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Watch Grey Anatomy – Sleeping Monster Online S09E21

Grey Anatomy - Sleeping Monster
There was good news and bad news during Thursday’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Let’s start with the good news: Bailey gets to keep her job!

After three of her patients showed up with mysterious post-operation infections, the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital board members decided to call the CDC to investigate the source. After two of the patients died, Bailey was sidelined as the CDC attempted to figure out how this all happened. Unfortunately, during this time, the rest of the hospital could not outwardly show their support for the stalwart doc, with her longtime mentor Richard even blaming her to the third patient’s parents in order to get him into surgery – something Bailey inadvertently heard.

The CDC was able to determine that the infection did start with Bailey, but it was only spread due to the gloves that were being used during the Pegasus era. In other words, if it weren’t for the inept Pegasus, everything would’ve been OK. It’s never quite explained how Bailey contracted the infection, but she’ll be treated and sent back to work in no time.

Now the bad news: Bailey knows exactly who supported her, or rather, who didn’t during this stressful time, in which she truly thought she could lose her job. In particular, it was most hurtful that Richard was not there for her considering she spent years making excuses for him when he was doing surgeries while drunk or blowing off his wife Adele.


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Watch Modern Family – The Future Dunphys Online S04E19

Modern Family - The Future Dunphys
At the Dunphy household, Haley wants to quit her job because it’s boring (welcome to life, child), Alex is continuing her nerd-dom and Luke is continuing his mad scientist lifestyle. Claire doesn’t agree with her children’s choices while Phil finds nothing is wrong. All will have to wait because Claire has to go in for an angiogram ? a precautionary test.

At the hospital, Claire and Phil meet The Future Dunphys ? three adults whose personalities mirror the little Dunphys. We find out BizarroHaley has been married four times and is unhappy in another marriage, BizarroAlex is a cat lady, and BizarroLuke is a man-child that’s probably on a first name basis with the police.

Phil knows the error of his ways while Claire sees the BizarroDunphys hate their mother and knows the error of her ways. Both, separately, call their children who interpret the schizo behavior as Claire being really sick. They arrive at the hospital to see their parents okay and realize it’s just another overreaction ? the children freak out, leading to BizarroBizarroDunphys (younger version of the Dunphys) to have judgy-face.

Jay takes Manny to interview at a private school. Unresolved issues surface as Jay relives his history with snotty private school boys with small noses ? he worked for the privileged and wasn’t treated well. Jay realize, as the tour of the school continues, he wanted to BE the snotty boys with the small noses. His enthusiasm leads Manny to bomb his interview (doing the moonwalk at any interview is frowned upon). Manny apologizes to Jay since he knows it was important to the old man. Jay reciprocates ? if Manny feels this was the first time Jay was proud of him, then the old man is the one to say sorry?ahhhh?.


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Watch Greys Anatomy – Transplant Wasteland Online S09E17

Greys Anatomy - Transplant Wasteland
For the second time in Grey’s Anatomy history, Seattle Grace has changed its named. Lest we forget, the name was first changed to Seattle Grace-Mercy West after the merger a few years ago. But now it has a more fitting name – the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital – a fitting tribute that continues Shonda Rhimes’ track record of making us cry practically every episode. After all, it was Lexie Grey and Mark Sloan who lost their lives in the plane crash. And while others will live with debilitating and/or emotional scars from the crash, they’re at least alive. Now, Little Grey and Sloan’s memory will live on with the hospital.

But it was a really rocky road to get to that point. Let’s check out the top five moments – besides the touching memorial to Grey and Sloan – from Thursday’s episode:

1. Owen’s a tough guy: After the Harper Avery Foundation decided that the hospital needed some new leadership, Owen’s job was on the line. But instead of waiting for the final decision, Owen decided just to quit his job, a decision that was sparked by Derek’s insinuation that the mess the hospital is in is all Owen’s fault.

2. The blame game: Speaking of blame, this hour also featured a lot of blame being thrown around, which reflected thoughts that the audience has had for quite a while. It started when the group disagreed with Jackson’s initial assessment of getting rid of Owen and not re-opening the ER. “No one asked you to sue the hospital into bankruptcy,” Jackson said, to which Meredith retorted, “For the plane crash that killed Lexie?” Burn.


Watch Greys Anatomy – Idle Hands Online S09E18

Greys Anatomy - Idle Hands
The ER on Grey’s Anatomy isn’t the only thing that’s back this week: I’ve taken over Tanner Stransky’s usual recap yet again, and although I don’t come with stylish new coffee sleeves, I’m also not nearly as expensive. I mean that in a very classy way, of course. But back to what’s important: The Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital was up and running last night!

This week, it seemed that Cristina, Meredith, Derek, Callie, Arizona, and Jackson had finally figured out their new roles at the hospital. First things first, Cristina used her new found power to buy her man Owen a little present in the form of a LODOX, a low-radiation, x-ray stat scanner, duh. Basically, it was able to perform full-body scans in just 13 seconds and was the best new edition to the ER, like, ever.

