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Watch American Horror Story – I Am Anne Frank Online S02E04

American Horror Story - I Am Anne Frank Briarcliff has a new patient and she claims to be the infamous Anne Frank who died during the Holocaust. Only she didn’t die, she says. She continued her life in America so her martyr status would open the world’s eyes to the injustices occurring in Germany.

Now she’s in Boston beating up anti-Semites. The woman does have a mark on her arm to prove she was held in a concentration camp. So she may be being honest, or she just knows a good tattoo artist. With so many asylum patients claiming they didn’t kill their families and fabricating false stories (more on that later), it’s hard to tell who is telling the truth.

For Anne Frank, Briarcliff Manor may be an upgrade to Auschwitz, but it’s a dangerous place with Dr. Arden running around. The patient claiming to be Anne Frank outs Dr. Arden as a former Nazi. She says he would flip a coin to determine which girls to “treat” in Auschwitz. Then he would bring them back to camp poisoned.

Sounds like the lovable, great humanitarian Dr. Arden that we’ve come to know. Adding to the evidence of Arden’s criminal activity, the call girl he nearly killed reports him to the authorities.

The poor doctor has to take time away from dismembering Shelley to defend his reputation to two homicide detectives. “This is utter hogwash,” Arden says before walking away. “I have no idea what I’m even being accused of.” That response seems to satisfy the detectives, who were probably in a rush to get back to their homes in time to catch the newest episode of “Bewitched.”

No need to check the forest full of man-eating zombies or the store room hiding a patient who looks as if her face were dipped in acid. Speaking of which, Shelly’s days as our favorite nymphomaniac are numbered.


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Watch Revenge – Intuition Online S02E04

Revenge - Intuition Online S02E04 Revenge season 2 continues with episode 4, “Intuition.” Victoria watches a maid clean blood from the floor and burns a blood-covered check to Amanda. Twenty-four hours earlier, Emily plays Kara’s voicemail for Aiden. He tells her the Initiative is going to be all over Kara and she needs to be prepared for what she’ll find.

I loved this episode so much, you guys. Did Emily pull her act together? No, not really. But so much happened! The show seemed to be treading the same path for the past few episodes, but with the return of Kara Clarke — and that juicy reveal at the end — I see potential for Revenge to become a whole new show. But enough about me! Let’s get to the recap, then talk theories at the end.

In this week’s episode, Emily is forced to acknowledge the consequesnces of her obsession with getting even. Sure, Emily’s every fiber is devoted to revenge, but at what cost? We get a hint: someone’s blood will be spilled on the Graysons’ floor before the episode’s end.

Cut to: 24 hours earlier: Emily confronts Aidan on the beach about having gone to see her mother. He doesn’t exactly admit to it, but he warns Emily to be prepared for what she might find should she continue her search.

Revenge hasn’t had a truly shocking and sufficiently soapy moment like Amanda tumbling to her photogenic coma in quite some time, so it was fantastic to finally have something to cheer for again. Evil shadow corporations and elaborate conspiracies are nice, but sometimes a good, old-fashioned pregnancy-in-peril plot is exactly what a show needs. The best thing about this plot is that it brought together many of the main threads that have been running parallel for the first few episodes. This is especially true of Emily’s mother Kara, whose plot is still very murky. Now that Amanda’s injury has brought her out of the woodwork to grieve, it forces her out into the open and hopefully into charged interactions with both Emily and Victoria. The emotional complexity of this is smart as well, as the more Emily remembers about her mother, the more she realizes there is to the story of her disappearance.


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Watch Once Upon a Time – The Crocodile Online S02E04

Once Upon a Time - The Crocodile Online S02E04 There has never been any doubt that Robert Carlyle is a gifted actor, arguably one of the best actors of his generation. He’s gone from film to television and back again both here and in the U.K. He’s done tiny budget independent films that allow him to create characters and give voice to films with great social or political weight and bigger projects that undoubtedly allow him to support small-budget worthwhile cinema. But there is also no doubt that whatever role he chooses to do, he has an ability to transform himself completely, making the character unforgettable.

