Watch Leverage – The Long Goodbye Job Online S05E14

Leverage - The Long Goodbye Job
Leverage” fans received a Christmas present on Tuesday, Dec. 25 in the form of a new season 5 episode-“The Long Goodbye Job”-but it was bittersweet because it was also the series finale, as revealed last week.

It may have been the last episode of the show, but it was quite the perfect series finale for “Leverage.” With numerous callbacks to the pilot, more Sterling (Mark Sheppard), a crafty con, and even a proposal, the series couldn’t have ended in a better way (though it was sad to see it end). It was easy to see why this was the series finale they had envisioned. While the first part of the episode had you on the edge of your seat-“How did your friends die?” Ellen Casey (Catherine Dent) asked Nate (Timothy Hutton) as she “evaluated his state of mind”-the pieces easily fell into place as the con played out. And like always, there was an escape plan, and while the episode ended with the team separated, they weren’t done.

The Long Goodbye Job” began with Ellen Casey asking Nate what his mistake was and how it all started, and he took them back one month, to Dr. Gallow, his son’s pediatrician, bringing him a file and explaining a young boy would die without a new drug that wasn’t put into production because there was no market for it. The company was in the same building, High Point Tower, as the Internet hub server for federal law enforcement, and those files danced around, never in the same place for longer than a few hours.

In one of the many callbacks to cons of the past, after only being inside the building for a few moments, Parker (Beth Riesgraf) realized they were looking at the Steranko. All Hardison (Aldis Hodge) could do was control the calls coming in and going out. Nate explained their plan was to go in through the top, using the nearby Dolan Theater, which Sophie (Gina Bellman) took over for her theater group to put on “Macbeth.” Back in the present, Ellen asked Nate, “How did your friends die?”


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Watch Gossip Girl – New York, I Love You XOXO Online S06E10

Gossip Girl - New York, I Love You XOXO
After six seasons CW’s popular show Gossip Girls comes to an end with a two hour special series finale of GOSSIP GIRL called, “New York, I Love You XOXO.” On the last episode of Gossip Girl after a run-in with an increasingly paranoid Bart, Blair grew alarmingly concerned for Chuck’s safety. However, feeling confident that his father would never hurt him, Chuck made a deal that could change his life.

Wanting to make things better for Chuck, Blair devised a plan with the help of Serena, Georgina and Sage to try and get what they needed out of Bart. Meanwhile, Nate’s financial dilemma finally landed him in a place that he never thought he would be.

Bass Be Gone. The death of Bart was huge in “The Revengers”, but this episode, not so much. Blair and Chuck were questioned, but ultimately, his death was ruled an accident. The best part about it was the return of Desmond Harrington, who is always welcome on my TV screen.

Chair Forever. Even with the Bart drama going on, Blair and Chuck finally tied the knot! After a sweet proposal and help from Uncle Jack and the rest of their friends, the couple got married by Cyrus. These two looked absolutely stunning in their wedding attire.


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Watch Boardwalk Empire – Margate Sands Online S03E12

Boardwalk Empire - Margate Sands
The finale of “Boardwalk Empire‘s” third season provided more closure than excitement, capping off what has certainly been one of the worst years in Nucky Thompson’s life.

After last week set the table for the inevitable war between the two factions, we are caught up with a montage of the conflict between Rosetti’s gang and the tenuous Chalky-Capone-Nucky Alliance.

While Rosetti claims to be winning his invasion (just shy of hanging a “mission accomplished” banner up at Gillian’s), morale is testy in both camps. The New York crew is drinking and boffing the cathouse dry, while Team Nucky is busy brawling amongst themselves.

While muscle is what he needed to save his hide last week — and it certainly did — Nucky strikes the decisive blow not with bullets but as a “guy with all the angles,” as Eli aptly describes his brother.


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Watch Royal Pains – Sand Legs Online S04E14

Sand Legs

Royal Pains - Sand Legs Online S04E14 It was an episode of ups and downs in the season finale of Royal Pains titled “Sand Legs”. In the season finale, HankMed is acting as the on-site physicians at the Hamptons Labor Day Invitational, which leads to Hank (Mark Feuerstein) treating an amateur beach volleyball player who he believes, may be suffering from more than just a summer bug. As Hank’s diagnosis becomes much more worse for the volleyball player, how does that effect his relationship with Harper (Kat Foster) who has asked him to meet her family?

