Watch Criminal Minds – The Apprenticeship Online S08E06

Criminal Minds - The Apprenticeship Criminal Minds season 8 continues with episode 6, “The Apprenticeship.” A teenager, Toby, attacks a prostitute once she’s led him into an alley. Morgan is trying to teach Reid how to swing a bat for the softball team, but it’s not going well. Fortunately, work calls. Amanda was beaten and suffocated with a plastic bag. Six puppies were killed the same way. Toby gets a text with a video of him attacking Amanda.

“Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.”

Amanda’s body was found on the other side of town from the dogs. Violence to animals is usually seen in teens, and the jump is usually in the mid-20s; the unsub’s moving fast. JJ points out the unsub could walk between each spot he killed the dogs. There’s a bus that runs through the neighborhood. The coroner tells Rossi and Blake that the beatings were done with small bare hands and cause of death was suffocation. They’re looking at a young, inexperienced, sexual sadist.

Toby, working in a pet shop, gets a text (“You’re screwed”) with photos of Amanda and notices David staring at him. He feigns illness to get Holly to let him leave. While looking into where the dogs were found, Morgan notices it’s a place normal teenagers go—a park—and tells Garcia to widen her search for violent offenders to juveniles. David’s waiting for Toby in the parking lot, and Toby asks if he’s mad at him. He apologizes; he was nervous and freaked out. David understands; first times are awkward, but it gets better. He has something to make him feel better. Another prostitute’s body is found, but she wasn’t beaten. There’s a blow to the head and bite marks; nothing about it is young or impulsive. They’re looking at a team.

David lures another prostitute into the car, and offers some tips as Toby chokes her from the backseat. Her body is found with a blow to the head from a hammer. The older unsub is teaching the younger one. The first kill was the younger unsub, the second a demonstration, and this third them perfecting their MO. David brings Toby to a Home Store—it’s graduation day. He shows Toby which supplies to buy.


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Watch NCIS – Namesake Online S10E05

Watch NCIS - Namesake Online S10E05 In this episode of NCIS, called “The Namesake” the team hunts for the murderer of a petty officer and Gibbs discovers a lot about the man that his parents once loved like a brother. The mystery in tonight’s episode involved a part-time valet who stole a Ferari. Hasn’t every valet wanted to do that once in his or her life? the victim was Petty Officer Boxer and he was gunned down point-blank while flying down a D.C. road late at night. The shooter dropped the murder weapon and sped off on his motorcycle.

The gun is registered to a Maryland pawnshop; it was sold to Kim Taylor. At the shop, Gibbs notices a Congressional Medal of Honor, and the only reason the shop has it is the owner felt bad because the guy needed money. It was Leroy Jethro Moore’s, the man Gibbs is named after. Of course they’re intrigued, so the others look into LJ until Gibbs joins them in the bullpen. Boxer parked cars for a hotel at night for money. Gibbs talks to Kim, who bought the gun for protection because of home invasions, but gave it to her brother, Kris, after she fired it once. Meanwhile, Tony and McGee talk to another valet at the hotel, and Bodie admits that Boxer took the car out for a joy ride. He assumes Boxer was arrested and tells them that Boxer was paying off a bookie when he finds out he’s dead. They overheard Vijay asking about his Ferrari and tell him they have it.

For that reason, the hour didn’t really work for me. The investigation followed the path of the gun, but there was nothing tying Kim Taylor or her brother, Kris, to Boxer. They looked into Colin Boxer a little and found the bookie, Joey Zambrano, as a possible suspect, but didn’t lead anywhere. Yet, they never looked into the billionaire, Vijay Chaya. It wasn’t until Kris identified his roommate, Alec Dell’s motorcycle that they tracked down a connection to Vijay.

Gibbs has always been a private person and has his share of secrets, which have gotten him into trouble especially with his closest friends like Ducky (David McCallum). But, he does have common sense, and this idiotic conflict that has been going on for nearly a half century was going to stop. Moore and Jackson Gibbs do come to a truce, with both of them even leaving together for a visit to Stillwater. Oh, I need a tissue because I love happy endings like this!


