Watch Gossip Girl – The Revengers Online S06E09

'The Revengers," s6e09 What an hour. Gossip Girl aired its penultimate episode, “The Revengers” that took us viewers all over the place. There was scheming, crying, a possible death, and even an arrest. Let’s talk GG.

Bart Bass & Beyond. Taking the stage in this installment was none other than the evil Bart Bass. Seriously, I have watched a lot of TV…even a lot of bad TV. These shows have been full of corrupt characters, but still, Bart takes the cake. He has layers of evil and it doesn’t help that he is so smart with his crimes. Could you imagine having a father worse than BB? Yup, don’t think there is one.

Upper East Side events are so odd, especially when Blair starts having nightmares about Bart killing Chuck. Dan is house hunting but first he needs a good reference; good luck with that buddy. Lily’s leads that she handed to Chuck are useless unless he has pin numbers for all the accounts. Here comes Blair conspiring again while Nate is starving to death over Bart’s threats.

Serena is on her way to LA, a post-Dan cleanse as Blair calls it when she shows up with Chuck. They decide that they want to make Ivy look like the bad guy when it comes to the info given to Chuck. Of course, Serena makes the call and acts all sweet and nice to get what she wants. Looks like Nate may be in on the gig without us even seeing the info being traded.


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Watch Last Resort – Another Fine Navy Day Online S01E06

Last Resort - Another Fine Navy Day Last Resort changed things up a bit with “Another Fine Navy Day,” by using Memento-like story telling. In the middle of the episode, it got a bit confusing, but it ended up working brilliantly and I loved it. It was particularly nice to see Sam and Christine together, even if their interactions were just hallucinations.

Up until now, the leadership of the USS Colorado has been focused on their own survival and that of their crew. The hallucinations provided them an outlet to focus on their own personal needs and feelings.

Sam desperately misses Christine and worries about what the separation will do to their relationship. They have no mean of communication. While he recorded her a taped message, he hasn’t heard back yet. (Check out our interview with Jessy Schram for more on that video.) They are isolated from each other. And, the photo of Christine and Paul didn’t help the situation.

Even more telling was that shocking final reveal that Sam was hallucinating that Sophie was Christine. Sure he was hallucinating, but for him to connect Sophie with his love for Christine showed his growing feelings for Sophie.

Marcus continues to struggle with the loss of his son. He has pushed his feelings deep inside, so he can lead the USS Colorado through this crisis, the pain is still there. I loved his hallucination of the carrots being crayons and then the bedtime story.

His loss is going to stick with him and if he doesn’t deal with it, it could prevent him from doing what’s right or necessary for his and the crew’s survival. His outburst at Curry during the negotiations could be tame compared to what could happen.


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Watch American Horror Story – I Am Anne Frank Online S02E04

American Horror Story - I Am Anne Frank Briarcliff has a new patient and she claims to be the infamous Anne Frank who died during the Holocaust. Only she didn’t die, she says. She continued her life in America so her martyr status would open the world’s eyes to the injustices occurring in Germany.

Now she’s in Boston beating up anti-Semites. The woman does have a mark on her arm to prove she was held in a concentration camp. So she may be being honest, or she just knows a good tattoo artist. With so many asylum patients claiming they didn’t kill their families and fabricating false stories (more on that later), it’s hard to tell who is telling the truth.

For Anne Frank, Briarcliff Manor may be an upgrade to Auschwitz, but it’s a dangerous place with Dr. Arden running around. The patient claiming to be Anne Frank outs Dr. Arden as a former Nazi. She says he would flip a coin to determine which girls to “treat” in Auschwitz. Then he would bring them back to camp poisoned.

Sounds like the lovable, great humanitarian Dr. Arden that we’ve come to know. Adding to the evidence of Arden’s criminal activity, the call girl he nearly killed reports him to the authorities.

The poor doctor has to take time away from dismembering Shelley to defend his reputation to two homicide detectives. “This is utter hogwash,” Arden says before walking away. “I have no idea what I’m even being accused of.” That response seems to satisfy the detectives, who were probably in a rush to get back to their homes in time to catch the newest episode of “Bewitched.”

No need to check the forest full of man-eating zombies or the store room hiding a patient who looks as if her face were dipped in acid. Speaking of which, Shelly’s days as our favorite nymphomaniac are numbered.