During the past few episodes of this season, we’ve seen a lot of situations in various characters’ lives that began rough but were finally coming to satisfying conclusions. Paige, who had been so upset to find out that she was adopted and that her parents had lied to her, had supposedly found her birth mom. In addition, Paige and Evan’s relationship was growing stronger than ever and, despite some bumps, they were still on their way to walking down the aisle together. Divya, after being nearly forced to go through with an arranged marriage, had finally found love. And Hank, who hadn’t had too much luck in the romance department since his engagement was called off and Jill had left town, was finally with someone he was ready to commit to.

Then again, he knows how important family is to Harper, so shouldn’t he have foreseen that his last minute exit would have a severe impact on the future of his relationship with her? From her tone with him on the phone, it’s clear Hank is going to have some serious sucking up to do to get fix this one.

Hank and Harper’s romance wasn’t the only one that got a little rocky this week, either. Divya and Rafa had a serious falling out there toward the end of the episode. I guess she should have guessed that she wasn’t the only one on Rafa’s lady circuit.


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Watch The Newsroom – The Greater Fool Online S01E10

The Greater Fool

Frustration is the overwhelming feeling coming out of watching the entire first season of The Newsroom. Frustration because it has so much potential to be great and yet it overburdens itself, it is an example of writer Aaron Sorkin biting off far too much. What worked was all the stuff about the newsroom, the crafting of a news show, the behind the scenes politics of corporations and the up front politics of our recent history. For an outside viewer, it was of great interest to me seeing the differences between media in the US and the UK.

This entire season of “The Newsroom” was in the can before any of it aired on television, and some critics of the show have suggested that if it hadn’t been, Aaron Sorkin might have had the opportunity to course-correct in response to some of the complaints. I don’t think that’s the case. First, “Studio 60” — for which Sorkin took nearly as much grief as he has for this show — was still in production when the response to it went south, and for the most part none of the things people were complaining about changed. Second, Sorkin respectfully but strongly disagreed with most of “The Newsroom” complaints when he appeared at press tour a few weeks ago.

The romantic elements, while a touch cheesy — especially the contrived but admittedly hilarious scene with Maggie scolding and shouting at a bus of Sex and the City fans — also reached an important pivotal point. Many, including Rainn Wilson, have compared the Don-Maggie-Jim love triangle to the Jim-Pam-Roy subplot from the early days of The Office. Hell, even The Newsroom’s Jim bares a slight resemblance to John Krasinski’s Jim, not to mention the same name.

“The Greater Fool” is the name of the scorched-earth article Brian Banner published about Will in New York. When he reads it, Will OD’s on anti-depressants, gives himself a bleeding ulcer, is rushed to the hospital and thinks about quitting the show. (This also gives MacKenzie a chance to be typically bonkers — will Sorkin never give her a moment’s peace?) I’m never one for floating plot points that will obviously never happen, but Will’s self-doubt is a chance for many wide-eyed “Please no!” moments from the cast as they contemplate the end of it all.


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Watch True Blood – Save Yourself Online S05E12

Save Yourself

True Blood - Save Yourself Online S05E12

HBO’s hit vampire drama “True Blood” was nothing but crazy if you’ve watched the season five finale of the show, titled “Save Yourself”. Save yourself, indeed! If you have yet to watch Sunday’s episode of the show, turn back now as this post contains nothing but spoilers as we round up the fifth season. If you’ve missed the show, you can read our full and detailed recap here.

Last week’s ‘True Blood’ episode “Sunset” saw Bill dispatching Jessica to turn Jason Stackhouse into a vampire under the new regime, while Sookie rallied the other Faeries into fighting back against Russell Edgington. So, what will the latest episode of ‘True Blood’ bring?