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Watch Suburgatory – Homecoming Online S02E01

Suburgatory - Homecoming Online S02E01 Multiple characters on Suburgatory have been dealing with mommy/caregiver issues. For Tessa, who has never met her mother and hasn’t seemed to have any inclination to begin finding out about her, not having a mother around has never been an issue that’s caused her much outward grief and turmoil. It may have made her a bit more distrustful of letting people into her life and caused her to not take all authority that seriously, but it has yet to bring out that much anguish. On tonight’s Season Premiere of Suburgatory, she has to face up to the reality of not having a mother and begin putting the idea of a full-fledged person where a mere noun once stood alone.

I had hoped “Suburgatory” (which I did like quite a bit in its first season) would be another of those, but “Homecoming” feels very much of a piece with last year: the great central relationship between Tessa and George surrounded by a bunch of broad characters, some of whom work (Dallas, Lisa) because they’ve been invested with just enough humanity, some of whom are much less interesting (Noah, the adult Shays) because they’re pure cartoons, and a few cartoons who work (Dalia, Ryan) because they’re just that well-written. (The two funniest gags tonight involved Ryan getting too deep into character and Dalia telling Tessa about all the things a nanny can do for you.)

Though The Leap isn’t readily apparent in tonight’s second season premiere, Suburgatory did have a nice return to form. The Eden disaster is mentioned briefly when Tessa and George meet at the train station upon her return from Manhattan. The quick dispatching of Eden allowed Suburgatory to get back to the old favorites: The George-Tessa relationship, Dalia’s monologues (“You’ll always be a housekeeper.”), and Dallas’ comedic skills. While so much of the episode worked, the episode’s extended stay with the Sheas was a bitter mix of cartoonish behaviors and toxic family dynamics. It’s not fun to watch this family go through their issues. Hopefully, this horrible exercise surrounding Ryan’s adoption can go up in smoke with the Shea’s potting shed.


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Watch Weeds – Threshold Online S08E10


Weeds - Threshold Online S08E10 Weeds opens with Nancy (Mary-Louise Parker) and Silas (Hunter Parrish) sitting in a bank, waiting to find out how much money Crick was willing to put where his mouth is. It turns out it’s $350,000. They’re happily stunned.

With only three more episodes to the show, the current and last season of Weeds is finding its way to a worthy finale. Nancy is going to a dinner party with her new Rabi boyfriend, where she finds out his wife has been dead for only 15 months. Since Nancy knows how long it takes to get over a dead partner, she decides to break up with him because he’s not ready yet.

Things also heated up, for a while at least, between Rabbi Dave (David Julian Hirsh) and Nancy. After exploring picnic blanket sex in the park, it seemed like the two were getting closer. That is, until Nancy whipped out the prosciutto. Prosciutto has to be the least kosher thing ever. Rabbi Dave isn’t supposed to be with a non-Jew but he argued that they could figure it out as they went. He decided to invite Nancy to Shabbat dinner with his friends. Nancy Botwin doesn’t do well with new groups of people, and taking her to a Shabbat dinner is an awful idea.

This is not to say that Mary-Louise Parker isn’t doing some interesting work, as her performance at the dinner party highlights the tension Nancy feels when living anything close to a normal existence. I do think there’s a thread running through Nancy’s arc regarding her inability to live a normal life: She wants to return to the suburbs, she wants to bring stability to her family, but she can’t do it through normal jobs or through a typical relationship. Rabbi Dave is trying to piece his life back together in the wake of his wife’s death, and Nancy is in a similarly reconstructive phase after her near-death experience. When she begins to understand how recently Dave lost his wife, and how it reflected her own grieving process after Judah (whose memory has loomed large this season), Nancy realizes that she’s not exactly prepared to be a part of the reconstruction of someone else’s life. It leads Nancy to tell Dave she’s a pot dealer, a reclamation of self that she intends to use to put her life back together.


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Watch Futurama – Naturama Online S07E13


Futurama - Naturama Online S07E13 For the final new episode of the year, Futurama went full-on fauna in “Naturama.” Depicting three harrowing tales through the lens of a National Geographic-esque documentary series, we watched as the Planet Express crew lived their sexually-driven lives as various forms of wildlife. All of these vignettes were also narrated by Phil LaMarr, who delivered a Morgan Freeman-inspired performance throughout.

Several times during the first segment of the three-part anthology, the people in the room with me turned to each other and said, “This is weird.” Not in a hostile way, or even a confused way, but in a way that meant that this was different from anything we’d seen before. And if Futurama is meant, as a show, to do one thing, it’s to show us stuff we’ve never seen on other shows.