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Watch How I Met Your Mother – The Autumn of Break-Ups Online S08E05

How I Met Your Mother - The Autumn of Break-Ups It’s odd, I hardly recognized Victoria in this week’s “The Autumn of Breakups.” Her indiscrete hints at moving to Detroit? The creepy wedding dress talk? Since when was her character a complete psycho? I understand it’s technically been months since she and Ted got back together, but if that’s the case, then why was Ted so freaked out about the notion of a reset/pause button? And why would he react by proposing? Victoria’s behavior this week felt more like a classic case of changing the character to serve the story. Worst of all was her ultimatum, “If we’re getting married, you can’t be friends with Robin.” Not only was this another blatant rip on Friends, but HIMYM doesn’t really have the cojones to back it up; because as we’re assured over and over again, Ted and Robin are not Ross and Rachel.

This brings me to my general point: I’m pretty tired of all these allusions to a Ted and Robin romance. As someone who rooted for Ted and Robin from the very beginning, it’s extremely irritating that they refuse to closed the book on their relationship, especially after eight seasons. Unless the creators’ intent is to actually somehow get these two back together in the end, they seriously need to drop it. By now, this type of manipulative storytelling just feels like a crutch — even a wrench, thrown in to disrupt the natural order of things. Again, if these tidbits are some big scheme to get them back together, then I’m all for it. If not — and I suspect this is the more likely scenario — then, for the love of God, for my own sanity, this has to stop.

Speaking of Robin, her storyline with Nick this week was also pretty unbearable, and this is mostly attributed to Michael Trucco’s lack of comedic delivery. That’s not to say he’s a bad actor — his dramatic work in Battlestar Galactica was really great — but the dude is painfully unfunny. I realize his dumb catchphrases were part of the “it’s not supposed to be funny” schtick, but I would wager someone else could have made those lines work. And honestly, Trucco isn’t entirely at fault — it’s mostly the writers’ for crafting such a poorly structured season in which we’re supposed to feel something for this guy. Again, on paper, it’s been months. In reality? Five-ish episodes.


Watch The Mentalist – Cherry Picked Online S05E06

The Mentalist - Cherry Picked The Mentalist 5×06 opens with Patrick Jane questioning a driver for the corrections facility where Lorelei disappeared. The woman doesn’t know anything, but just in case she’s lying Patrick tries taking her hand. She is clearly offended and he lets her go, then crosses her off of his list and opens the next file folder. His phone rings and Lisbon calls him in. Patrick says he is getting ready to call in another driver but he must put his case aside for another.

River Park, Sacramento, California is the location of the crime scene where a security lays dead in the street. Cho describes the scene to Lisbon, saying the guard must have been making his rounds when he was shot. Lisbon asks for the neighbors to be called outside.

In questioning the neighbors a woman says that she heard the shots but by the time anyone got outside the guard was dead and the killer was gone. One man says that he just got home, so he didn’t see anything. Patrick notices a man that seems out of place, he is watching his cell phone. When Patrick questions him, he claims that he is there to pick up mail for his brother’s house across the street. He says his brother and his wife are out of town.

“Mailbox, empty or full?” Patrick asks. When the man can’t answer immediately, Jane heads across the street and into the house in spite of the man chasing him and telling him not to go in. Lisbon follows as Jane says there are signs of a struggle; he heads for the kitchen as the man protests.


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Watch Fringe – An Origin Story Online S05E05

Fringe - An Origin Story Online S05E05 “Fringe” season 5 continued Friday, Nov. 2, on FOX with episode 5, “An Origin Story” in which Peter, Olivia, and Walter all grieved in their own ways for Etta, and one of them made a risky move. With 9 episodes to go, it’s probably too soon to expect a lot of details about the series’ final episodes, but at the very least, fans now have a date to look forward to, or dread, depending on whether or not they’ve accepted the series’ fate.

Peter and Olivia are distraught over Etta’s death. Peter goes through some of her items, and he discovers a hidden compartment full of weapons that Etta left. Meanwhile in Manhattan, the Observers transport large covered cargo through a wormhole in the city.

The Observers have been opening shipping lanes from the future to bring back the air degradation tech that, if the project is completed, would limit human life spans to 45 years. It requires a tremendous amount of energy to open up one of these portals – judging by the amount of charring on the ground – and Peter sees evidence of a cube that must get the ball rolling. During the most recent delivery, the resistance kidnapped one of the Observers and took his cube. Peter theorizes that if they can open a portal, they can also destroy a portal. If they can turn it into a black hole, while sealing up the entrance in our world, it should destroy the Observers’ world and leave this world about as safe as it currently is.

