris, he overheard that conversation between his mom and dad, leading to a shame spiral that led him to want/need to attend a “special” school when he started to have issues at school. With a bevy of unpleasant choices at hand, Chris understandably went for the most fun of the bunch: Space Camp.

It was only a matter of time before chaos ensued, ultimately leading to the entire family getting launched into space in the space shuttle! Thankfully, autopilot got our beloved fam back on terra firma, but not without a few high-jinks along the way, including Meg getting “accidentally” shot into space like the alien at the end of, um, “Alien.”


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Watch Family Guy – The Old Man & the Big C Online S11E03

Family Guy - The Old Man & the Big C For the penultimate episode of “Family Guy” before next week’s benchmark 200th episode hour-long extravaganza MacFarlane and Co. coasted a bit, but it was still a mildly enjoyable show. In the cheekily-titled “The Old Man and the Big C,” Brain and Stewie stumble across what they think is a big secret: that Lois’ father, the insanely-monikered Mr. Pewterschmidt (is that an in-joke reference I’m not getting?) is dying of cancer. This turns out to be the half of it, as not only does he have cancer, but the cure as well, which Mr. P. has opted to keep to himself instead of sharing with the world at large.

Eventually, Lois catches wind of it and makes him promise to reveal it to the world, but he ultimately doesn’t, coasting by on his rascally charm. Or, as Peter puts it: “He’ll just do a magazine cover with a wink to who he is and all will be forgiven.” Cut to: a magazine cover, with an impish Mr. P. and the headline “Oh, Carter, you Devil!” Cue the wah-wah tuba- which they actually did with a tuba at one point earlier, over on “The Cleveland Show.” Since “Family Guy” airs later than that, it would have been cute for this show to end with a call-back from that show, but whatevs.

Meanwhile, Quagmire got exposed as…having worn a toupee all this time. Amusingly, after he was found out, he stopped wearing it and immediately degenerated into a cross between the current “Get off my lawn!” incarnation of Clint Eastwood and a doddering old mental patient- oh wait, that might be the same thing.

Spending his time shouting at passers-by things like “Drive like Hell, you’ll get there!” the guys are more than a little worried about Mr. Giggety. Although, as Peter noted, “I guess all this time Quagmire should have been saying “Wiggety.” Wah-wah.


Watch Family Guy – Internal Affairs Online S10E23

Internal Affairs

Family Guy - Internal Affairs Season FinaleI really don’t have too much to say about Internal Affairs. I knew going into it that there was very little chance of me loving it, and while I wasn’t dreading it (as if I could dread an episode of this show), I wasn’t exactly excited for it either. This episode was a sort of followup to Foreign Affairs, an episode I didn’t really care for and never wanted to see a continuation of in the first place. Luckily, I found this episode to be a little better than its predecessor, and it wasn’t just because of the giant chicken fight that completely stole the show. Having the episode center more around Joe was a bonus because I actually really like Joe. On the season finale of Family Guy, “Internal Affairs,” Bonnie is being distant to Joe after he wins an award for a massive cocaine bust. This leads to Joe sleeping with a young female officer who has the hots for him after his buddies encourage him to do it as revenge on Bonnie for her indiscretions.

With Foreign Affairs I just didn’t care about what Bonnie got up to, but here I was actually somewhat invested in what was going on with Joe. Really, I just think Joe’s story here is more interesting than Bonnie’s affair was. It’s easy to see where Joe is coming from in this episode and what he’s struggling with. With that said, I was never concerned terribly about the fate of his relationship with Bonnie. The show has never given me a real reason to care about Joe and Bonnie’s marriage. Sure, we’ve seen some tender moments between them from time to time, but I can’t say that it would have bugged me one bit if they had actually gone through with the divorce, especially with the way Bonnie has been shown to act from time to time. I will say, though, that I enjoyed the flashback to the moment Joe and Bonnie first met. I don’t know if it was just the superb use of Africa by Toto or something more, but that scene made me care more about Joe and Bonnie’s relationship more than I ever had and at least provided me a degree of investment in the final scene where Peter and Lois are trying to get their friends to make up.

It all ends when Joe and Bonnie basically promise to be faithful to each other and to work toward their relationship, but isn’t that how “Foreign Affairs” basically ended? In fact, isn’t that how all episodes involving affairs end on this show? Huh. Guess Family Guy is more consistent than I think. And of course, it will all probably end up with more unresolved marital strife between the characters. The external philosophy from the writing staff seems consistent, but the internal philosophy of the characters is ill-defined at best. Quagmire once cheated on Loretta, then gave a big speech about respecting the fidelity of marriage in “Welcome Back Carter,” then in this episode goes and does exactly the opposite of that.