Salmon Fry meets Salmon Leela and they agree to go back upstream together when they’re mature to make little salmon babies, even despite Salmon Zapp trying to get Leela for himself. Fry and Leela have a mini-montage of romantic undersea dates, including a Lady and the Tramp-type sharing of an underwater worm. But when the time comes to return to the stream they were born in, it turns out Leela was born one stream over from Fry, and they can’t just switch. Even the narrator can’t explain it, which was a welcome change for me from most nature documentaries.

It was around the time that Bender started B.A.R.F. (Bender’s Animal Robot Front) that the story bordered on uninteresting. While it’s usually amusing to watch Bender fixate on new and different passion projects, this one felt a little stale. It just seemed like a needlessly roundabout way of getting them all back to the country club, where they sprang the robot fox free from his cage.


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Watch True Blood – Gone, Gone, Gone Online S05E10

Gone, Gone, Gone

True Blood - Gone, Gone, Gone Online S05E10 This season of True Blood is almost gone, gone, gone, and at this point I really haven’t figured out where exactly it’s going. ::sound of gong:: Thank you, I’ll be here all week!

Gone, Gone, Gone proves that there is still a lot at stake (pun intended) for all of our favorite characters. The Authority is still prattling on about Lilith and her grace, eventually managing to turn Eric, the staunch nonbeliever of the group. Of course, whether or not he’s actually converted is up in the air, but I’d put my money on this turn being a last ditch effort at faking his way onto the winning team. All of the Tru Blood factories have been destroyed, causing a spike in human deaths at the hands of vampires, which is exactly what the Authority has hoped for.

Bill was on FaceTime, Russell and Steve danced to “Teenage Dream,” and some glyph expert claimed to have an ex-wife who named her toes. Yes, it was a happening. Unfortunately, this episode was also all over the map; as demonstrated by Eric and Nora seeing visions of both Lilith and Godric and Russell maniacally revealing that he doesn’t give a crap about Lilith and the council. Yes, I understand that Lilith killing Godric represented her blood presence overtaking his, but it was still loopy. And while Russell may have seemed completely anti-religion back when he killed Roman, he’d since fallen in with the flock.

Poor Molly. Who knew that when she first introduced us to those deadly vampire training bras that she’d be subjected to the technology herself? Bill puts the order in after the security breach, and she’s nothing but vamp entrails in a matter of seconds. I have to admit, though, it’s kind of a cool scene (maybe I’m just desensitized to True deaths by now).


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Watch True Blood – In The Beginning Online S05E07

 In The Beginning

True Blood - In The Beginning Online S05E07The wild ride has just begun and the blood is finally starting to flow. And it’s all in the name of Lilith. “In the Beginning” has surely amped up the excitement in this rather interesting, but treading season of True Blood, whilst also taking an important, pivotal look back to multiple beginning stages of the tragic dramas our zany characters have found themselves wrapped within. Not much could have prepared us for the level of insanity that was delivered on tonight’s wild installment, full of blood, action, exciting confrontations, dark and campy humor, & finally some real story progression.

Yes, Russell, who must have been faking his whole “f*** Lilith” spiel, is actually a Lilith convert. Which also means that he’s sadly now “one of the herd.” Lumped in with the surviving Chancellors, turncoats Salome and Nora, the burned face prisoner and Steve Newlin (“I’m like a tree in the wind”). No, it didn’t make much sense that the opening scene showed the Authority troopers capturing Russell again since we were just going to see him free as a bird in the next scene, but everything wound up taking a turn for the pleasantly bats***. And it was cool to see Godric pop up right at the end and essentially un-brainwash Eric; showing him that Lilith wasn’t even a real, corporeal figure.

Our favorite occasional tavern wench got some interesting news: her magical abilities are finite and will diminish if she doesn’t control them soon. So naturally she stands outside her house and tries to use it all up. Were the fairies telling the truth or is there some way to mystically charge Sookie like an iPhone? Most superheroes seem to go through this choice and as a mere mortal, I have to wonder for a minute if they’re freaking nuts. Who doesn’t want superpowers? Sure, the downsides are being a pawn in dangerous supernatural wars and your love life basically sucks. But it’s not monotonous. Being normal is overrated. But it’s the one thing Sookie thinks she wants. I hope she comes to accept who she really is on her own, not with the help of some insanely hot man.