Let’s start with the first death, which coincidentally is also the show’s biggest loss – Russell Edgington has finally been put down. And despite Eric’s episode-wide amazing timing, it seems to have been the Faeries wot done it. Given that the Faeries have done frick-all for the entire season – barring procreating with the nearest drunk – the final score is Russell Nil, Faeries One. Which seems a tad unfair, no? And while it had to happen, and while it was glorious that Eric was present, and possibly partly responsible, it is a massive shame that the batshit ex-King will no longer be gracing Bon Temps with his psychotic presence. RIP Russell, you will be sorely missed.

And when it looked like we would finally get a bit of that old Russell we love so much, he gets staked in the lamest of ways. It’s absolutely fitting that Eric is the one to kill him, but it deserved a moment we would never forget, not a random killing before the opening credits. This also brings up another peccadillo- why are vampires, particularly ancient and powerful ones, so damn easy to kill? After this season they seem more fragile than your average human. What’s the benefit of longevity when you’re able to be dispatched as easy as a baby vamp fresh from the ground?


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Watch Falling Skies – A More Perfect Union Online S02E10

A More Perfect Union

Falling Skies - A More Perfect Union Online S02E10 Tom and the others find themselves in the middle of an old fashion coup. Tom got what he wanted, the go ahead to meet with the skitters but Tom refuses to do it like this. General Bressler orders them all back in the cages when the alarm starts going off, aliens are in the compound. Upstairs the 2nd mass members who had been rounded up in the commons area were scrambling to get away from a small army of skitters that have infiltrated the compound.

Last time we checked in with the 2nd Mass, they had found their way to the supposed Garden of Eden that is Charleston, South Carolina. They quickly came to understand that, nope, this place sucks too.

Tom, Captain Weaver (Will Patton), Dr. Anne Glass (Moon Bloodgood) and other 2ND Mass members use their bodies to shield the rebel skitters, forcing Bressler to relent and hear them out. Through Ben, Red Eye explains that the 2ND Mass should have killed the Overlord when they had the chance because it would have crippled the aliens’ war effort in that part of the continent. However, Red Eye says that the Overlord will be inspecting a new weapon in three days and that they need help from the humans to get inside. After Ben and the skitters withdraw to a nearby area, Bressler rejects the offer to team up as a trick and orders the 2ND Mass locked up.

He was so hell-bent on meeting up with them, but when Bressler detains Arthur and gives him a chance to do so, he throws it away. Things ended up working out, but for all he knew in that moment, Tom could have been making a decision that would blow their opportunity to team up with the rebels and also land him in jail right next to Arthur Manchester. Tom’s honesty and decency are admirable, but one of his weaknesses is allowing that side of him to ruin important opportunities. And as a side note, how absurd was it that when the security breach alarms went off, all of the soldiers completely forgot about locking up the 2nd Mass and instead headed for the main hall?

Later, we’re given a little tidbit of information regarding the death of Bressler’s son that I think would have served more useful if it was expanded upon earlier in the episode. The death of Bressler’s son at the hands of Skitters explains his motivations but his actions and the death of a few harnessed rebel kids left me still feeling cold towards the General.


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Watch Fairly Legal – Finale Online S02E13


Fairly Legal - Finale Online S02E13Fairly Legal wrapped up a few storylines Friday night. The season finale is titled “Finale” and as the show has not yet been picked up for a third season, the episode could work as a series finale.

In tonight’s season finale, written by Executive Producer Peter Ocko and directed by Anton Cropper, several plotlines came to a head. In a somewhat awkwardly structured narrative, an employment termination mediation involving a lesbian couple who worked at a local television station led to a quashed news story about a mysterious corporation that had received favors from the city. This conveniently, if unconvincingly, tracked back not only to the city District Attorney (Esai Morales), whose reelection Justin has been challenging, and who Kate has now forced out of the race, but to the billionaire (Lloyd Owen) Lauren has been sort-of-dating, although she knows he’s under investigation by the FBI. Meanwhile, Kate and Justin’s decision to find a place to move back in together fell apart, not unexpectedly, and although supposedly Kate was now going to take some time to herself, the episode’s ending made it clear that Ben has the upper hand in the competition for her affections. (The perfect apartment that he steered her toward–and that Justin rejected–turned out to be next door to his own.)