To wit, the title refers to Peter’s “birth”, if you will, as an Observer. Of course, the word “Observer” in and of itself has always been problematic, much in the way that “The Others” was always a troublesome moniker on “Lost”. Both are insufficient terms to collectively describe that which is unknown. Given what we know about how Peter and Olivia reacted after Etta disappeared as a child, it makes sense that Peter would take a more active role in avenging her death than Olivia would. That doesn’t make Olivia’s approach weaker than Peter’s. In fact, the episode ends siding with her in terms of her moral and emotional dealings. But this was The Peter Bishop Power Hour, by the end of which he has successfully removed a piece of tech from the Observer’s spine and affixed it to his own. He’s either The Six Million Dollar Man or Locutus of the Borg.


Watch Big Bang Theory – The Extract Obliteration Online S06E06

Big Bang Theory - The Extract Obliteration Online S06E06 On this week’s The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon befriends Stephen Hawking in “The Extract Obliteration.” Penny signs up for a college course without Leonard’s knowledge. And once she tells him about an upcoming assignment, everything goes downhill.

Penny went back to school and didn’t want to tell Leonard because he’d make a big fuss over it. I suppose that’s fair, though it once again returns to the overarching Penny/Leonard problem of Leonard being eager to the point of obsessive and Penny insisting on keeping him at an arm’s length.

Sheldon’s superiority complex of being close with Hawking and his willing Hawking to play provided laughs. The best part was when Sheldon tried in all seriousness to use a Jedi mind trick to get Hawking to participate. In the end, I was a bit surprised that Sheldon threw the game. That may be the first time we have ever seen Sheldon let someone best him. It was especially poignant after he reprimanded Amy for helping him with a word. Can you think of any other instances?

This episode had a bit more of a classic Big Bang Theory feel to it, partly because the writers ditched the new Raj/Stuart bromance for a week and renewed the good old-fashioned Raj/Wolowitz pairing instead. Seeing the duo rock out to Star Wars Kinect was hilarious – much more fun that actually playing the game would be, I imagine. Between that and Raj’s forced American accent, he really stole the show in his brief scenes. For whatever reason, the writers got a lot of mileage out of characters doing mock impersonations of other characters this week.

Sheldon gets overexcited about the game and then stresses out about it. (“It’s been three days! Why won’t Stephen Hawking play a word!?”) When Howard warns him that Hawking is a sore loser, Sheldon throws the game just to stay on his hero’s good side, only to suffer through a gloating phone call from his new “friend.” (The title is official, since it’s right there in the game’s name.)


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Watch American Horror Story – Nor’easter Online S02E03

American Horror Story - Nor'easter Online S02E03 AHS Asylum American Horror Story: Asylum is a completely wackadoodle series. This we know. But even when I accept this premise, the drama still sends me over the edge with its utter ridiculousness. Everything was completely over-the-top in “Nor’easter.” (The storm-centric episode aired as the northeast recovers from the ravages of Hurricane Sandy. What does executive producer Ryan Murphy know about the weather that we don’t?)

An episode that moves along slowly, but surely delivers the shock, disturbing imagery, and grisly revelations. It’s not too often I am shocked, or even nerved by a television show. Not even a horror one. So how appropriate would it be for the 31st of October to mark one of the first times an episode of any series does just that? Very appropriate. This week, we continue to delve into the many personal horrors biting at our twisted main characters, specifically Sister Jude and Dr. Arden. Frightening new discoveries and unnerving yet compelling advances in the story make the third episode of this season the best and most frightening thus far!

It’s the chilling concept of having no control over one’s life, and for that control to be held in an iron grip of some very, very bad people. Teresa and Leo may be in bleak situation with Bloody Face, but there always seems to be a glimmer of hope — a door to be slammed shut, a weapon to be improvised, something. But what faces our cursed inmates at the asylum is the certainty that someone else will take every opportunity to make their lives as grim and painful (sometimes literally) as possible. And there’s not a damn thing they can do about it.

So, in an attempt to avoid having to deal with more unpleasantness on top of the storm, Jude does what any caregiver would: she plops them all in front of the TV. Or in this case, a borrowed copy of the 1932 film The Sign of the Cross, starring Claudette Colbert and Charles Laughton (two names that provide Lange plenty of opportunity to utilze that accent she’s got going). At any rate, everybody seems particularly excited at the thought of some entertainment that doesn’t involve Spivey (Mark Consuelos) and Kit (Evan Peters) duking it out, or Sister Jude caning anyone.


