Watch Futurama – 31st Century Fox Online S07E12

31st Century Fox

Futurama - 31st Century Fox Online S07E12 Futurama has a history of great anthology shows that deal out daring stories. Still, the last episode of the season leaps nimbly over that bar and lands with its hands, flippers, and fins triumphantly in the air. Futurama goes absolutely friggin’ nuts over nature documentaries and it’s grim and great.

In “31st Century Fox,” the plot kicks off with the Planet Express staff asking for new uniforms after Mothzilla attacked their closet in Tokyo. Apparently, the Professor promised them new ones a year ago and never delivered on it, so they head to ‘Nvasions ‘N Such Space Uniforms in the Garment District. I know I bring this up a lot in my reviews, but the clever signs are my favorite part of the Futurama humor.

The initial visit to the Garment District provided a few humorous sight gags towards the beginning of the episode, particularly when the Planet Express crew were trying on different uniforms. It seemed like kind of an odd way for Bender to stumble into the fox hunting getup, but I suppose it’s not all that unreasonable for the Futurama ‘verse.

Each segment was made as if it were part of a nature documentary being narrated by Phil LaMarr. It begins with salmon and then continues to the Pinta Island Tortoise and The Elephant Seal, and while clearly best watched (and perhaps written…) while incredibly high, they manage to succeed regardless of what state you’re in. It’s really just three amusing vignettes seemingly made on a lark, and the entire affair seems almost like an idea rather than a full-fledged episode. Still, some of jokes are pretty great and it’s pleasant to see the show go somewhere new, even if it’s not really a direction anyone hoped for. Oddly, the first third of the show is probably the weakest, despite being written by the most veteran of its writers—the other two were written by first-time writers who’d been working as writers’ assistants—and are genuinely pretty great.


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Modern Family Season 4

With all the drama surrounding ‘Modern Family‘ season 4 and its multiple cast re-negotiations, its easy to forget that we’re going to see plenty of faces outside of the Dunphys, Pritchetts and Delgados.  And for a series that has boasted such impressive talent as Greg Kinnear and Edward Norton, it’s good to see ‘Modern Family’ dipping into one of our favorite comedic wells by casting ‘Reno 911!’ and ‘Bridesmaids‘ star Wendi Mclendon-Covey!

According to Entertainment Weekly, ‘Modern Family’ season 4 has made an arresting choice for its latest guest star.  Former ‘Reno 911!’ and ‘Bridesmaids’ star Wendi McLendon-Covey will appear beginning with the season’s third episode, as one-half of a lesbian couple whose son gets into a fight with Lily on the girl’s day of kindergarten.  McLendon-Covey’s partner will be played by former ‘Saturday Night Live‘ star Michaela Watkins.

“Modern Family” Season 4’s production was recently threatened by a contract dispute that caused the cast’s first table read to be cancelled last week. However, “Modern Family” stars Sofia Vergara, Ed O’Neill, Julie Bowen, Ty Burrell, Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson reached a salary agreement with 20th Century Fox and dropped their lawsuit, leading the entire cast to return to work.

Production shouldn’t experience any interruption, though surely thing will run smoother than with canine star Brigitte playing Jay Pritchett’s French bulldog Stella, who was quietly replaced with a look-alike named Beatrice for the upcoming season.

Modern Family Season 4 Screenshot


Watch Simpsons – Politically Inept, With Homer Simpson Online S23E10

Politically Inept, With Homer Simpson

Simpsons - Politically Inept, With Homer SimpsonThe Simpsons are going to a wedding and waiting in a very long line at Springfield International Airport. Homer’s bag is full of unusual things which make it 2 lbs over the maximum baggage weight. When they board the plane the pilot says the flight will be slightly delayed because of a jailbreak in New South Wales. After 7 hours of waiting Homer needs the bathroom but the Air Hostess won’t let him go. So Homer runs into the bathroom and convinces the passengers that airlines don’t treat people like people any more. So the air Marshal an Hostesses close in on him, and Homer escapes by jumping onto the snack trolley and rides down the aisle making a speech whilst Bart videos it. He crashes through the emergency exit and lands face first onto the wing, he jumps of it and is met by security who hit him with batons. Inside the plane the passengers cheer.