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Watch Family Guy – Killer Queen Online S10E16

Killer Queen

Watch Family Guy - Killer Queen Online S10E16After an off week with a tired arson story and way too many Mort jokes, “Family Guy” rebounded a bit with “Killer Queen.” It was no “Back to the Pilot,” but it was fun enough.

Family Guy episodes usually follow this type of structure: A plot thread is introduced in the opening minutes that has nothing to do with the episode’s main plot; the first plot runs its course throughout the first act or so, eventually connecting to the main plot; and then, the rest of the episode is focused on the main plot before resetting everything back to the status quo at the very end. This is usually accompanied by a side plot that might end up linking to the main plot but most of the time doesn’t. Episodes are usually a bunch of ideas thrown together, and this episode was the same way, more so than usual. The side plot in this episode ended up wrapping up a little sooner than usual, I think, aside from the connection at the end, and that was also a little strange.

First, Peter wants Chris to enter a hot dog-eating contest against undefeated champion Charles Yamamoto, but because this is an animated sitcom, he has to find a way to come up with the $50 entry fee. While he browses his old possessions in the attic with Brian and Chris, they stumble upon a crate of records, including a copy of Queen’s 1977 album News Of The World—the one with “We Will Rock You” and “We Are the Champions” on it. The album cover, with artwork from sci-fi artist Frank Kelly Freas, depicts a giant robot holding the dead and bloodied members of the band, and the image deeply disturbs Stewie, who can’t even stand to glance at the thing. Brian promptly ponies up the money for the entry fee, having found his entertainment for the week.

Both the A and B plots had some really standout moments, though considering the plot with Stewie and Brian was mostly just a series of gags it’s no surprise that it was full of funny moments. Since it really didn’t take up too much screen time, I’m going to go ahead and get my thought on the B plot out to the way. I loved everything about it (though Stewie resorting to suicide was a little disturbing to see). This reminded me a lot of the recent B plot where Peter was constantly falling down the new stairs. It had that same feel to it with it essentially using the same joke over and over again and escalating it with each use. Stewie’s reactions were priceless, and his dialogue when vocalizing his fear was terrific. “I’ll tell you what the news of the world is! We’re in a lot of goddamn(?) trouble!”


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Watch Family Guy – Be Careful What You Fish For Online S10E14

Be Careful What You Fish For

Family Guy - Be Careful What You Fish ForThis week’s episode of “Family Guy” was for fans who find Ricky Gervais annoying. Rather than go for the kind of sharp humor that’s made him a favorite — though not by all — of the Golden Globes in recent years, Gervais instead sticks with aquatic puns, laughing more at his own fishy jokes than anyone else save Peter. Our main storyline starts with an ocean liner shipping Mercedes cars sinking off the coast of Rhode Island, which gives Peter the idea to go fish for one. But when he attempts to do so, he just ends up catching a talking dolphin named Billy Finn, who is voiced by Ricky Gervais.

Peter, Quagmire, and Joe go out on a boat in hopes of retrieving a free sunken Mercedes from a recent shipping accident, but instead accidentally snare Billy Finn, the talking dolphin. When Billy dives to retrieve a Mercedes hood ornament for Peter, it’s only natural to assume the three guys would talk about how they’re either hallucinating or witnesses the miracle of a talking dolphin, but instead Family Guy sidesteps the obvious and completely ignores that potential. Billy is a talking dolphin, he can show up at the Griffins’ and become a terrible houseguest, sitting around because his wife kicked him out of the ocean.

Talking animals are nothing new on Seth MacFarlane shows (Brian here, Klaus in “American Dad,” the bear in “The Cleveland Show”), but there’s something about seeing a dolphin, voiced by Gervais, standing at the Griffins’ front door that sort of makes you go “huh?” which then leads you to ignore the rest of the scene because you’re thinking to yourself, “Do all animals on this show talk? No, I’ve seen some that don’t. Can dolphins survive on land? I guess they breathe through blowholes, so… well, but it seems like they would dry up. Hmm. Wait, what’s going on in this scene?”


