Watch Dexter – Sins of Omission Online S06E08

Sins of Omission

Dexter - Sins of OmissionThis week, Dexter viewers finally watched the title character get prominently involved in the most significant, gruesome serial-killing case the show has ever portrayed. It’s been incredibly odd to see Dexter so obsessed with Brother Sam and some notion of light versus dark that he essentially overlooked the sort of case that would typically grab his attention. And, even now, it’s unclear why he’s working against the police instead of with them. As I’ve noted before, there’s no reason for Dexter to be on his own in this instance. In the past, he only took it upon himself to track down killers when the cops have failed, or when there’s something especially personal at stake (e.g. Trinity). But here? Of course he’s committing a “Sin of Omission” there’s simply no rational reason – or any Dark Passenger-related reason – for why he wouldn’t tell everyone else about Travis.

Tonight’s episode was largely expositional, but did have a few major events unfold throughout the hour. We saw Deb have insight and a meltdown. We said goodbye to a supporting player. And we got confirmation that LaGuerta is still completely maddening. But best of all, we had real movement in the Doomsday Killer case.

Travis’ sister started out this episode as alive, and I was shocked. Because I had a bad feeling about her. You know why? Because she was so damn sweet and innocent. She seemed like a perfect victim. Travis asked her to go to Disneyland and that would have been a better alternative to death. And really, when someone asks you to go to Disneyland (or Disneyworld) the answer is always “yes!”


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Watch Sons of Anarchy – Call of Duty Online S04E11

Call Of Duty

Sons of Anarchy - Call of DutyLast week we left off with a lot of stories that are finally starting to fall into place. Juice has officially become a rat. Gemma knows for sure now that Clay cannot be saved. Tara’s hand is pretty much gone after the mexicans attempted to abduct her. Jax seems even more conflicted now that Tara is like this, and because he saw what the freedom of not having his cut on can bring. Lets see what happens this week! There’s so much to cover and so little time. With only a few weeks until the fourth season finale, Sons of Anarchy kicks it into high gear with a 90-minute episode.

Jax still wants to go through with the plan of leaving Samcro and settling down with Tara, even though it’s it going to take some more time for her to establish a praxis now that no hospital will want her as a surgeon. All is well and good until Wendy shows up. Remember? Abel’s biological mother or, in Gemma’s words, the “junky whore”? She’s baaaack! She wants to see her son again. She wants to reconnect with him, which could be disruptive to Jax’s little idyllic family plans. As they say: “Just when you got out, they puuuuuull you back in!”

As for what we actually saw tonight with “Call of Duty” it was a definite step down from the genius of “Hands” – an episode that felt overstuffed even with the 90-minute length. There were some interesting moments and plot developments, but so much was going on that the death of Kozik wound up feeling like an afterthought – a quick, sick joke designed to resolve Kenny Johnson’s double employment status.(**) When Tara acts incredulous that Wendy would choose now, of all times, to turn up, it almost felt like a meta comment about how much was piled into this one episode, which also had the end of Georgie (and the possible end of Clay’s attempt to stop Charming Heights), Otto cutting a deal with Potter, Juice revealing (part of) his secret to Chibs, Clay losing another ally in Tig, Gemma trying to keep Wayne and Jax’s bloodlust for Clay under control, and Wayne defying her to turn the large, angry, deadly Opie loose on Clay.


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Watch New Girl – Thanksgiving Online S01E06


New Girl - ThanksgivingNew Girl” is in this interesting position where it’s still evolving. It’s still trying to figure out exactly what level of quirk and naivete works for Jess, still working out exactly how douchey and/or self-aware Schmidt is, still trying to give Winston any kind of discernible characterization other than “not Coach.” Nick is more or less a constant, and Cece got successfully brought into the fold with last week’s episode, but the other three are in flux. Tonight is Thanksgiving on New Girl and when Jess (Zooey Deschanel) decides that she will be cooking a big traditional dinner things go a bit haywire. This situation is further complicated by the presence of Jess’ colleague and crush Paul (guest star Justin Long) who she invites the day before the holiday, giving less than no time to prepare.

The guys seem unenthusiastic about the event and want to spend the day watching football and drinking beer, this enthusiasm plummets further when they find out that Jess has invited a date. This is also bound to be a chaotic episode as Jess reveals that she really has no idea how to cook a big Thanksgiving meal. The turkey in the tumble dryer in one of the sneak peeks below really gives this away. Schmidt (Max Greenfield) steps up to help and this is unlikely to end well as he reveals his control freak side in the kitchen to Cece (Hannah Simone), whilst still trying to hit on her calling her a “beautiful savage.” Will Schmidt bring up their hand holding from last week?

Cece didn’t help matters by neglecting to wash her hands before preparing the walnuts. (Seriously… eww.) And of course, Schmidt would be the designated germaphobe to combat Cece on her hygienic misgivings. It was fun to see this twisted romance blossom a little more, doubly so after hearing Cece confess her interest in Schmidt. Hopefully we’ll get more from this pairing in the future. Cece’s toying with Schmidt was pretty humorous, and Schmidt’s culinary attention to detail was priceless. As an expert chef might put it, “I can blanch or I can talk, but I can’t do both!”


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Watch Ringer – Shut Up and Eat Your Bologna Online S01E09 2011

Shut Up and Eat Your Bologna

Ringer - Shut Up and Eat Your Bologna OnlineThe episode starts with Andrew and Bridget actually kissing. And this wasn’t just a peck I’m talking about — there was full-on making out. I don’t think I realized before this moment how much of a fan of this couple I am, but gosh darn it, these two crazy kids are so cute together. Andrew suggests he and Bridget take a romantic vacation. Bridget, being the commoner she is, suggests they go to a place the rich wouldn’t dare set foot in, and Andrew has a good laugh over it.

