Watch Fringe – Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There Online S05E06

Fringe - Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There Of all the people best-equipped to deal with altered realities and venturing into them, you’d think that Walter Bishop would be at the top of most lists. But, as Friday’s Fringe demonstrated, things aren’t always as they seem… Here’re five questions about the wonderfully-titled “Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There”.

Who is Donald?
For the second time this season, we find out that someone called Donald – who Walter doesn’t remember, and the show seems suspiciously determined to hide from our view – helped Walter organize the plan against the Observers before the Fringe team was ambered. It’s clear that Walter’s identity is going to end up being something that’s important to the overall arc this season, which makes me wonder if we’ve already met Donald, in some other guise. My guess, based on little other than a suspicion that I’ll partially explain in a second? Donald is Captain Windmark. That’s why Windmark is so obsessed with capturing Walter, and yet can’t quite manage to do it…

Who is the “we” that helped Walter design the Pocket Universe? (And how did they do it?)
“We designed this for you,” VideoWalter said. But since when did Walter have the knowledge to construct alternate universes, never mind designing them so that they resembled Escher paintings? Was Donald part of the team…? Or was September, the Observer that crossed sides and teamed with the Fringe team at the end of last season, responsible? If that last option is the case – and it seems to be the most likely option at this point – then what else did he help Walter do before his disappearance?

Who is the child?
The questions of who the child Walter abandoned in the Pocket Universe was and why he needed to be hidden there were central to the episode, and left entirely unanswered purposefully. He was an apparently integral part of the plan to defeat the Observers, but why…? (Weirdly enough, the fact that he came from some Fringe case that Walter doesn’t remember struck me as odd, as well. Did the Fringe team have cases after the Observers invaded? Doesn’t that strike anyone else as weird?) Is he an empath, as Olivia assumed? Is he an Observer? Some kind of human/Observer hybrid? Either way, expect to see him again before too long, I suspect.


Watch Suburgatory – Foam Finger Online S02E04

Suburgatory - Foam Finger I find it more than a little creepy that George (Jeremy Sisto) and Dallas (Cheryl Hines) are getting it on this season of Suburgatory, even though, as Tessa noted in this episode, you could see it coming. The Altmans are supposed to be the fish out of water in the suburban pool of perfection. They are, and the good news is that George’s gift for being real did sorta win out in the end. Still, his and Dallas’s is not what I would call a match made in heaven.

What was funny on Wednesday night’s episode was Dallas’s ridiculous attempts to control how she and George were going to have sex. In typical Dallas fashion, it was all about the flash, with her flying in and providing a gospel choir to fulfill George’s supposed fantasy. And then, she “climaxed” before George even had a chance to get to first base. Think she’s got a few problems with intimacy?

The second plot, with Dalia (Carly Chaikin) getting all messed up over her father’s impending marriage to a Singaporean flight attendant who doesn’t speak English, also had some lovely bits. It was sad watching Dalia dismissing her crew, the KKK, but even funnier when Tessa came to their rescue. That fact that Tessa dumped them on Lisa was understandable. I also loved that Lisa got fed up, too.

But what I really enjoy about the show is that Tessa does have a conscience. She didn’t just leave the KKK to wander the streets like the hapless, brainless idiots they are. She found a home for them. And when it became clear that Dalia was in serious trouble, Tessa ran to help.

Still, the crowning moment of the evening was when George finally sat Dallas down for a talk, telling her what he wants from sex is connection and caring, just about everything every straight woman on the planet wants from her guy. I could even forgive flannel shirts for a guy like that (I almost have one). I also loved that Dallas’s eventual assessment of the activity in question was “pretty decent.”


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Watch Mentalist – Red Dawn Online S05E05

Mentalist - Red Dawn Online S05E05 In the 100th episode of The Mentalist, called “Red Dawn” we find a out how the team met and what it was that made Jane start working for them in the first place.

Through a series of events Jane begins unofficially shadowing Lisbon in the preliminary stages of the murder of the alcoholic son of a prominent judge (David Clennon). While hoping for insight into the CBI’s case concerning Red John, Jane makes insights and ticks off potential suspects and witnesses leading to his first fight with Lisbon, and new leads for her team to follow.

So, we see how Patrick got his start with the CBI and it was very interesting. Probably my favorite episode of the whole series. He goes to the CBI because he finds out that they are now in control of the Red John case. So, he goes to Theresa and tries to get the case files from her so he could read them. It’s gonna take a while, so Theresa has Hannigan escort him out and like Patrick, he always provokes people (that is one of the things that hasn’t changed about him) into making people angry and Hannigan hits Patrick because of something he said! So not good.