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Watch Family Guy – Tom Tucker: The Man and His Dream Online S10E13

Tom Tucker: The Man and His Dream

Family Guy - Tom Tucker: The Man and His DreamTom Tucker and Chris Griffin are characters who can be funny in very, very small doses. Put them front and center though, and what do you have? A mediocre episode of Family Guy with only a handful of laughs. “Tom Tucker: The Man and His Dream” also brought James Woods back from the dead, a recurring character who has failed at ever making me laugh. The main plot was highly amusing with some great interactions between Tom Tucker, Peter, and later on, James Woods. The side plot was also very funny and brought together elements from both Chris’s and Lois’s characters to create an odd and maybe a tad bit disturbing little story. All in all, it was a fun episode. However, I can’t help but feel that these two plots should have been reversed in significance or maybe even split between two different episodes entirely.

In a nightly newscast, Tucker’s co-anchor mentions his former stage name, which Peter recognizes as the guy who played Michael Myers in Halloween IV, his favorite movie of all time. He gets Tucker to sign his copy of the film, then proposes to get Tucker back into the acting business in Hollywood.There’s just one problem with this plan: Tom can’t act; he just does his news anchor voice in every role. He can’t ever fully get into character, so overly wordy and awkward he comes off like Perd Hapley trying to be an auto mechanic during his guest role on NCIS.

Chris bringing home a girl who looked like Lois was an interesting idea, but I think Meg bringing home a boy that looked like Peter would have been funnier and all the more disturbing, especially if you count the amount of times he has taken the opportunity to relieve himself of gas directly in her face! But of course, seeing as how Mila Kunis is now an in-demand actress, her role as Meg has been reduced to a background character that at most gets a line or two in any given episode. It might be time to get Lacey Chabert back on the phone, MacFarlane!


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Watch Family Guy – The Blind Side Online S10E11

The Blind Side

 Family Guy - The Blind Side Although the majority of “The Blind Side” was all about Brian and his never-ending saga to find a girlfriend, I was more focused on other matters. For starters, Family Guy does not like True Blood; in fact, this is the second time that popular series has been lampooned this season alone. I’m going to ignore the part where Peter fell down the new stairs repeatedly because I didn’t find it funny or relevant to the story. And I almost forgot that Marlee Matlin was part of “The Blind Side” at all. To give such a prominent deaf actress a few paltry lines in the beginning was a waste of talent.

Just like Meg, Brian Griffin is on a relatively constant search for love. Sure, he may be a talking, walking, condescending dog, but he’s still looking for a nice human girl to settle down with. He’s been obsessed with Lois at various points during Family Guy’s run, he was a contestant on The Bachelorette alongside Quagmire, and all the way back in season 5 had a recurring girlfriend voiced by Drew Barrymore. Tonight was another episode in that vein, with Brian dating a blind woman named Kate, who just so happens to hate dogs.

The bulk of the actual story fell on Brian and his wooing of Kate. Did anyone think that Brian’s ruse with Stewie would pan out? Considering that Brian beat up a rug and a ham leg and convinced Kate that he took her to the Eiffel Tower, I thought perhaps he would get away with it.


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Watch Family Guy – Quagmire and Meg Online S10E10

Quagmire and Meg

Family Guy - Quagmire and MegWhen the family plans a surprise party for Meg’s 18th birthday, the only person to show up is Quagmire but his intentions to seduce Meg become quite clear. However, when he leaves without incident Peter lets it pass. Quagmire continues to flirt with Meg and talks her into going out with him. When Quagmire shows up for their date, Peter objects but Lois allows her to go out with him, telling Peter it’s just a ploy for attention and she’ll rebel if they try to stop her as Lois herself did against her father. After their date where Glenn fails to score but considers it just a temporary setback, he arrives in his home to find Peter waiting for him. Peter orders him to stay away from Meg but Quagmire points out that she’s 18, legal and ripe for the picking and Peter vows to stop him.

I have to congratulate Family Guy for its awesome parody and homage to the said awards. Having been a teenager not too long ago, I can appreciate how it must appear to those without the raging hormones of teen-dom. From the host “Lady Hair Douche-ton,” to the psychotic teenage girls drooling over Robert Pattinson, the Family Guy version was pretty accurate.

I absolutely loved tonight’s focus on “Meg and Quagmire” two characters who seldom interact but are hilarious together. Meg as the desperate, lonely teenager starved for male attention, and Quagmire as his womanizing self, was a dynamic combination that didn’t take the creep factor too far.


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