For one, the plot feels all over the place; going back and forwarth between awkward political satire (while some of it may be true, alot of it just feels out of place and most of it has been done to death; you’ll know what I’m talking about when you see it.), pleads from Marge and Lisa (that doesn’t differentiate from the main point. “You don’t have any idea what you’re doing/this is a really bad idea.”) and the best parts of the episode, Homer on stage. The idea of Homer Simpson as a political commentator is a good one and I thought that it would involve some form of decision and/or crisis going on or at least emotion mixed in there; I’ve always commented about how these episodes have good ideas that are ultimately wasted and this one is no exception. Homer’s celebrity act felt like it was under construction and needed work, reason for this being as I was watching him; it didn’t feel like Homer, it felt like a person pretending to be Homer, sprouting out funny stuff and looking awkward while doing it; I can understand that he’s playing a character but it doesn’t even fit in.


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Watch Terra Nova – Occupation & Resistance Online S01E12 (Season Finale)

Occupation & Resistance

Terra Nova - Occupation & ResistanceIt’s the finale “Occupation / Resistance” — in which this blogger finally realizes: Lucas is reprehensibly despicable.

Between the two-hour long stress of the “Terra Nova” season finale, and the power outages at Candlestick Park for Monday Night Football and the Pittsburgh Steelers game (don’t hate), tensions were running high for me as our time-traveling pioneers dug their heels into their prehistoric home and waged war against the future. And some of it was relatively legit.

This is not to say that the finale was a great episode, and the premiere was equally great, with simply crap in-between. Certainly not. Rather, the premiere offered a glimpse into a potentially great series that could occur, and the finale behaved like that series had happened. But of course, it hadn’t. The finale was as riddled with horrible plot holes as what had come before – why didn’t the colony prepare for the face that the invaders might use an explosive? But there were glimpses, certainly.

After the big speech to conclude last week’s episode, the entire population was prepared to fight for their new home. Unfortunately, they weren’t expecting the onslaught that came through the portal. It’s a great way to start the episode: strip your protagonists of all their advantages and have them claw their way back to freedom and safety. A far more exciting scenario than simply having Terra Nova wait for an attack for the entire first half of the episode, which I have to admit, was what I was expecting.


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Watch Terra Nova – Within Online S01E11


Terra Nova - WithinTerra Nova is ramping up to what should be an exciting conclusion. “Within” resolves Skye’s spy arc while also setting the table for the two-hour finale next week.  “Within” was the third straight episode in which I have more positive things to say than negative ones. Sure, that may be because the problems with each outing tend to be similar week in and week out, and nobody would want to read about that time and time again, but if Terra Nova gets a second season by FOX, I think it’s heading in a decent direction.

Even though this series is only ten episodes old, I’m already feeling completely fed up with this mole story line. After finding out the identity of the mole, it always makes you pay extra close attention to that character since you now know they have an ulterior motive, and Skye has been written very poorly in that regard. Why is it that the only time that Skye has ever acted cagey or suspicious is as soon as we know that she’s a mole? She wasn’t being all mysterious and asking Josh to lie for her before we found out she’s dirty, but now that we know about it she’s acting so incredibly obvious.

The biggest problem with this episode is that it’s basically a retread of the last outing. That one dealt entirely with Skye’s role as a spy and the majority of this episode treads that exact same ground, giving us no new information about Skye and her mother’s plight or any deeper emotional connection to the characters. All I could ask myself during this episode was why the writers decided that we had to have another full hour devoted to this story. It’s the same miscalculation the writers have made all season, they keep focusing on situations that require an emotional connection to the characters to work, but they have utterly failed to create any characters worth caring about so the stories can’t help but fall flat on their face.


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Watch American Dad – Season’s Beatings Online S07E07

Season’s Beatings

American Dad - Season’s BeatingsIn keeping with the American Dad tradition of going completely off the wall for its Christmas specials, “Season’s Beatings” delivered a hefty dose of dark and twisted humor in a holiday setting.

