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Watch Supernatural – Meta Fiction Online S09E18

Supernatural - Meta Fiction
Supernatural continues tonight on the CW with a brand new episode called”Meta Fiction.” On it Metatron tries to get Castiel to join forces with him. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean capture Gadreel.

On last episode Dean struggled with the after effects of the Mark of Cain. Meanwhile, Sam heard about a case where straight-laced people were turning into violent murderers. Sam suspected possession and suggested to Dean that they investigate, but Dean told him to go without him. While interviewing the local townsfolk, Sam met an elderly woman named Julia, who told him the Men of Letters came to town in 1958. Josie told Sam the story of a young man named Henry Winchester and his female companion, Josie Sands. While Sam was away, Crowley tested Dean. Did you watch last week’s episode? We did and we recapped it right here for you.

Those words from Metatron begin the episode, as does a special title card. Castiel follows the call of a sigil, only to find angels dead and one alive to tell him about an angel offering a deal: join Metatron, fight for him and return to heaven, or slaughter. She’s heard of him and is hoping, like other angels, that Castiel will be their leader, but while he wants to make Metatron pay, he refuses to be a leader. He sends a photo of the sigil to the Winchesters, and Sam discovers the same symbol at other crime scenes. Gadreel’s in Utah, and there are two possible next stops, so the brothers are taking one while Castiel takes another.

The angels hit the road, with Gabriel giving a rundown of what he’s seen and claiming that he doesn’t want to run anymore. He wants to lead, and he’s going to need soldiers. When they stop at a Gas-n-Sip, they run into trouble: minions of Metatron. Gabriel tries to send Castiel away while he holds them off. Does that all sound just a bit too good to be true? Yes, right? Well, that’s because it is. Castiel notices that his coat isn’t torn where it was earlier. Continuity errors, they’ll get you every time. No, none of this is real. But is Gabriel dead? All we get is a wiggle of his eyebrows.


Watch Nurse Jackie – Sink or Swim Online S06E01

Nurse Jackie - Sink or Swim
Jackie is swimming laps. She comes up for air and then goes for another lap. In the locker room, she grabs a towel and heads to her locker. She opens it and sees the pills she got with her towels. She walks back to the attendant and tells her it was a little light and gives her some money. Grace snorts a line of something and then wipes the residue away. She puts on her eyeliner. There’s a knock at the door ? it’s her Dad ready to get her off to school. She kisses him. Jackie pops a couple of pills by her locker then dresses and heads out to the workout area.

Frank is there working out and they discuss plans but he has to work and she has the girls. She says she’ll call him, they smooch, hug, swap I love you’s and she leaves. She arrives at the hospital and heads in. Thor asks if she’s been at the gym and he tells her she makes him feel like a slob. Gloria and Ike greet her and Zoe tells her about a kid she’s having problem doing a blood draw on. Zoe tells her she’s like a different person when she goes to the gym and she says that’s why she goes.

Jackie comes to take the blood and the mom is annoyed and doesn’t want his blood drawn. She demands to talk to a doctor and Ike is there and tells her they do need the blood sample. Jackie tells the mom to rub the boy’s neck and she does and it’s over quickly. Someone comes in moaning and call for a doctor. Carrie stands to help but Ike glares her back to her seat.

Fitch asks if she’s off probation soon and she says they are going to let her know. She says it’s been months and she feels tied down. Fitch has a plaque and he says he gave a scholarship to his alma mater and she asks why and he says it makes him happy. She tells him America isn’t happy and that Mexico is happier then scoffs. She asks Fitch to help her and he reminds her she tried to sue him.


Watch Californication – Levon Online S07E01

Californication - Levon
Hank returns for Californication‘s seventh and final season waiting to knock, standing in a place most guys know well. He’s on the side of the door that isn’t quite reality ? floating in that space before the big moment where every scenario rushes through your head. More often than not, the vision of the big speech or heart-wrenching proposal goes as planned and nervous anticipation turns into much needed elation.

Ask any guy that has an ounce of romance in him about how nothing you plan in your head unfolds exactly the way you want it to. In those moments before the knock you can’t prepare for someone’s reaction, you can only put it out there and hope.

The episode opens with Hank knocking and Karen accepting. The sweeping passionate kiss ensues. The band is back together.