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Watch Falling Skies – Young Bloods Online S02E04

Young Bloods

Falling Skies - Young Bloods Online S02E04Falling Skies season 2 harnesses its fourth episode of the year “Young Bloods” as Hal and Ben encounter a new group of youths, one of whom has ties to Captain Weaver, while Matt finds himself increasingly drawn to dangerous missions.

This theory is readily apparent in ‘Young Bloods’ – which really should have been titled: ‘How To Be a Good Soldier: 101.’ From the onset, the episode depicts the rebellious nature of young men and women against the pressing and unstoppable force of responsibility and duty. In fact, it’s practically spelled out as two unknown survivors abscond with Hal (Drew Roy) and Ben’s (Connor Jessup) motorbikes while an Army recruitment billboard stands perfectly framed in the background. This sets up a brief, but tense face-off between the Mason boys and what at first appears to be a Dickensian group of orphans with dirty faces proclaiming adults only get them into dangerous situations.

Case in point, Matt has his first mission. It deviates from the original assignment. Tom doesn’t take too kindly to his nine year-old being Skitter-bait. He reams out the dudes responsible for the recklessness and sends them to laundry duty. Matt has a fit for being embarrassed – he wants missions, he wants to grow up (the anti-Peter Pan syndrome).

Now that Jeanne has left her father, the fall out from that will haunt Weaver far more than her being there ever could. Not only will Weaver be devoting time to protecting the Second Mass, but now he’ll also deal with the mental struggle that somewhere in Skitter central is his daughter, whom he’ll never have a status update on. Maybe until it’s too late. A parents worst nightmare, the fear of the unknown.


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Watch Eureka – Smarter Carter Online S05E09

Smarter Carter

Eureka - Smarter Carter Online S05E09If you take away the techno-babble added to almost all the dialog and Godzilla like rampage Andy went on, “Smarter Carter” really boiled down to being about one thing: wanting to fit in and be accepted. For Jack, it was two-fold in both Eureka and now in Allison’s family.

This could be one of the best non-season opener/finale episodes of Eureka I have ever seen. Paula Yoo and Ed Fowler wrote a great story showing how we lose the essence of what Carter is to the town one he becomes as smart (or smarter) than everyone else. It makes you appreciate Carter’s role in Eureka’s society all the more, he provides a level of real world knowledge for when book smarts aren’t enough. I’ve been racking my brain trying to remember if the writers have ever tried to make Carter super smart in any of their previous episodes (I’m sure someone on the internets will correct me there), but I have to say that smart
Carter was a lot of fun, so much that you almost forget he was kind of the bad guy. I also liked the idea that the trigger for Carter’s sudden big brain was Kevin’s attempt to help “level the playing field” between Carter and Allison’s brother Marcus, in town to see the happy couple and do a book signing. Also, great climax to the episode involving the souped up Andy and S.A.R.A.H., it was actually pretty tension filled and led to a great make up moment between the two at the end of the episode.

What did disappoint me about the story element was that the writers felt the need to give the message that being smarter meant that Jack would care less about his friends and family. I know it was just a plot point, but they did such a great job capturing the touching side of Jack wanting to fit in, I just hated to see it marred by the black and white concept that you can’t be smart and care.


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Watch Burn Notice – Scorched Earth Online S06E01

Scorched Earth

Burn Notice - Scorched Earth Online S06E01Last season on Burn Notice, Fiona turned herself in to save Michael after the bomb incident at the British Consulate. Though Michael was ready to betray his country to clear her name, Fi couldn’t let him do it. She made the ultimate sacrifice — her freedom. Now, as season six begins, Michael and Sam are charged with the task of clearing her name.

The summer favorite returned with both guns blazing in “Scorched Earth.” And those 183 days waiting? Totally worth it! Now let’s break down this action-packed first outing…

After the “previously on” that reminds us we don’t get to enjoy Tim Matheson’s acting on this show anymore, we pick up almost immediately where we left off, with Fiona being searched, processed and eventually handcuffed to a table in an interview room while Michael sits in his Charger and deals with her absence. Sam finally finds him, but Michael is not exactly chummy. He grabs his old friend and demands to know how Fiona really got away from him. “Did it ever occur to you that maybe she was right?” Sam asks him, which doesn’t go over well with Michael either. “What do I do now, Sam?” he asks tearfully. This is a Michael Westen breakdown, which he is more than entitled to at this point.


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