So while Owen was busy thanking Cristina for his new toy, Callie was, once again, feeling the repercussions of not being, you know, thanked…in a very long time. Despite the fact that Arizona purchased a new lifelike, high-heeled leg that made “her ass go pow,” according to Callie, Arizona wasn’t feeling particularly sexy and poor Callie looked like she was going to cry if she didn’t get a little loving, and soon. Thank goodness Mark Sloan — God rest his soul — wasn’t around to tempt her, am I right?

Back at the dream house, Derek was busy telling his unborn child about his fly fishing adventures in order to calm him or her down. It worked. But what it didn’t do was calm down Meredith, who was busy contemplating the millions of things that could be wrong with the couple’s unborn child. McDreamy assured her that everything was going to be fine, and that, even if their baby ended up being blind or deaf or both, Hey, even Helen Keller went to college. Nice one, Derek. But Mer took things a step further, with this comment: “If anybody’s going to have a baby with two heads, three arms, and eleven toes, it’s going to be me.” She was being ridiculous, obviously, but did that statement make the tiniest bit of sense to anyone else?


Watch Girls – On All Fours Online S02E09

Girls - On All Fours
Midway through “On All Fours,” Charlie tries to shrug off some obnoxious behavior by Ray by telling Shoshanna, “He’s Ray. You know? And that’s how he is.” Shoshanna repeats those words back to him in a tone that makes Charlie think he’s offended her, but the expression on her face in the exchange tells a different story. Shoshanna’s not offended; she’s dismayed to realize she’s dating a guy whose difficult behavior can be written off with those nine words.

“He’s Ray. You know? And that’s how he is.”

Charlie is telling her that he’s long since given up expecting better from his best friend – that Ray cannot change who he is and how he acts. Shoshanna has already been having doubts about this relationship – hence that time she “held the doorman’s hand,” a new euphemism that I expect to be turning into a meme any second now – but when it’s phrased in such blunt, fatalistic terms, it’s easy for doubt to become hopelessness. Shoshanna dated Ray because he was nice and she liked him, but she also clearly viewed him as a fixer-upper, and when we’ve seen them together this season, he hasn’t shown much interest in being fixed.

Or maybe, like Charlie, he’s accepted that he can’t be fixed.


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Watch Revenge – Retribution Online S02E15

Revenge - Retribution
ABC pushed the episode with these words: “Emily is back. No more distractions.” The network must’ve heard the complaints about the second season and decided to push the show like it is season one again; however, Revenge needs to get out of a few storylines before it ceases being a convoluted mess. Revenge won’t really reset until the third season. Until then, the writers have to wriggle free of The Initiative, and, uh, yeah, just The Initiative.

Fake Amanda’s death, at least, adds much needed urgency and drama into the show. TV writers usually share a similar modus operandi when killing off a character: make the death matter. Don’t kill off characters willy-nilly. Make it matter for the other characters, and for the audience, and the story choice will pay off. Fake Amanda’s death matters for the major characters, and her death has great implications for the narrative. Jack is torn up about her death, but he’s also dealing with the truth of why she came to the Hamptons. Indeed, he’ll react badly when he learns the real truth. Charlotte’s devastated to lose a sister she just discovered. The loss motivates her to find other people who cared about her.

The thought of Fake Amanda’s funeral being empty is unsettling and upsetting to Charlotte, so she uses the interweb (fake search engine GoquestGo) to track down her foster family. Conrad’s guilted out because he ordered her death a mere day ago. Conrad pays for Jack’s medical care and swears to assist him whenever necessary. The computer’s out there like a big old ticking time bomb.

Emily experiences the most significant change. The other characters are mourning a woman they didn’t know. Emily’s partly responsible for Fake Amanda’s death. Conrad targeted her because the name Clarke is a threat. Nate wouldn’t have killed her without the promise of a cash reward. Fake Amanda used Emily’s computer after Conrad threatened Jack and the Stowaway. Daniel tells his mother that all of their money is tainted with blood. Many of Emily’s choices are tainted with blood.


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Watch NCIS – Prime Suspect Online S10E17

NCIS - Prime Suspect
I am probably the worst person to write an NCIS review because of how much I love the show, now in its 10th season. I have tried to be as unbiased as possible. This week’s episode of NCIS featured Matt Jones and Andrea Bogart in The Bahamas. Here at home the guest stars were Jay Avocone, who played Gibbs’ barber Frankie Dean and Derek Magyar as his son Cameron. I have to say that splitting the team on two investigations really added to the show. While in Washington, dealing with the mounting evidence against Cameron, Gibbs also had to deal with Metro PD Detective Quinton Shard (Mathew St. Patrick) hounding him for the name of his suspect. Gibbs is trying to be discreet so that Cameron doesn’t find out his father suspects him.