Well not quite. This is Californication, where you can dream all you want but reality always comes to wake you up. Sticking true to the series’ roller coaster love arc, Hank knocks and no one is home. His visions of the big romantic gesture dissipate because now he has to go out and find Karen, an angel in a city filled with demons. When he does find Karen at a coffee shop, his speech comes out a little rushed and the reaction wasn’t something he previously accounted for in his head.


Watch Supernatural – Goodbye Stranger Online S08E17

Supernatural - Goodbye Stranger
Well, it wouldn’t be the second half of a Supernatural season if the entire story hadn’t devolved into a big giant angst-fest. You know, more so than the show’s usual angst-fest. Sam is probably dying. Again. Castiel is being weird and evasive. Again. And once again, Dean is stuck in the middle, wondering why he doesn’t get nice things. Welcome to the homestretch, ya’ll!

More on my bitter tears later. Fresh off of a trippy adventure in his own personal “Mystery Spot” Castiel caught up with the Brothers Winchester when they invaded his turf in search of whatever was randomly killing demons in a small town. That “something” turned out to be Castiel himself, so I guess in actuality they all caught up to each other. How quaint!

From the jump, Dean and Sam suspected that there was something off with Castiel, which leaves Dean 2 for 2 with the knowing-his-family-members-are-lying-about-stuff record. Earlier, he spotted Sam’s bloody tissues in the trash bin back at the Batcave and between Sam’s supernatural black lung and the really great job the makeup people are doing making Jared Padalecki look like he’s perpetually fighting off the flu, it wasn’t hard to figure out that Sam isn’t as fine as he claims– but really, is he ever? Cas further elaborated on Moose’s condition by claiming that Sam was “damaged in ways he can’t heal” and implying that it was electromagnetic (!?) in nature.

Thanks for your insight, Cas. I guess. But brownie points to the Supernatural crew for making an effort to at least show a gradual progression toward…whatever we’re working toward. I’d rather have details dangled in the dialogue and Sam discretely hacking up a lung than the usual modus operandi of ignoring everything until it suddenly becomes relevant again. It makes me think that this story is being thought out and planned, as opposed to slapped together over hellatus. I like it. It makes up for the blah cases of the week that preceded this wangsty adventure and the general clusterfuck of the first half of the season. Amelia even kind of sort of made sense once Meg compared her to a unicorn during her and Sammich’s little heart-to-heart.


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Watch Grimm – One Angry Fuchsbau Online S02E17

Grimm - One Angry Fuchsbau
A toad-eating defense lawyer has Rosalee (Bree Turner) and her fellow jurors wrapped around his finger and Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) is bombarded with visions of Nick in this week’s episode of “Grimm.”

We’ve seen wesen pull some nasty tricks, but a Ziegevolk lawyer who can hypnotize witnesses and a jury into saying and believing whatever he wants is a new one. When Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) accompanies Rosalee to court, he gets a front row seat to the wesen litigator’s mind-bending performance. Realizing a guilty man is about to walk free, Monroe alerts Nick and Hank, who quickly realize the lawyer’s using more than his legal expertise to win the case.

In the meantime, Juliette continues to have visions of Nick she can’t quite make sense of. Nick (David Giuntoli) convinces Monroe to take her to the trailer where she marvels at Aunt Marie’s curious collection of old “fairy tale” books, strange potions and medieval weapons.

What’s confusing about this storyline is that Juliette knows she was put under some sort of spell, which caused her to lose her memory and become uncontrollably attracted to Captain Renard. Nick doesn’t want to explain why he has a morning star and a bottle of Siegbarste Gift in the trailer even though he has Monroe bring Juliette there. Has it occurred to him that if he came clean to Juliette earlier on, maybe none of this would have happened?


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Watch Supernatural – Taxi Driver Online S08E19

Supernatural - Taxi Driver
It appears that Kevin is plagued by Crowley. He hears him in his head and in his dreams. His dreams are full of torture Crowley dishes out and the pressure of getting the tablets translated is really getting to the young man. When Dean and Sam show up he is carrying around a big metal frying pan and is in a real foul mood. They learn that he hasn’t heard from Garth, but he has translated the next trial, which is to rescue a soul from hell and send it to heaven.