Aside from that, Andrew has another surprise for Bridget: Her wedding dress that darling Juliet cut up. As Bridget puts the dress away, we see the gun on the closet shelf. We flashback to six weeks ago, when Bridget is hiding out in a motel in Rock Springs, WY. She’s being guarded by agents, and one, Jimmy, comes into her bedroom and tells her she needs to run away. He says she’s not safe because half of the agents protecting her are on Macawi’s payroll. That’s definitely not good.

In the present, Bridget calls Charlie to ask for his help in disposing of the gun. Charlie promises to help, but we all know that he’s a bad sort – and guess what? Gemma’s still alive – and Charlie’s keeping her locked in a basement!

Malcolm is oblivious to all this – he’s been staying at Charlie’s home and sings his new friend’s praises at an NA meeting. Bridget arrives to hand over the gun to Charlie, and in another flashback, it’s revealed that Jimmy originally planted the gun in Bridget’s bag – she’s stunned when she discovers it after reuniting with Siobhan…


Watch How I Met Your Mother – Tick Tick Tick Online S07E10 2011

How I Met Your Mother – Tick Tick Tick

How I Met Your Mother - Tick Tick Tick

“Tick, Tick, Tick” Season 7, Episode 10 – So remember last week, when I was all, “yay!” about Robin and Barney’s deliciously bad make out sesh in the back of the cab which I hoped might lead to the two of them dealing with their feelings like mature adults? Well, this week’s How I Met Your Mother left me without that “yay!” feeling and I got a ton of frustration and sadness in its place. God help me, they’re screwing up Robin and Barney twice!

The first time around, the writers were afraid to commit to the idea. They turned Robin into a stereotypical clingy girlfriend, had them fight constantly, and eventually put Barney in a fatsuit. They could not get out of that storyline fast enough.

But still I let myself believe that if they ever got back to it, it would work. The chemistry between Smulders and Harris was too good, the match between the two characters too strong, for it to not work if the show wanted it to work. Instead, it’s like the “HIMYM” writers are going out of their way to make the prospect of them getting together as unappetizing as possible.

As Ted and Marshall go in search of foodstuffs, we find out that these “sandwiches” were made with something special. They get in line for a ladies room multiple times, run away from a man with a guitar, and lap the arena like athletes. Barney and Robin finally come to their senses and try (“try” being the operative word) to tell their significant others what they’ve done. When their first attempts fail, though, Barney says he knows they both still have feelings for each other and maybe it’s all a sign. They’ll confess for real and meet up later. And then Kevin says “I love you” while Nora’s parents show up early. Bad timing is becoming a theme for them.


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Watch Supernatural – Time for a Wedding Online S07E08 2011

Time for a Wedding

Supernatural - Time for a Wedding“Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!” In this episode, the boys are in the midst of a little R&R when something goes very, very wrong. Dean is enjoying Vegas Week at a strip club (if you call worrying about your brother “enjoying”) when he gets an urgent text from Sam and is ordered to show up in his Fed suit.

But it’s not a monster that awaits Dean when he gets there…oh wait, scratch that, it’s TOTALLY a monster. Creepily annoying Becky has gone from pesky and over- zealous fangirl to downright scary as she gives Sam a love potion and makes him marry her. Dean of course assumes that something is wrong but (drugged) Sam just gets mad and when a case comes up, works it with his new wife. This leaves Dean with a new partner for the week, a scrawny guy named Garth (played awesomely by the wonderful DJ Qualls).

Dean’s main problem, coaxed out of him by the waitress (stripper?), is actually pretty great. His brother is batshit nuts, but the shit’s not hitting the fan. He’s all reasonable and stuff, though he’s worried about Sam being out camping by himself. She says “we all need to face ourselves sometime,” not referring to Sam, and when we get to the end of the episode, that idea is revisited. Nice circle there. But I’ll come back to that.


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Watch Grimm – Beeware Online S01E03


Grimm - Beeware
What brings me to Grimm? I’ve been impressed by the depth of storytelling that makes this more than a supernatural monster of the week series. I was expecting weird and creepy, and it’s certainly that. I was expecting a “Law and Order” kind of component, and it’s got that, too.  Merging these two components is still a work in progress for Grimm, although after three episodes they are making progress in establishing these two very different worlds. I had placed this series firmly in the “dark but amusing entertainment” category, and so far it’s held up well.After “BeeWare,” I have a sneaking suspicion I may have underestimated this series.  This dark “Criminal Minds meets fairy tale” premise may actually be a disguise for something far more devious: a show that makes you think.

A pretty young woman gets on a bus. A flashmob erupts, dancing to “YMCA” of all things. The mob gets off at the next stop… and the woman is dead. She appears to have died from severe anaphylaxis: her head is grotesquely swollen and eyes bulgy. Coroner confirms the death, but it is definitely a homicide. There is an enormous puncture wound behind her ear, and she has at least 50mg of apitoxin (bee venom) in her system. A typical bee sting carries less than .1mg.

Nick (David Giuntoli) had to make a decision about whether he was a Grimm first, or a police officer first, in life. He decided to go with what was safe, and he made what was obviously not the best decision in killing off the person trying to help save his life. Oopsies. Evil Adalind was saved, and not without a smirk, either!


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