Watch New Girl S05E09: Heat Wave Online

New Girl - Heat Wave

Things warmth up between Nick and Reagan over who can present the loft with one of the best air con unit. Meanwhile, Winston makes use of his cop voice to assist Schmidt prep Cece for a newscaster audition.


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Watch Online New Girl: Clean Break (S04E22)

New Girl - Clean Break

As Coach prepares to move out of the loft, Schmidt also decides to get rid of his non-essentials and in the process discovers what is truly important to him; Jess and Nick reminisce about their ‘sex mug? and wonder if they still have feelings for each other.


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Watch Online New Girl: Par 5 (S04E20)

New Girl - Par 5

Fawn takes Jess along to a charity golf tournament. Winston lies about being a policeman.

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Watch Online New Girl: LAXmas (S04E11)

New Girl - LAXmas

Everybody returns home for the holidays but become trapped at the airport.

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New Girl S01E04 stream – Naked

New Girl - Naked

Jess accidentally walks in on Nick naked, sending his self-confidence to an all-time low — just after a pretty co-worker agrees to go out with him.

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New Girl S01E03 stream – Wedding

New Girl - Wedding

Fearful that he’ll run into his ex-girlfriend at a wedding, Nick asks Jess to be his date. Meanwhile, Winston takes his role as an usher seriously.

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Watch New Girl – Dance Online S03E22

New Girl - Dance
Jess and the gang chaperoning a school dance is an awkward enough premise. Throw in a saboteur and it feels like there’s no way this is going to be a success for Jess. Love is forever and ever is the theme of the dance and everyone sees how ironic that is right away. It’s obvious that Jess is putting so much planning and thought into this event because she’s trying not to think about Nick.

Thusly, we’re expecting her to have a moment of defeat when she releases just how futile that effort was all along. Fortunately, we aren’t subjected to such predictability. Instead, the show opts to tell the story of this school Dance through the eyes of a young Jess stand-in. And then, everyone is able to turn it around and the dance is its own weird kind of success.

Like the way it mixes and mashes razor-sharp New Girl quotes with smart physical gags and lovably dumb emotional lessons, blending up a comedy that (like Friends before it) captures a very exaggerated version of what it’s like to be a young-ish person in a particular era, in a kinda timeless way.

Nick was also trying to keep busy post-break-up – by doing lots of push-ups (he claimed) and eating “salads” (for the record, a Nick salad is a bunch of chunks of ham). Additionally, Nick would only be in a room with Jess if Winston was also there because Winston had an unparalleled ability to zap any room of its sexual tension. That room could be the kitchen or the loft’s “steam room” – a.k.a. their high-school-gym-style bathroom he and Schmidt had hot boxed with shower vapors (see Dotables).


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Watch New Girl – Parking Spot Online S02E17

New Girl - Parking Spot
Even a great show like “New Girl” has its dull moments. This episode definitely a lackluster example. Nick’s usually sharp jokes fell flat; Schmidt wasn’t there to catch them; the energy was at a solid 5 outta 10; the storyline didn’t progress much; and the awkwardness remains even though they’re all in their thirties and should get over one single kiss. But that’s just the way the cookie crumbles, I guess. I’ll let you off with a warning, “New Girl.” You better come back strong next week.

Nick and Jess are still being weird about that kiss, which is taking it a bit too far, Liz Meriwether. While brushing their teeth and after an even weirder sex joke (Nick, obvs), Schmidt storms into the bathroom and announces he has found a new Parking Spot. Apparently all four of them have horrible parking spaces and are in dire need of this one. So it’s on.

Winston is the first one out of the race because Daisy (remember her, from the bar two episodes ago?) booty calls him and sex trumps futile feuds. Nick drops out because of what appears to be a staring contest, which he of course lost because they don’t make models as uncomfortable as he is anymore. It’s between Jess and Schmidt, and Nick has to be the decider.

Jess, all suggestive, flirts with Nick in his crusty hoodie to get the spot. He quickly surrenders. When Schmidt tries his moves on him, he realizes it’s too late. He also realizes he’s been missing something, something that makes the apartment smell like filth and lust. Nick breaks and admits that they kissed. They try to downplay it, he and Jess, but Schmidt is seriously upset (or is he?).


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Watch New Girl – Cabin Online S02E12

New Girl - Cabin
Yay! New Girl is back! Exclamation marks aside let’s get down to the recap shall we?

Jess is inviting Nick and Angie (Olivia Munn) along on her weekend getaway with Sam (David Walton). Nicks not sure they are outdoors people though, his relationship with Angie is anarchy. His example of anarchy is Angie drawing hair on his arm pit when he sleeps. Crazy I tell you, crazy.

Jess just wants back up, she’s nervous and since Nick never can tell Jess no even when he tries he gives in and goes. Well it might have had more to do with the weekend being no cost, but still, he goes.

Over at the bar Schmidt comes across Winston telling a joke to a number of African American people. Schmidt wonders who they are but Winston doesn’t know he only met them on the way back from the bathroom.


Watch New Girl – Eggs Online S02E09

New Girl - Eggs
This week’s New Girl saw the return of Jess’s friend Sadie and her partner Melissa, along with a rather “informative” discussion on female reproduction and egg count statistics. This soon piqued the concern of Jess, who spent the better part of her storyline obsessing over her fertility.

This might just be one of those things I don’t really get because I’m a guy, but I personally didn’t find this part of the episode particularly interesting. Much like Nick comparing Jess’s children to microwaved burritos, I’d be put in a “tough spot” to call out which one is more important; although, I did enjoy Schmidt and Winston’s unwarranted offering of sperm. But beyond the few clever uses of wordplay, the only real takeaway from this arc was Cece’s realization that her baby makin’ days were numbered. While the setup here was pretty predictable, this did at least put a clock on Cece and Robbie, and will likely serve as a factor in their eventual breakup.

So far, all of this – especially the scene where Sadie starts to deliver Cece’s test results, and stops to kick Jess out of the room – seems like a pretty good argument for not socializing with your ob-gyn, But there’s also an upside to hanging out with someone who has a medical degree in ladyparts, at least if you’re a guy who’s having a hard time satisfying his boss in bed. I loved how Schmidt was totally unfazed when Sadie told him she could only give him sex advice if he came to her as a patient. A $40 co-pay is a small price for a consultation with a va-genius. Especially if there are stirrups involved.

Schmidt, see, is in a “real life sex pickle.” (That also happens to be the name of the world’s worst funk band.) He knows he’s good in bed, but his Mars Rover impersonation seems to do nothing for Emma, his kinky superior. In Sadie’s office, he lays out his methods: Losing Nemo, collecting the Oscar, getting everybody into the sharing circle, meeting the troll and answering his riddles three. Sadie, whose baby hormones are less gay than she is, proclaims that Schmidt is the true va-genius.


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