Every time he crosses the line, every time his arrogance rubs people the wrong way, the Lisbon of today remembers the Jane that walked through the door of the CBI straight from the mental hospital. There have been plenty of times I have wondered why Lisbon puts up with Jane and is so staunch in her support. My suspicion she harbors deep, romantic feelings for Jane has never been enough for me to believe she would willing – repeatedly – put her career on the line for him. However that, in conjunction with her need to nurture his damaged soul, is. It is by far the best revelation of the hour and the one I was least expecting.

Jane appears to be a Sherlock Homes super-sleuth character but in reality is a mental patient with a cracked eggshell who suffers from paranoid delusions due to feelings of extreme guilt in the deaths of his wife and child who were burned as he was (CBI = intensive burn care?) in a horrific car accident involving a driver named Tanner when he failed to stop at a BLINKING RED LIGHT – hence the RJ symbol – while he was driving intoxicated and spends his days watching TV shows, which generate his ideas for the delusional episodes. “The Mentalist” is obsessed with fire, as in half the episodes it plays a significant plot point.


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Watch South Park – A Nightmare On Face Time Online S16E12

South Park - A Nightmare On Face Time Online S16E12 It’s been some time since SOUTH PARK has done a Halloween episode, but it was worth the wait as Trey Parker and Matt Stone come up with a new classic with “A Nightmare on Facetime.” Sending up THE SHINING, Blockbuster Video’s financial woes, The Avengers and our obsession with Apple products, there’s enough good will here to provide ample laughs and a great story to boot.

This arc was also boosted by an strong B story featuring Stan and the boys as Avengers, in addition to a rather ingenious FaceTime plot device. For Randy and the store, there were some excellent sight gags hearkening back to The Shining. The “bartender” scene in particular struck me as one of the stronger moments of the episode. I also enjoyed Randy’s “Jack Torrence” daze as he blankly stared at a clip from Ted — and kudos to the animators for nailing Jack Nicholson’s classic facial expression.

There’s plenty that can be said about the quantum leap in accessible technology that transformed a multi-billion dollar industry into something that Randy can own for $10,000. But South Park chooses to demonstrate that gap through the persistent sight gag of Stan Marsh having to trick-of-treat via FaceTime. Randy isn’t left behind because he stubbornly holds onto preexisting values that he’s had to maintain in the face of encroaching technology.

Randy begins to lose his shit as ghosts and madness drive him into a SHINING mental breakdown. Meanwhile, Stan is virtually kidnapped, then virtually attempted murdered, and virtually illegally dumped in a landfill by Redbox bandits, but then virtually saved with but a scratch. Though, in the real world SHINING Randy takes over virtual Frankenstein Facetime Stan and goes on a virtual actual rampage. Then Blockbuster burns down. Chicken nuggets.


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Watch Sons of Anarchy – Toad’s Wild Ride Online S05E07

Sons of Anarchy - Toad's Wild Ride Online S05E07 ‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 5 rides again with its seventh episode of the year, “Toad’s Wild Ride,” as Jax uncovers the source of the home invasions and Unser is placed in a deadly situation, while the club tracks a con man (‘Community‘s Joel McHale) that ripped off Gemma.

Clay is in full damage-control mode with his Nomad flunkies, telling them there is DNA evidence that will link them to the home invasions and the murder of Roosevelt’s wife. Frankie (Chuck Zito, who you just knew was going to be a bigger presence at some point) reveals to the audience that Clay has been using the Nomads to sow dissent among the Sons and turn public opinion against them in an effort to regain his seat at the head of the table. For their help, they would get a piece of the gun and drug money. Frankie asks what the next move is, and Clay tells them they need to get out of town. Part of the pressure is also coming from Unser snooping around.

While Clay and Unser are slowly approaching a “there can be only one” moment, Gemma and Jax’s might already be here, maybe as soon as next week. Gemma’s complete unraveling has been a pleasure to watch this season (and well acted by SOA elder stateswoman Katey Sagal), and to see Jax and Tara finally give her a little trust and love just as she makes her biggest mistake of the season is just painful. Jax gave her the car back, Tara gave her their children, and now both of them may have accidentally played a role in a child’s death.

It was a brutal turn, especially after she and Jax finally had a breakthrough. “I made you make up for the love he couldn’t give me anymore. I’m sorry that I’ve always been too much,” Gemma said in her confessional/apology, opening up completely about how she’s treated Jax since his brother died. “When he died, I felt so bad,” Jax admitted. “It wasn’t because he was dead, it was because I’d have you all to myself. I knew how wrong that was. I love you mom. We’re gonna get through all this, I promise.”