There are a lot of deep emotional moments to consider here. If your mother or father thought you might be a serial killer, how would you feel? How would you feel if all the evidence in a murder case pointed to one of your children? My favorite part of this is Ziva and McGee telling Gibbs that they will do whatever he needs them to, even though this is not an official case.

Meanwhile, in the Bahamas, Tony gets to be the DiNozzo everyone has grown to love. We all know by now, having seen the other side of him, that Tony’s gloating over the bikini clad girls by the pool is just to make Tim and Ziva jealous. I think here he was testing Ziva’s reaction. He has exhibited a lot of jealousy over her secrecy and her boyfriends; he wants to see if he gets a rise out of her. Tim is another story; Tony needs to make Tim feel like he’s missing out. The chance to play Probie pranks on Dorneget is an area of delight for Tony, and a blast from the past for viewers.

In the end, I have to say, as sappy as it sounds I teared up a bit. Sorry, but this episode really makes you think about relationships. From Tony’s need to get attention from Ziva and Tim, to Gibbs’ desire to bring Frankie and his son closer, to Abby’s need to console Vance for his loss, it was a great episode.


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Watch White Collar – In The Wind Online S04E16

White Collar - In The Wind
For weeks, plenty of White Collar faithful have asserted two likelihoods: That James is up to something, and that season four, like those before it, would end on a cliffhanger. Those viewers look damn intuitive after “In The Wind.” Then again, White Collar has become increasingly self-referential of late, and tonight’s finale in particular leaves a trail of intimations that history might repeat itself.

There’s Mozzie’s cheeky condition of “no base jumping” while securing the evidence box (a callback to season three’s “Countdown”), not to mention Neal reminding Peter that casing the Empire State Building necessitates “no U-boats” followed by Peter’s reassurance that, “from Kate to the evidence room, it’s all about justice.” Hell, even good ol’ Caffrey alias Nick Holden makes his dashing return for a diversionary faux-proposal to Sara.

In actuality, that was all misdirection, lulling us into a sense of eminent closure more befitting of a series-ender. But, of course, White Collar will be back for round five, meaning that while one journey-Neal coming into his own under Peter’s mentorship and severing ties with his criminal legacy-is wrapping up, an entirely new imperative will drive future episodes. Now, the onus is on Neal to embody and pursue justice. It’s a symbolically super-heroic transition, not that far-fetched when one recalls the show’s admiration of comic books in season one’s “Hard Sell” or how closely the themes of paternal betrayal and wrongful blame figure into so much Marvel and DC lore.

It was only a matter of time until Peter’s Harvey Dent-esque crusade to thwart corrupt Agent Calloway (a returning, still underwhelming Emily Procter) and murderous Senator Pratt (the certainly not-coming-back Titus Welliver) landed him in hot water. Which, at least, is better than acid in the face. Plus, Collar’s unlikely to approach The Dark Knight’s bleaker characterizations, so it’s safe to assume Peter won’t become a hardened villain after his false imprisonment for allegedly killing Pratt.


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Watch Simpsons – Gorgeous Grampa Online S24E14

Simpsons - Gorgeous Grampa harlem shake edition
The episode opens with a fun Harlem Shake video.

Homer questions why Lisa is reading a book when there’s so much wonderful TV to be watch. She makes a crack about the wonderful writing and acting of today’s television, and Homer dismisses it, saying the only TV worth watching is reality TV shows.

Homer is entranced by a show called “Storage Battles” (an obvious spoof of “Storage Wars”). Homer tracks down Marge and informs her that they are going to get rich off the poor, forgetful, and dead people.

At the Springfield Storage auction, many town members arrive. Homer buys his first locker for a cool $1,000, despite the bid only being $650. He flashes his cash to the cameras that aren’t actually there, delusional that he’s on Storage Battle.


Watch Californication – The Dope Show Online S06E08

Californication - The Dope Show
Hank (David Duchovny) and Karen (Natascha McElhone) try objecting. They want their daughter to reach legal drinking age before her first OD. But you can’t accuse your child of making questionable choices when you’re the king and queen of making them. (“I have experimented with the drug you call cocaine” Hank tells Becca.)

Becca is taken for a lesson on the repercussions of rock-star partying. A front door opens to reveal Atticus (Tim Minchin). But this is hardly the intervention Hank hopes for because the living room is inhabited by one Marilyn Manson (playing himself and explaining the title of the episode).

Manson says he’s a fan of Hank’s work and would be honored if he would do drugs with him. Hank is tempted, but resists. Then Manson asks if he can bed Karen. Hank warns him that a tussling is imminent.

Hank also has to contend with a pass from Atticus’ wife, Natalie (Sarah Wynter). While his hand is on her breast, Karen interrupts with some news. Manson’s attempting to get their daughter and her into a threesome. (“Oh, that’s my cue” Hank says.)


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