A feature article by EW reveals that the Once Upon a Time script writers are continuing in the Lost tradition (from which Adam Horowitz and Ed Kitsis come) and filling their scripts with curse words that could never make it to air.

Kitsis tells the magazine that, “When we were on Lost, [showrunner Damon Lindelof] once said, ‘You can either be running through the jungle or you can be f–king running through the jungle — What’s more intense?’” So, “we carried that on because it helps the actors.”

Tonight’s episode of Once Upon a Time started in Storybrooke where Belle worries that Gold is up to his old tricks. She struggles with a boyfriend who can’t give up magic and leaves his house to sort her feelings out. Gold is so desperate to find her that he turns to her father, the man Gold took her from in Story Book Land, but when that doesn’t work he is forced to seek help from a reluctant Charming and Red. But was Belle’s dad really unable to locate his daughter, or is he up to something to try and keep Gold and Belle apart forever?

In the fairtytale land that was, Rumpelstiltskin tracks down his MIA wife Milah at the local tavern, where she’s enjoying grog and games with the pirate Kilian Jones and his crew. Milah describes Rumple as “just my husband,” then digs the knife deeper by lamenting her lot to not be an ogres war widow but “lashed to the village coward.” Ouch. The next morning, Rumple is alerted that Jones’ crew took Milah, so he races to the pirate’s ship. Jones challenges Rumple to a swordfight to the death, but finds no taker. “A man not wiling to fight for what he wants deserves what he gets,” Jones warns.


Watch Grimm – Quill Online S02E04


Grimm - Quill Online S02E04 The “Grimm” episode “Quill” was revealing in several ways. It reveals how Hank (Russell Hornsby) will react to new truths about the Wesen world, and how Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) will react to strange memories involving Nick (David Giuntoli). It also shows another side of Rosalee (Bree Turner) that viewers may never have expected to see. The episode also introduces two new creatures, one of which is sent to find Nick’s key.

“Quill” began as the aforementioned Wesen-infecting virus hit Portland. It caused the carriers to break out in horrifically gross boils and yellow pustules and basically made them act like 28 Days Later rage zombies. Now, last week everyone was mad at me for not recognizing Mark Pellegrino, so get ready for me to call out the name of the guest actor who played the porcupine Wesen every two seconds: Kevin Shinick, from Robot Chicken, Ugly Americans, Mad TV, and Where In Time Is Carmen San Diego?!

In the next scene, Nick and Hank are sharing a meal at a diner, discussing everything “Grimm” related. Nick isn’t sure how Hank can see Wesen, or why he only sees certain ones. He also informs him of Aunt Marie’s trailer and all the treasures (books, weapons, etc.) inside. Then Nick and Hank are called to the scene of the hit and run. When they arrive, they go with Sgt. Wu go to investigate the building with shattered glass. They hear something upstairs. They find there is blood everywhere in the building, though it is supposedly empty.

The case is limited, perhaps by budgetary constraints, so there’s never really any sense that a plague outbreak is going to take the city’s sizeable Wesen community by storm or create a larger panic. The origin is never fully explained, there are a ton of loose ends about containing the resurgence of the old plague, but maybe it’s a sickness equivalent to Legionnaires’ disease, which recently had an isolated outbreak in Chicago at a Marriott hotel. Either way, the plot holes aren’t that concerning, since there are moments of suspense and delight throughout.


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Watch Hell on Wheels – Scabs Online S02E04


Hell on Wheels - Scabs Online S02E04 This week’s Hell on Wheels, Scabs, is about the usurpation and exercise of power. It’s about who has rights and who doesn’t, and it answers the question by suggesting those who have rights are those who fight for them.

It took a season and a half, but Hell On Wheels has finally gone ahead and told a story that’s actually, properly about building a railroad. Even more promisingly, the episode that does so places Bohannon front and center, dropping the McGinnes brothers and Joseph subplots for the episode in order to place all the focus on the two protagonists, Cullen and Elam.