Although I loved how rattled Greg, GoGo and Frankie were by Unser and Jax’s visits, it didn’t seem like the smartest move to tip off the Nomads that they were on to them. And in fact, it seemed like my reservations would be proven right and that things were going to go badly for Unser once Clay got wind of what was happening. The scene with Clay and Unser in Unser’s trailer was a winner; I loved how nonchalant Unser was about having a gun on Clay right from the beginning. Both Ron Perlman and Dayton Callie brought out the tension while making everything appear calm on the surface. It takes a lot to unsettle those two guys.


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Watch Revenge – Destiny Online S02E01

Revenge - Destiny Online S02E01 Revenge season 2 premieres with “Destiny.” It begins on Labor Day weekend with another fatal accident. The Amanda has gone down due to an explosion or fire. Someone went down with it. Revenge creator and showrunner Mike Kelley spoke with The Hollywood Reporter ahead on the season two premiere, and he said that Jennifer Jason Leigh’s introduction to the series will cause a fundamental shift for the series’ dark heroine.

It may have been twelve months since the mysterious and wealthy Emily Thorne first arrived to make the Queen of the Hamptons, Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe), lose her grip on her family, but the dramas haven’t gone away. “Destiny” opens with the discovery of another dead body – this time underwater and in amongst the wreckage of the Amanda at the bottom of the ocean (the boat, that is, not the person) is a photo of the Porters – Jack (Nick Wechsler), Declan (Connor Paolo) and their late father – and an old watch which we later see in the possession of Jack.

Flash forward three months. It’s a year after the events of the last season, and she’s off with Nolan uncovering secrets. The two find out that Victoria, who has seemingly perished in an airplane crash, was likely involved in the disappearance of Emily’s mother. Perhaps she was the one who had Emily’s mother declared insane and locked up. Emily keeps digging.

This season Kelly promises answers about the fates of in-peril characters Lydia, Victoria and Charlotte. Like last Fall’s the premiere will flash-forward to a “Dramatic and Terrifying” event that the first half of season 2 will work toward. We can expect Amanda just weeks away from giving birth to the baby she claims is Jack’s; Nolan getting romantic with new NolCorp employee Padma; and Emily focusing on her training, a potential love interest, and locating her no-longer-presumed-dead mother.


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Watch Sons of Anarchy – Laying Pipe Online S05E03

Laying Pipe

Sons of Anarchy - Laying Pipe Online S05E03 The action does not cease to let up in yet another exciting week of Sons of Anarchy. The third episode of Season 5 starts with Chibs, Tig, Opie and Jax arriving at prison. Right after their arrival the black inmates (maybe with Niner ties) attempt to start trouble with them. Fortunately for Jax and crew the Mexicans step in to protect them, most likely due to SAMCRO’s connection with the Galindo Cartel.

FX had no problem heavily promoting the fact that someone would perish in tonight’s episode, but even knowing that going in I thought fan-favorite Opie was untouchable. Foolishness! Opie was my favorite Sons of Anarchy—by far—and I have to admit that I’m not taking this very well at all. But in order to understand why and figure out whether it had to be done, we have to start at the top of this intensely stressful, depressing, and ultimately fantastic episode.

Once Jax, Opie, Tig and Chibs were inside, though, and once Jax found out Pope’s terms for them to get back out — Tig stays locked up, and another MC member dies for the cop and crime-scene cleaner Tig killed — it felt almost inevitable that Opie would be the one to go. Whether he martyred himself for the good of the club, or just figured out a way to cut ties to SAMCRO for good and see his dad again, is open to interpretation.

So now let’s get on to the big stuff. Opie has been the odd man out in the club for awhile. Who can blame him? His club brother murdered his wife (by accident, but Tig has a nasty habit — well, Tig has several nasty habits, but — of accidentally killing people), his de facto uncle / mentor murdered his father, which his de facto brother / best friend lied to him about, his porn star wife got an abortion and then ran off and … did I forget something? Essentially, Opie’s life sucks.


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Watch New Girl – Re-Launch & Katie Online (Season 2 Premiere)

New Girl Season Premiere

new girl season 2 premiere episode 1 and episode 2 It didn’t take long for New Girl to get back in the swing of things for Season 2. In a matter of minutes, I felt right back at home as Jess and Nick shared some quippy bathroom banter and Schmidt begged Winston to scratch the inside of his crotch cast. (“And before you ask, yes, I have been able to reach completion with some very precise and vigorous nipple play.”) But after a long and seemingly uneventful summer, it was time to kick things back into high gear with Schmidt’s DANGER-themed “rebranding” party, at which Jess, recently laid off from her job, volunteered to be one of the shot girls.

