Used Car, Bounty Hunters

Beavis and Butt-head - Used Car, Bounty Hunters
I actually thought “Used Car/Bounty Hunter” was the best episode of what has been a damn funny season – it had me in tears. Mike Judge generally gives a couple of dry line readings that absolutely slay me per episode and he had maybe 5 or 6 tonight. His ability to deliver the simplest lines and make them hilarious was on display when the car salesmen offered zero down on a car and Butthead responded: “Whoa – we have zero!” The riffing on True Life was gold, and I loved the whole bounty hunter plotline – the fact that B + B would think that whoever had their pictures up at the post office – whether it be the Postmaster General, a karate class made up of 10 year olds, or Barack Obama – were actually people that had skipped bail was just a great crystalization of their stupidity. Butthead also had one of the lines of the night after the girl at the post office explained that the Postmaster General runs the post office and he responded “Oh -how the mighty have fallen.” And while I’ll agree the Jersey Shore stuff can get stale, I thought the riffing on it tonight was great – I loved both the “that’s how she and answers the phone – I am a whore, hello” and how they ran with Snooki’s “you don’t usually have sex with your big brother” line and ran with it – “unless no one else is around….mom and dad are at the movies.”

Things did start off on a high note. “Used Car” begins and ends with the guys flinging pizza at each other in the lot of Tardino’s used cars (as mentioned last week, there’s been a nice adherence to basic story structure since the reboot). In between, they unwittingly rope the dealership’s naïve salesman and greedy manager into thinking they’re not only in the market for a vehicle, but are savvy customers to boot.


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