During the opening minutes, this week’s episode once again reminds us that Hell on Wheels isn’t your grandfather’s western. Cullum Bohannon is overseeing a construction crew out in the field when work suddenly halts while everyone pays heed to nearby screaming. Attention focuses on a nearby hilltop, where one of the Irish laborers is being tortured by Sioux tribesmen obviously intent on making a point. (That point: The same thing could happen to any of you other palefaces.) Cullen asks for someone to bring him a rifle. Suitably armed, Cullen fires – not to kill a Sioux, but to put the Irishman out of his misery. (Actually, that sounds like something Ethan Edwards might have done in The Searchers.) The other railroad workers – Irishmen and “Negroes” alike – don’t question Cullen’s action. But that doesn’t mean they’re willing to keep working on the railroad all the livelong day.

Not only is there a competition with other railway lines on trying to get to the west first, but the Sioux aren’t pleased people are messing on their land, and the workers themselves have got demands and issues to be dealt with before even striking pins or laying tracks.

Not surprisingly, Durant and Lily couldn’t really do anything to fix the problem leaving it all up to Bohannon. It’s a good thing he’s a man of the people, or at least knows how to push people in the right direction even if they don’t realize it. He’s a natural born leader and his skill with a gun adds credence to his barking orders. Truly, Bohannon continues to show how great of a character he is, no matter what the situation. His scenes are always fantastic.


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Watch Falling Skies – Young Bloods Online S02E04

Young Bloods

Falling Skies - Young Bloods Online S02E04Falling Skies season 2 harnesses its fourth episode of the year “Young Bloods” as Hal and Ben encounter a new group of youths, one of whom has ties to Captain Weaver, while Matt finds himself increasingly drawn to dangerous missions.

This theory is readily apparent in ‘Young Bloods’ – which really should have been titled: ‘How To Be a Good Soldier: 101.’ From the onset, the episode depicts the rebellious nature of young men and women against the pressing and unstoppable force of responsibility and duty. In fact, it’s practically spelled out as two unknown survivors abscond with Hal (Drew Roy) and Ben’s (Connor Jessup) motorbikes while an Army recruitment billboard stands perfectly framed in the background. This sets up a brief, but tense face-off between the Mason boys and what at first appears to be a Dickensian group of orphans with dirty faces proclaiming adults only get them into dangerous situations.

Case in point, Matt has his first mission. It deviates from the original assignment. Tom doesn’t take too kindly to his nine year-old being Skitter-bait. He reams out the dudes responsible for the recklessness and sends them to laundry duty. Matt has a fit for being embarrassed – he wants missions, he wants to grow up (the anti-Peter Pan syndrome).

Now that Jeanne has left her father, the fall out from that will haunt Weaver far more than her being there ever could. Not only will Weaver be devoting time to protecting the Second Mass, but now he’ll also deal with the mental struggle that somewhere in Skitter central is his daughter, whom he’ll never have a status update on. Maybe until it’s too late. A parents worst nightmare, the fear of the unknown.


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Watch Single Ladies – Ex Factor Online S02E04

Ex Factor

Single Ladies - Ex Factor Online S02E04“Single Ladies” is described by VH1 as a romantic comedy series about Keisha (Lisa Raye McCoy), Raquel (Denise Vasi) and April (Charity Shea), who are best friends with different philosophies on love, sex and relationships, proving not all women have the same desires.

Season 2 introduces Raquel (replacing Val — Stacey Dash‘s former role), who is a sophisticated business woman coming into her own and calling the shots.

In this week’s episode of VH1?s “Single Ladies” the girls attend the lavish Kappa Boule Ball where Raquel meets an intriguing guy, but also learns a family secret that shatters her foundation. Meanwhile, April secretly dates a stripper, and Keisha is surprised to run into Malcolm at the Ball and is shocked to learn why he is there.

Elsewhere, Raquel and her first love, Antonio, get hot and heavy until he reveals some shocking news that may prove too much for her to handle; April wonders if she’s lost her dating mojo and worries about her bond with Keisha; and Omar gets engaged to Derek, but has second thoughts.


