Silicon Valley S02E04:The Lady

Silicon Valley - The Lady

Richard and Erlich disagree over a potential employee. Dinesh and Gilfoyle worry that someone they recommended for the company will be receiving more money than they make.


Watch The Red Road – A Cure Online S02E04

The Red Road - A Cure

Believing his career is over, Harold meets with the Mayor who reveals the gun found on the dead man matches the gun that killed Mac. Harold is promoted to Captain and visits Jack to get more information after receiving a cryptic note left by Captain Warren. Rachel finds Jean’s diary and is deeply disturbed. Kopus confronts Harold about believing Levi’s men are behind Mac’s death. Jack reveals that the mob and the Mayor colluded to dump paint sludge in the mines. Harold confronts Jean’s father about this revelation but he denies any knowledge. Jean finds Rachel convulsing on the floor of the bathroom after taking some of Jean’s anti-psychotics. Kopus visits Sonya again and tries to give her some of the money, but the plan backfires and gunshots are fired. Junior heads off to meet Levi, his father and Chief of the Lenape tribe.

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Watch Online Undateable: A Stray Dog Walks Into a Bar (S02E04)

Undateable - A Stray Dog Walks Into a Bar

Danny and Justin deal with their eccentric neighbor, and Justin discovers Danny has been taking advantage of him. Meanwhile, Candace sets out to keep a stray puppy she found outside the bar.

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Southern Charm S02E04:No Good Deed

Southern Charm - No Good Deed

Thomas informs Kathryn about his ‘Raise the Roof’ campaign ad and she leaves him to spend the night with a friend. Landon helps Cooper get ready for a fashion show.

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Watch Online The Night Shift: Shock to the Heart (S02E04)

The Night Shift - Shock to the Heart

An injured skydiver is rescued, but there’s more to the case than meets the eye. Meanwhile, the night-shift staffers treat an electrocuted janitor, then scramble to save his wife and children when they fall ill to life-threatening symptoms; and Paul learns about his limitations as a doctor.

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