In order to figure out how one can sneak into hell the boys summon and capture a Crossroads Demon, who Dean is disappointed that it isn’t a hot chick, and questions him. Finally he gives in and tells them that there are some Reapers that are smuggling people into hell as well as heaven, for a price. Before the boys put the demon out of its misery they learn everything they need to know about getting into hell.

They approach a reaper, who is playing that part of a Taxi Driver, they propose their need to get into hell and when the Reaper tells them he is the same Reaper that took Bobby Singer to hell Dean is hell-bent on getting his soul and sending it to heaven. The boys have a small discussion when Dean wants to go with Sam and Sam has to remind Dean that he has to do the trials alone and he will get Bobby back. The Reaper tells Dean to return for Sam in 24 hours and then leads Sam into an alleyway and instructs him to take his hand. As he does Sam mutters how creepy it all is.

The alley starts to twist and move and Sam starts to get nervous, but all of a sudden they appear in a grey forest. Sam asks RJ if they were in hell and RJ tells him that they are in purgatory. Sam begins to get upset saying that he paid to get to hell and RJ tells him to calm down and gives him directions to the backdoor (a portal) to hell but tells him to be back in the same spot in exactly 24 hours. Meanwhile Dean returns to the location where Kevin is hiding out. Kevin emerges from the closet, convinced that Crowley is in his head, spouting that it is the safest place to be. Dean gives the boy a lecture about how he has to suck it up and just keep going, but Kevin isn’t convinced and scurries back to his room with Dean’s pie in tow.


Watch The Vampire Diaries – Bring It On Online S04E16

The Vampire Diaries - Bring It On
This season of The Vampire Diaries is teaching me an interesting lesson: Sometimes there are arcs that you can appreciate from a storytelling perspective, but if they make you not like the central character of a show — the one everyone is fighting to save and you’ve always related to — you may not enjoy those arcs, however clever, as much as you thought you would as a viewer. It happened with Elena’s sire bond to Damon, which, when you think about it, is a great way to complicate that love triangle — Elena can leave Stefan for Damon, but it’s not entirely her own doing, so the Stelena fans can’t hate her.

The Delena fans get what they want, but they still have something to root for because the question remains whether she would ever have allowed herself to act on her feelings to that degree without the sire bond. I can see how poetic it is: Stefan used to let Elena make her own calls, while Damon always assumed he knew what was best for her. The rub: Knowing she was being manipulated took some of the enjoyment out of watching her have sex with Damon and made her seem weak.

The sire bond has grown on me because it both divided the Salvatore brothers and forced them to work together, and it gave Damon the power to have Elena turn off her humanity (which we know she definitely wouldn’t have done on her own). Those plot points have produced some of the season’s best moments. But now, the flipping of Elena’s switch comes with its own poetic twist: You want Elena to get her free will back and own being a vampire in a way that didn’t involve a cheesy motorcycle shot? You got it, but now she’ll do whatever she damn well pleases — and that includes trying to kill Caroline.

You can see what it’s all building to: Now Elena doesn’t care how bad Damon is, so he’ll have to decide if he does like her best this way. (I think not: He wants to know she really loves him, and “I don’t care how bad you are” is different from “I accept you for who you are.”) Moments like Elena letting Caroline fall during the cheerleading stunt and trying to stake Caroline in the woods are cool, but it’s tough to watch our Elena being a Mean Girl. Bottom line: No Humanity Elena may just want to have fun, but really, the stuff she’s doing is serious. I should be sitting right next to Caroline when Stefan says we have to remember this isn’t the real Elena and we can’t give up on her. (Or maybe I need to stop thinking about the old Elena entirely so I can enjoy the new one properly?)


Watch The Office – The Farm Online S09E17

The Office - The Farm
This episode was a miscalculation on a number of levels, and just because we can understand why all the parties involved made the mistakes that led to this singularly inessential episode doesn’t make what ended up onscreen any easier to take. First off, it’s understandable why NBC would want to spin off The Office. The network is desperate for a hit, and losing one of its few reliable ratings-getters can’t be easy. Even though there are far more Joeys out there than Frasiers, the prospect of keeping some recognizable faces on the network after May was probably too much to resist.