So what automatically makes American Dad infinitely better than Family Guy as of late is that the lack of cutaways force it to spend a damn good amount of time putting the comedy in its characters, who still haven’t gotten old. Sure, there’s plenty of outside pop culture references in a typical Dad, and tonight features Sarah Palin, Shaquille O’Neal, Jared The Subway Guy, Jon Bon Jovi and a terribly amusing scene where Stan accidentally shoots a blind man’s seeing eye dog before that man is run over by an 18-wheeler. But the writers make them fit within the main conflict, so that nothing takes you out of what’s going on, especially since what typically goes on in American Dad is pretty damn funny.

Tonight’s American Dad is no exception, with a wild start where Stan’s rivalry with Roger gets him excommunicated from Christianity, and Jeff and Hayley adopt a child. This is the kind of thing that’s perfect for American Dad, since it allows absurd levels of transgression and emoting. But once the setup is complete and the premise well-established – that the adopted boy is the Antichrist that Stan has to kill – then the episode simply moves through the plot. There are jokes, sure, but it’s nothing like the first act.


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Watch House – Perils of Paranoia Online S08E08

Perils of Paranoia

House - Perils of ParanoiaHouse returned this week with it’s mid-season finale, “Perils of Paranoia”. Our patient of the week, a lawyer peculiarly named Tommy, collapses in the courtroom complaining of a heart attack. Upon being admitted to good ol’ Princeton-Plainsboro, it’s quickly discovered that the guy has an arsenal of assault rifles hidden behind his bookcase. His reasoning for which is that he’s afraid that the collapse of society will bring about a massive riot that he will need to defend himself from, which leads Adams to think he’s paranoid. Park, however, disagrees with her, which leads to my biggest complaint with the episode: Doctor Park.

But just how paranoid is Tommy? Park and Adams find out when they explore their patient’s home and discover a secret doorway behind a bookcase! It leads to a hidden bunker, stocked with an arsenal of guns.

Olivia has no knowledge of the bunker and Tommy admits that he had it covertly installed while the house was being refitted – he’s convinced that the fall of society is imminent. House’s team argue over whether Tommy’s odd behaviour can be classified as paranoia, and whether or not it’s a symptom.

In an unusual turn in recent seasons, Foreman is featured prominently in this episode. Taub is convinced Foreman needs a girlfriend so he begins dropping hints to the nursing staff which frustrates Foreman to no end. Though Taub claims it is for his own good, the meddling eventually leads Foreman into a very uncomfortable situation with a woman from his gym.


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Watch Terra Nova – Now You See Me Online S01E10

Now You See Me

Terra Nova - Now You See MeTerra Nova continues toward the end of its first season order with tonight’s ninth episode “Now You See Me” and with it the Terra Nova mole is revealed while Commander Taylor and Sixer leader Mira struggle to survive together against vicious dinosaurs out in the wilderness, and young Zoe must say goodbye to the young Anklyosaurus she’s been caring for as a pet.

The decent amount of forward momentum Terra Nova generated in last week’s episode continues this week in “Now You See Me” as Taylor confronts Mira, Jim closes in on the mole and Zoe continues to prove her uselessness as a character. I’m sorry but I reached my breaking point with Zoe this week. I know the youngest Shannon child is meant to be cute and innocent but it’s that saccharine sweetness that’s made her unbearable as a character. Her wispy voice drives me crazy and it couldn’t be more obvious that the writer have no idea what to do with her.

Skye being revealed as the spy didn’t come as much of a surprise but she’s still a pretty good choice. Her relationship to Taylor gives her access to information not accessible by most and she seems to be able to get in and out of Terra Nova fairly easily. She’s also been fairly underused so it will be good to see her getting more involved in a story other than playing a potential love interest. However, it’s still a bit odd that the tree-dwelling Sixers have the upper-hand when it comes to specific tech and medicine. We’ve seen them contact someone from the future and now we learn that they are the only ones with the medicine needed to keep Skye’s mom alive. We can only assume that this is all due to the genius of Lucas and those back in 2149 spearheading the Sixers’ nefarious operation.


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