Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S03E03:A Wanted (Inhu)man

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - A Wanted (Inhu)man

Daisy, Mack and Coulson race to protect Lincoln as Rosalind’s team hunts down the Inhuman in their quest for powered people. Meanwhile, Hunter proves that there is no line that he will not cross to exact his revenge against Ward and Hydra.


Bella and the Bulldogs S02E02:Girls’ Night

Bella and the Bulldogs - Girls' Night

Bella, Sophie and Pepper plot the perfect revenge when a boy who wronged Bella winds up delivering their pizza during a sleepover; Newt and Sawyer help Troy move in to his new dorm.


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Ghost Hunters S10E07:The Plot Thickens

Ghost Hunters - The Plot Thickens

The TAPS team travel to Woonsocket, R.I., to investigate a theater owner’s claim that spirits are traveling between two buildings.


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Watch Online Black-ish: Dr. Hell No (S02E03)

Black-ish - Dr. Hell No

After Dre gets his yearly physical and comes home traumatized, Pops explains his generation’s strong aversion towards healthcare and admits that he hasn’t seen a doctor in years. Shocked by this disclosure, Dre and Bow try to convince Pops to get a check-up and he begrudgingly agrees. When Pops finds out he has a clogged artery and needs a small procedure, the rest of The Johnson family handles the news in different ways.


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Nashville S04E03 stream – How Can I Help You Say Goodbye

Nashville - How Can I Help You Say Goodbye

A second aneurysm leaves Beverly brain dead and Deacon consumed with guilt, while Scarlett is forced to decide whether or not to keep Beverly on life support. Meanwhile, Juliette continues a destructive pattern of erratic behavior, pushing Avery to make the heart-wrenching decision to file for divorce.


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Watch Law & Order: SVU – Institutional Fail Online S17E04

Law & Order: SVU - Institutional Fail

A starving toddler found wandering the streets alone leads detectives to the home of Manuela Ozuna and another child in grave condition. The police question Department of Child Services caseworker Keith Musio, whose vague and backdated reports on the family suggest he hadn’t checked on the children in months. When the overworked Keith accuses his supervisor, Janette Grayson, of orchestrating the false reports, Chief Dodds promises to conduct an internal investigation. But when neglect leads to death, Barba takes matters into his own hands and arrests them for manslaughter. Meanwhile, Dodds indicates some changes coming to Benson’s squad.


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Watch Arrow – Green Arrow Online S04E01

Arrow - Green Arrow

Oliver and Felicity’s blissful getaway is cut short when Thea and Laurel pay them a visit and tell Oliver they need his help back in Star City. The city has been attacked by Ghosts, assassins led by a dangerous man named Damien Darhk. However, when Oliver returns, Diggle makes it very clear that he doesn’t want Oliver on the team.


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Real Husbands of Hollywood S04E08:Broad Talk

Real Husbands of Hollywood - Broad Talk

The pressures of spousal stardom are almost too much to handle for Kevin Hart, Robin Thicke, Boris Kodjoe and J.B. Smoove in this faux-reality comedy.


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Watch The Mindy Project – The Bitch is Back Online S04E04

The Mindy Project - The Bitch is Back

The episode opens with an adorable montage of Mindy and Leo (again, what a cute baby). She’s been having such a grand time with him on maternity leave, but it’s almost time to return to work. Danny suggests that she can be a stay-at-home mom, but Mindy’s not buying into the idea. She misses the gang, she loves work, and besides, it doesn’t seem too hard to be a working mom, according to Hollywood posters.


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Alaska Haunting S01E03:Gold Town Terror

Alaska Haunting - Gold Town Terror

When the staff at a saloon in the remote Alaskan town of Skagway open up the former brothel upstairs for tours, they anticipate a hoard of visitors. But when two spirits begin haunting them relentlessly, they are forced to reach out for help.


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