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Watch Teen Wolf – Abomination Online S02E04


Teen Wolf - Abomination Online S02E04Teen Wolf this week focuses on the new lizard-like monster in town called the Kanima. A few questions were answered, but not the most important one: Who is it? Lydia, Jackson or someone else? We also witness firsthand the evil of Allison’s grandfather Gerard Argent. He is so ruthless and pure evil.

Before we get to the meat of this episode, let’s take a brief moment to study Allison’s grandfather, Gerard. We have still only seen the surface of what this man is capable of, but I cannot wait to delve deeper into the history that comes with him. For starters: he and the vet have a past of sorts (did the vet ever work with the hunters?), he loves food if that recipe book holds any truth, he has to take a whole bunch of pills on a regular basis (that at some point better be explained considering we’ve seen them twice now), he has a bestiary (what else is out there!?), he wants everyone to underestimate him, and oh yeah, he loves playing with pointy blades. I know it is always important to leave a strong impression, but stabbing Scott in the abdomen? Not cool grandpa, not cool! That’s definitely one way to threaten someone, that’s for sure, but why pocket a favor from Scott considering he said he was so intent on killing all werewolves in the first episode? No good can come from nefarious planning.

The newest monster from the bestiary to hit Beacon Hills is a pretty disturbing, troublesome critter. No one really knows what it is there for, except for the local veterinarian. As it turns out, Dr. Alan (or Allen) Deaton (Seth Gilliam) is more than just a vet. He’s the key to pretty much every mystery. The first season established that he knows all about werewolves, and now it turns out that he also has some sort of past history with the Argents as well. While he’s not exactly clueless about the lizard monster that’s stalking Beacon Hills, he doesn’t know what it is.

Grandpa doesn’t trust Allison, which is fair because she is putting into place a heist to steal his 800-year-old cookbook. Who keeps their recipes in a leather-bound, tied journal instead of an actual cookbook anyway? That thing looked like something out of Game of Thrones not Martha Stewart Living. No wonder Allison and Scott thought it was a bestiary. (Which is a book of mystical creatures, unlike what Allison and Scott were thinking.) But at least Scott got to enjoy the delicious two-day labor of love Grandpa cooked before getting stabbed in the rock-hard wolf abs. Grandpa is crazy, but he’s not a monster.


Watch The Walking Dead – Cherokee Rose Online [S02E04] 2011

Cherokee Rose

Walking Dead - Cherokee Rose
You kill a man in cold blood, pop a bullet in his leg so he becomes zombie chow and you get away. After the obligatory ‘crazy eyes in the mirror head shaving’ you find yourself wearing his fat clothes and looking like you are one banjo away from a Deliverance  reboot. Then you end up having to eulogize him (and set up your half assed alibi) in front of his girlfriend? Mondays, am I right? That’s where we find Shane in this weeks cold opening.  Now I thought this was setting up an episode dealing with Shane’s obvious near breaking point and eventual departure from the group with Andrea in tow, but what we get is possibly the seasons strongest episode to date.

Let’s deal with Dale and T-Dog first. From last weeks teaser we know what they find, a very Sam Rami-esque deadite looking zombie at the bottom of the well. I am sure many of you were like me, giddy at some good old fashioned of the wall zombie action, zombie action with a lesson. See, if you ever have a plagued flesheater doing the doggie paddle in your water supply, obviously you have to get him out mostly intact, no need to let any more zombiism ooze into a much needed resource. Old water guts didn’t go for the canned ham as bait, so they send down the Asian. It was nice to see Glen in all his hapless hero glory. The rope breaks, tension is had by all, and in a classic Glen way, he still manages to get the job done. The writers really need to start using him more, he has the potential to be a great counter balance to Daryl. While the lovable hick gets s#!t done cause he’s a bad ass, Glen pulls of the whole underdog deal and your want to cheer when he succeeds. Speaking of success, I also want to thank the writers for having the whole de-zombieing of the water supply go bad. We all knew the waterlogged brain gobbler was going to come apart, spilling guts and go back into the well, and it was gratifying when it happened. Even the zombie looked happy with the outcome.

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