Watch The WestBrooks S01E06: Fractured Family Online

The WestBrooks - Fractured Family

An invitation to the BET HipHop Awards sparks the sisters’ excitement and nerves while Candy and Warren face marriage troubles.

The Westbrooks S01E06 HDTV x264

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Watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S01E06: My First Thanksgiving with Josh! Online

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - My First Thanksgiving with Josh!

Rebecca scores an invite to the Chan family Thanksgiving festivities, where Josh’s parents fall in love with her much to Valencia’s dismay. Meanwhile, Greg struggles with taking care of his dad and wanting to pursue his dreams.


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The Grinder S01E06: Buckingham Malice Online

The Grinder - Buckingham Malice

Stewart convinces Dean he can’t keep using his celebrity if he really wants to be a regular guy.? But when the brothers find themselves in serious trouble, Dean’s fame might be the only way to bail them out. Meanwhile, Debbie gets an assistant, and ends up being more of an assistant to her.


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Grandfathered S01E06: My Amal Online

Grandfathered - My Amal

In a quest to find his own Amal Clooney, Jimmy goes out with Sara’s co-worker, but when she is not impressed with his smooth moves, Jimmy turns to Sara for pointers. Meanwhile, Gerald and Vanessa decide to become friends with benefits.


Dr. Ken S01E06: Ken Teaches Molly a Lesson Online

Dr. Ken - Ken Teaches Molly a Lesson

Molly admits to taking a sip of beer at a party, but insists she hated it and didn’t drink the rest. While Allison is happy Molly is being honest with them, Ken is afraid of losing his little girl and uses the opportunity to explain to her what alcohol does to the body… in medical terms. His experiment goes awry when he accidentally gets blitzed and makes a fool of himself in front of her friends. Also in the episode, Dave is obsessed with an obscure scholarly author who Allison takes to see speak an hour away, only to have Dave fall asleep in the front row.


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Life In Pieces S01E06: Ponzi Sex Paris Bounce Online

Life In Pieces - Ponzi Sex Paris Bounce

When Matt and Colleen catch Chad trying to kidnap her beloved pup, Princess, Chad uses the opportunity to pitch them his new business venture. Also, Jen and Greg try to be intimate for the first time since having a baby, Heather breaks up with her longtime hairstylist, Lynette, and Tim ruins Samantha’s birthday party.


The Muppets S01E06: The Ex-Factor Online

The Muppets - The Ex-Factor

Kermit searches for a gift for Denise’s birthday, but is at a loss about what to get her, so he asks Miss Piggy for help. Meanwhile, Kristin Chenoweth accidentally creates tension in the Electric Mayhem when she agrees to do a gig with the band.


Adam Ruins Everything S01E06: Adam Ruins Hygiene Online

Adam Ruins Everything - Adam Ruins Hygiene

Adam reveals that the term halitosis was popularized in a 1920s ad campaign that used cruel ads to make people insecure about their breath, and explains why running water is one of the greatest miracles of the modern age.


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Blood & Oil S01E06: Convergence Online

Blood & Oil - Convergence

The brutal attack on Cody unites friends and enemies alike, as Hap takes the opportunity to try to pull a rival into the fold. A vengeful Billy is determined to uncover the person responsible for the crime and, against his better judgment, finds himself looking to Wick for help. Meanwhile, Wick is at his wits’ end when he learns of Gary’s involvement and decides it’s time to take matters into his own hands. And, Carla senses Hap is having an affair with Jules and she is not afraid to confront this head on.


Quantico S01E06: God Online

Quantico - God

The NATs learn surveillance by putting it into practice with Miranda and her troubled son, Charlie. Shelby tries to keep Caleb at a distance, but Raina opens the door to a closer relationship with Simon. In the future, Alex is helped when she tries to hack into an FBI computer.


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