Watch Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia – How Mac Got Fat Online S07E10

How Mac Got Fat

Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia - How Mac Got FatTonight we got to see a little insight into Mac’s thinking process. How does he come to his conclusions? Apparently, by telling his priest long stories in the confessional. In a stained wife beater. While eating pizza, M&M’s, and chips. Oh, where do I begin? This is another great episode. It’s all over the place, but it’s supposed to be.

The episode opens with Mac confessing to a priest that he’s fat. Mac blames the rest of the gang, and asks God to smite them.

Apparently, the bar suddenly became wildly successful a few weeks prior to the opening of the episode. The gang wonders what happened to make the bar so successful all of a sudden. They decide whatever it is they are doing, they need to keep doing it.

Mac, still skinny at this point, surmises that The Gang has reached their peak, their zenith, their tipping point. They’re enjoying a level of success that can only be sustained if every member of The Gang continues doing whatever it is that they’re doing. So whether it’s Dee telling bad jokes, Charlie cleaning out toilets, or Dennis taking care of his hair, The Gang agrees that they all need to continue doing what they’re doing and to start getting some rest. Frank doesn’t buy into it and so, despite his best efforts, there is no sabotaging The Gang’s success.


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