Rachel and Nora worked at the same news station and were also lovers — until they got fired. Within seconds of the “Fairly Legal” season finale beginning, Nora gets her job back, but Rachel only gets her work/stories back. Except one, and it’s a big expose.

Rachel had been researching a story that the city sold a big plot of land to the development company Selix owned by Paul Kaplan, and there were some shady dealings. So what happened to all her research? Reed & Reed, along with Ben Grogan (Ryan Johnson), are putting the puzzle pieces together, and as such, every single storyline of “Fairly Legal” season two seem to be tied together.


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Watch The Killing – Donnie or Marie Online S02E12

Donnie or Marie

The Killing - Donnie or Marie S02E12In “Donnie or Marie” the show whittles the suspect pool down to two candidates: Richmond’s campaign manager Jamie Wright, and Richmond’s campaign adviser/ex-mistress, Gwen Eaton. It’s a “final two” scenario set up by last week’s closing shot, focusing on Gwen and Jamie, unnoticed amidst the crowd of onlookers following Richmond’s campaign speech.

How Linden and Holder do detective work throughout this episode is, they sit around in their car and make up wild theories and then act as if their wild theories are correct, and eventually — because the show is like this — they turn out to be correct. So they get Roberta to admit that Chief Nicole is an abusive lover and breaker-of-bones, and eventually twist her around into giving them this elevator footage that supposedly didn’t exist, which shows who the person is. (Also, it sounds like Roberta wasn’t the one that put up the haunted-tree picture, but whatever. I have a theory about that.*)

Although, technically, I’m not sure why it can’t just be considered the penultimate episode leading into the “real” finale that airs next week, but “Donnie or Marie” pushed viewers towards two possible killers. And, no, the Osmond pair did not special guest star and sing out who the killer was.

Are they the killers, or simply involved, and someone else is in on it. Michael Ames certainly seems to be important again, forgotten for much of the show’s run (he’s been in four episodes before tonight), but important enough to become a major anchor to the whole murder-a-teenage-girl conspiracy… but again, the important conversations that could reveal any tidbits about this happen off-screen or transferred via mind powers between characters in the many long scenes of people just staring at each other, or the conversations we only get one end of.


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Watch Mad Men – The Phantom Online S05E13

The Phantom

Mad Men - The Phantom Online S05E13It’s a pleasure to watch a show that carries itself with confidence down to the smallest gesture. Mad Men proved that it was that kind of show throughout season five. And it proved it again in its finale, “The Phantom” set in April, 1967, months after senior partner Pryce hanged himself in shame after getting caught stealing company funds.

“The Phantom” concludes on a pretty blonde, on her friend’s behalf, asking Don if he’s alone. Now, Don just walked away from a commercial shoot he was able to get his wife a part in. The part could change Megan’s fortunes. Don feared what acting would do to his marriage with her. Don’s never been happier than he’s been with Megan. Don’s contentment hurt his work, though he’s recovered from the malaise. No one’s actually happy in the season finale of season five. Well, Peggy’s happy, but she may be written out of the show because she’s happy. Pete’s miserable; Don’s basically miserable; Megan was miserable until Don got her the commercial part; Ginsberg and Stan are miserable after a company rejects their pitch because of the word ‘cheap’; Joan’s more sad than miserable, unable to celebrate the firm’s good fortune because the firm’s good fortune came from death benefits from Lane’s suicide.

I’ve taken issue with the season here and there — questioning, for instance, whether Joan’s decision felt natural, or like something where Weiner came up with the end-point and reverse-engineered the rest — but have for the most part applauded the formal boldness of it. Some of the most memorable scenes and moments of the series’ run occurred over these last three months, and I look forward to revisiting many of them during the long break before season 6. And, I’ll be honest: as someone who has had/chosen to stay up late each Sunday to write these reviews, I haven’t exactly minded that the themes have been more overt than in previous seasons. It’s all fine and dandy for the meaning to be hidden when I’ve got days and days to dig, but when 2 in the morning is staring me in the face, it’s a relief to be able to say, “Oh, the codfish is a metaphor for disappointment!”


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