Impractical Jokers S04E25:FAN-Tastic Countdown presented by Geico

Impractical Jokers - FAN-Tastic Countdown presented by Geico

The Impractical Jokers count down the all-time greatest moments from the show, chosen by the fans! These are the most memorable bits – the iconic lines fans scream when they see the guys – the most shocking, cringe-worthy and embarrassing stunts that could only be pulled off by the Jokers. Essentially, it’s a love letter to all the diehard fans; a crash course in why viewers love the guys so much. So let’s get sexy and find Larry in the Castle Of White, Mustache! (If you don’t get the references, you will after this special!)


Tyrant S02E12:Paz Abuddin

Tyrant - Paz Abuddin

It’s a new dawn in Abuddin, and Jamal’s fate – along with that of the Al-Fayeed family – remains uncertain. Recognizing the situation is ripe for turmoil, Barry encourages Rami to stay and oversee the transition. Leila cooperates with the Arab League, hoping to secure a position for herself and Ahmed in the new world order.


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Watch Rizzoli & Isles – 5:26 Online S06E12

Rizzoli & Isles - 5:26

An old watch is discovered inside a balloon of cocaine in a dead woman’s stomach, and determining the timepiece’s significance becomes a key to protecting Jane and the people she loves.


Faking It S02E11:Stripped

Faking It - Stripped

Shane organizes a revolt after a new principal causes problems for Hester. Amy believes that Karma is hiding something.


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Watch Online The Trials of Jimmy Rose: Episode 1 (S01E01)

The Trials of Jimmy Rose - Episode 1

Jimmy Rose is released from prison following a 12-year stretch for armed robbery and can’t wait to get home. Despite his grandson Elliot’s excitement and his daughter Julie’s happiness at having her father home after suffering a painful divorce, his homecoming is ruined by his wife Jackie’s distance. His granddaughter Ellie and his estranged son Joe are also notably absent. Jackie ends up admitting to Jimmy that she doesn’t know if she loves him anymore and he is left feeling devastated. He ends up reluctantly accepting a zero hour contract at a DIY store a world away from anything he’s ever known. Jimmy also tracks Ellie down and finds out that she is taking drugs and decides to try and help her. After he confronts her suppliers he is beaten unconscious.


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The Hunt with John Walsh S02E09:The Disappearing

The Hunt with John Walsh - The Disappearing

A mother kills herself and her son then vanishes. A man is accused of killing four members of his former girlfriend’s family.


Watch Online Naked and Afraid XL: 40 Days Filth and Fury (S01E08)

Naked and Afraid XL - 40 Days Filth and Fury

The final part of the challenge is attempted as each team treks over to the extraction point.


Casualty S30E01:A Child’s Heart – Part One

Casualty - A Child's Heart - Part One

Zoe and Max’s explosive wedding reception sees Charlie jumping into the freezing water to rescue Zoe. He then suffers a heart attack and everybody needs to pull together to try and save him. At the same time the victim of a gunshot wound is brought into the Emergency Department.


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Watch Treehouse Masters – Magical Party Pad Online S04E08

Treehouse Masters - Magical Party Pad

Pete makes his way to Nebraska to create a tree house for a fun-loving family who enjoy music, writing and a happy hour.


Atlanta Plastic S01E05:A to Z Cup

Atlanta Plastic - A to Z Cup

Atlanta stylist Joseph visits Dr. Jones in the hopes of getting rid of his man-boobs and finally becoming South Beach ready. Meanwhile, Dr. Crawford is performing double duty this week as he toggles between Brandon, a patient whose painful childhood has resulted in a hatred of his entire body; and Toni, a mother of three who is trying to get beyond the physical and emotional results of her extreme weight loss. Will Toni finally fit into the wedding dress of her dreams?