In all fairness, spinning off a character from The Office isn’t all that bad of an idea, but that character should not have been Dwight. Please excuse the armchair network executive work here, but if Paul Lieberstein and company had taken a somewhat normal character like Darryl or Erin (remember, I said somewhat normal) and surrounded them with some appropriately contrasting foils and gone about telling the story of how adults deal with moving on to new stages in their life, that might have had some potential. But even though Rainn Wilson is one of the show’s most high-profile actors (admittedly much more so than Craig Robinson or Ellie Kemper), spinning off Dwight was never going to work. A deliberately heightened character designed to frustrate and contrast with the main protagonist cannot, by definition, serve easily as the center of their own show, and any attempt to build a cast of characters around the former second banana is doomed to come off as strained, no matter how good the writing or casting.

The old-world, strict adherence to arcane custom aspect of Dwight’s personally has always, always been best consumed in small doses. A bit of it can result in a joke that no other character on television could deliver. Too much, though, and the entire scene becomes far too precious and knowingly weird for a show that’s supposed to be about the drudgery of everyday life. (That said, I did love the Dwight Christmas episode, because I am not legally required to be consistent with my opinions 100 percent of the time.)

The Dwight spinoff was doomed from the start, and it’s no surprise that NBC passed. (Network executives said that the series would have been too niche, which is a nice way of phrasing it.) It would have been best if the pilot had been buried, or perhaps just saved as a DVD extra, and all parties involved got back to focusing on what’s been an overall strong season of The Office. But NBC has been having, uh, problems lately, and someone somewhere must have decided that they wanted some kind of return on the investment of writing, casting, and directing a pilot episode for a spinoff season, which is how we ended up with “The Farm.”


Watch Pretty Little Liars – Out of Sight, Out of Mind Online S03E21

Pretty Little Liars - Out of Sight, Out of Mind
While I’m not shocked by Spencer’s reaction and eventual catatonia given the events of “Out of Sight, Out of Mind,” I am a little disappointed by the promise we saw in Spencer earlier this season getting delayed by the last couple of episodes. We saw a manipulative, nasty side of her that I was hoping would chase down all the members of the A Team and at least level the playing field slightly. But she’s been struggling too hard with her sad-sackness to realize that potential.

There were some glimmers. Standing up to Mona reminded me that she could still have some spark in her and chasing Mona through the woods with the fire of a thousand suns showed me what could be. But, when she received that wreath and decoded it to mean “EM,” you could tell that she still had too much to lose to realize her inner anti-hero. If you have to plead with impressionable, gullible Emily, you’re definitely in a weak position. Certainly too weak and distracted to realize that the EM on the banner wasn’t for Emily but for “ME”-Toby.

Now is Toby really dead? I’m going to have to refer to soap opera rules: If you don’t see a body, s/he’s still alive. That’s how I feel about Alison and that’s how I feel about Toby. Spencer saw a tattoo, a substance that she may imagine to be blood, and a motorcycle helmet covering up a face. No independent coroner to confirm, no dice. No one checked for vital signs or even looked at the face of whoever was under the blanket. I call shenangians.

Nevertheless, it was enough to get Spencer locked up at Arkham Asylum, where she can get in touch with the madwomen festering inside her, begging to get out. Heck, even the play to get into Radley might have been part of a master plan to seek vengeance against the people who took Toby away from her. Find E. Lamb and you may find a missing puzzle piece.


Watch Criminal Minds – Broken Online S08E15

Criminal Minds - Broken
After being preempted last week by the premiere for Survivor: Caramoan, Criminal Minds returned tonight with “Broken”. Directed by Larry Teng, the same guy that gave us the really creepy episode “God Complex” earlier this season, tonight’s episode was equally disturbing and well done.

Jeanne Tripplehorn’s character has been woefully underdeveloped this season, but this episode did give us a little bit of a peek into her day job. Not unlike the original Criminal Minds lead Jason Gideon (Played by the great Mandy Patinkin), Blake appears to be a teacher at a university in her spare time. However she’s quickly called away from her class to assist on the case! This is just like the very first episode of Criminal Minds!

The team makes their way to Austin, Texas to check out an Unsub who’s been killing young men and women after social gatherings. It was really cool how they figured out the code with the watches, and I loved all of the creepy flashbacks to the Unsubs father and Isabella Grant, but then that’s where the episode got a bit too preachy and heavy handed for me.

At first I was impressed how well they were handling this hot-button issue. The conflict that the Unsub was facing was an interesting one to discuss and explore, and his relationship with Mitch was also very effective, but I really thought that the whole “Reorientation Camp” was a bit too far.


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