The first ep, “Re-launch” rightly centered on Schmidt’s genitalia — old and unimproved, but no longer broken! Upon getting his cast removed, he rushed to host a “re-branding event,” and the theme would be “Danger” (perhaps inadvisable considering the party was about his penis). Nonetheless, it was on, and he planned to invite all the usual suspects — his urologist, badminton partner, and financial planner, plus Philip Seymour Hoffman, the ladies from Lululemon, “a guy who once wrote for a little show called Crank Yankers,” and, oh yeah, Cece. (More on that later.)

Schmidt spent the summer in a penis cast, and after it was removed he decided to rebrand himself and throw a huge party to launch the new Schmidt. Not surprisingly, the new Schmidt was pretty much the old Schmidt, only with a ton of regret for having dumped CeCe, especially when she showed up to his party with a guy he didn’t consider anywhere near her league. Although they seemed to arrive at some sort of peace, there were clearly lingering feelings running both ways.

Nick, for instance, skipped out of law school and became a bartender. He fears any eventual break down of his home or body because he cannot afford a plumber or medical insurance. This inherent darkness is played for laughs, because his own obstinacy and his pride in his position are the only real things holding him back.


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Watch Royal Pains – Hurts Like A Mother Online S04E12

Hurts Like A Mother

Royal Pains - Hurts Like A Mother Online S04E12 Rafa and Divya have been making sweet love and as odd as it seems to Royal Pains fans, the medical assistant has thrown caution to the wind.When the Rafa character was introduced weeks ago, he was starring in the polo matches that weren’t expected to stretch past one episode. We got a big surprise when Divya and Rafa became an item at the conclusion of that show.

He has stuck around to serve as the romantic partner Divya never knew she wanted. In a video clip of tonight’s show, she tells Dr. Hank Lawson that she couldn’t be more surprised to be with a man like Rafa.

What I liked most was that Paige seemed to bond and connect with Fiona not only as a fellow college freshman, but also as someone who felt like they were on the outside looking in. Seeing Paige connect with her and care for her like she did was refreshing. I would have loved for someone to have supported and taken care of my academic life in the same situation; it was almost like something a big sister would do, and I loved seeing Paige fill that role.

Similarly, I enjoyed watching that relationship inform and transform Paige’s perspective on her parents. She finally came around to a conclusion that they may not have made her, but they made her who she is as an individual now, which is the most important thing.

On the Evan and Paige front, the couple is expected to continue to manage their emotions as best they can about the sudden changes in their lives.


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Watch Major Crimes – The Ecstasy and the Agony Online S01E04

The Ecstasy and the Agony

Major Crimes - The Ecstasy and the Agony Online S01E04 Well, it happens with every show. They hit a point in the season when a throw away episode is needed and “The Ecstasy and the Agony” was that episode for Major Crimes. Generally Major Crimes actually has character development, interesting moves between characters, and interesting things to pay attention to during the episodes.

It seems like there are a good number of you who really don’t like the addition of Rusty to the mix. I’m quite enjoying him and his smart ass attitude. He’s a great foil for Sharon Raydor. They both say things with a straight face and then reply similarly and end up staring at each other dumbfounded, as if they can’t believe they’ve found each other. Sharon’s line about how to look Catholic was classic. Even if you weren’t raised as such, certainly you’ve seen the rest of us wearing the mask of guilt.

Raydor is talking to Provenza (G. W. Bailey) and Buzz (Phillip Keane) when Rusty storms over to tell her he’s going to be late. Raydor asks Buzz to drive him to school. Provenza points out that asking a civilian employee to do a personal favor is against the rules. She points out that it’s not a personal favor since going to school is one of the requirements for their material witness. Provenza withdraws his objection and puts in a coffee order. Poor Buzz.

Well, he uses them in this Major Crimes episode. He was the best part of “The Ecstasy and the Agony.” Watching his scenes with series regular, G.W. Bailey, was worth the price of admission. Besides NCIS, Weatherly’s other TV credits include Dark Angel, where he played Logan Cale/Eyes Only; he played opposite Christina Applegate on the NBC sitcom Jesse; he was Theo’s college roommate in an episode of The Cosby Show; and on the daytime front, he was rich hottie Cooper Alden on a soap called Loving. Plus, if you ever get to see Michael appear on a talk show do so. He’s always entertaining.