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Watch Happy Endings – Cazsh Dummy Spillionaires Online S03E01

Happy Endings - Cazsh Dummy Spillionaires Online S03E01 After an extra long wait, Happy Endings returned to our screens with not one but TWO Miami Heat jokes. It’s safe to say that, as a New Yorker, I was in love with “Cazsh Dummy Spillionaires“. Happy Endings is definitely one of the most underrated television shows and the fact that it’s one ABC is probably the most surprising part about it. The show can ultimately get away with anything. It has storylines about Dave’s addiction to V-neck shirts, Max practically being a bear around Spring, and Brad’s secret “work wife.” The writers and cast know that they can get away with such outlandish storylines simply because Happy Ending’s isn’t alienating anyone as their audience has already been found.

There are high expectations after last season’s success among critics. It’s a tough act to follow and after the season two finale the show left viewers with a lot of questions of how and where the show will go next with the information left to us. Would Alex and Dave reconcile? Would audiences accept that if they did? Would a potential love triangle between those two and Penny result in a disastrous storyline that stripped away the premise’s original innovation and with me taking back every kind word I ever said about the show?

With that plea out of the way, we can get to the episode itself. It probably won’t be remembered as one of the series’ standout installments, but does effectively ease us back into it’s style and pace. How much you enjoy it really comes down to how much you enjoy Dave and Alex, since their ongoing relationship issues are the week’s main focus. Announcing in the first couple of minutes that they’re casually dating (“we knew that”), they realize by the end that you can’t always go backwards in a relationship. With a jilted groom and runaway bride in their past, how can they ever go back to being casual?

As much as I like Brad and Jane, I was a little annoyed by their plotline because it just felt off from the get go. I get that Jane loved being in the power position now that Brad was unemployed, and I genuinely believed that she wanted him to do whatever made him happy, but being annoyed by him working was asinine. Yes, her reactions had more to do with the fact that he wasn’t being honest and that she was afraid that they’d go back to not having as much time to spend together, but it was so obvious that she loved being the only source of income, and I couldn’t shake the feeling that he quit his job just to make her happy. At the end of the day, the outcome of this one rang extremely false to me.

Watch Happy Endings Season 3 premiere !

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Watch NCIS – Lost At Sea Online S10E04

NCIS - Lost At Sea Online S10E04 NCIS season 10 continues with episode 4 “Lost at Sea.” It begins with a store owner finding a guy chugging down water. Ziva finds out that Tony and McGee are picking up women together, and they plan to see the women Friday.

When the Coast Guard is involved, Gibbs counterpart Abigail Borin (Diane Neal) usually is too, and the show’s better for it. Smart, experienced and tough enough to retain her credibility as an authority figure, but still laid back enough to mix it up with Gibbs’ subordinates, there’s not a lot to dislike about “the other” Abby.

Ziva volunteers Tony and McGee to help Borin with debris cleanup. The crew’s captain, Doyle, joins Gibbs and Borin in MTAC. Hernandez says the helo went down off the coast of Delaware, but he says they’re likely false crash coordinates. They’re still looking for the pilot, Happ. Doyle tells them to just find the pilot. At the medical center, Gibbs meets with Ducky, whom he sent to get medical records. One of the crew is comatose, and the other two are recovering well. There’s no evidence of anything severe. Ducky gives him a master key to get in to talk to the crew.

The key is going to be getting all of the survivors apart and talking to them individually. Two of them offer at least a plausible explanation. Happ’s son had recently been diagnosed with a rare, terminal disease, one that has no cure. Happ had become increasingly depressed and decided that night to end it all, putting the helo in a nosedive killing himself and attempting to kill the rest of the crew. This theory at least seemed possible and is almost accepted by Gibbs, until the last crew member wakes up from his coma and gives them the truthful account of what happened. It turns out to be all about a little bit of money. The Navy was about to retire the helo, and the crew decided to profit from it. They had a buyer for the helo for $300,000, but Happ backs out, and so, the buyer shoots Happ and then, abandons the rest of the crew in a small raft in the middle of the ocean. I absolutely cannot believe these people would risk their lives, betray their country and ultimately get someone killed, all for less than $75,000 each.