Ascension S01E01:Season 1, Episode 1

Ascension - Season 1, Episode 1

As nuclear war threatens the world in 1963, John F. Kennedy authorizes the creation of the colony ship Ascension and sends a select group of individuals on a 102-year trip to Proxima Centauri to ensure humanity’s survival. However, a young woman’s murder triggers off a potential revolt as the crew debates whether to return to Earth or not.

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Watch Gracepoint – Season 1, Episode 3 Online S01E03

Gracepoint - Season 1, Episode 3

Mark Solano is caught in a web of lies and bought into questioning. Gemma reveals a secret to the detectives. Carver interviews Ellie’s husband.

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Gracepoint S01E02:Season 1, Episode 2

Gracepoint - Season 1, Episode 2

While the Solano family grieves after their son’s death, the detectives discover evidence in Chloe’s room and Mark is not entirely truthful. Beth seeks out the town minister, her old friend Paul Coates.

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Watch Online Bachelor in Paradise: Season 1, Episode 4 (S01E04)

Bachelor in Paradise - Season 1, Episode 4

A bachelor enjoys a date that involves rappelling and swimming. One of the girls regrets her decision to go out with a newcomer. Video links

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Bachelor in Paradise S01E02 stream – Season 1, Episode 2

Bachelor in Paradise - Season 1, Episode 2

A couple of new bachelors show up. Lacy and Marcus’ connection increases. The cast find out that one bachelor has been lying and has a girlfriend back home.

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Watch Revolution – Pilot Online S01E01


Revolution - Pilot Online S01E01 The premise of Revolution is simple. One night, all the lights go out. The pilot opens on Ben Matheson coming home to his young family, telling his wife that ‘it’s all gonna turn off’, and then downloading computer files to an external flash drive. Moments later every vaguely electronic device goes kaput, from airplanes to household batteries, leaving the Americas (and presumably the rest of the world) in the dark.

The way the show starts out, it is present day until something blacks out the power and it never comes on again. ‘Twilight’s Billy Burke plays Miles, the uncle of Charlie that may know how to turn the power on, or at least why it stopped working in the first place.

However, the narration in the beginning said that modern medicine isn’t really working without technology… so is Danny just benefiting from a left over inhaler because it doesn’t require a plug, merely a pump action? The good news is for all of the minor quibbles I have over the technology, I never really dwelled on it. I was far more focused on getting to know the characters.

Favreau brings a lot of strong energy to Revolution, giving appropriate weight to moments like that opening sequence and delivering action that is more notable and big than is normal for network TV – a sword fight Miles has with multiple foes is incredibly fun and cool, and instantly helps Burke (bringing the right world-weary vibe to the proceedings) establish that yes, the dad from Twilight can play a kickass hero.

The 15 year gap serves to highlight some differences between the older and younger generations: those who remember the world “before” and the new generation who have never used a computer or watched television. Also by jumping ahead 15 years the bleak desperation of the immediate aftermath of a world plunged into darkness is avoided, in favour a of discovering the new social and political landscape the show has created for its characters.


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Watch Perception – Shadow Online S01E09


Perception - Shadow Online S01E09 In the first half of the two-part First Season finale Professor Pierce (Eric McCormack) is presented with information from a former student (Freddy Rodríguez) suggesting a cover-up and conspiracy surrounding the apparently accidental death of a U.S. Senator. After witnessing the death of the student (which may or may not have actually happened, given his tendency to hallucinate), Pierce finds himself lead down the rabbit hole by a hallucination of JFK (Steven Culp) that involves Greek mythology, a star constellation, a secret society, and a shadowy conspiracy.

Wesley claims that Ryland’s predecessor’s plane was sabotaged, and Crawford, a CEO, is responsible because Paulson chaired a committee that was going to pass a clean energy bill that would’ve cost his company billions. An engineer, Brian, died after he found out about the sabotage, and Wesley thinks it was murder. A reporter believed him, but he drove his car off the road. Wesley gives him an envelope with evidence before an arrow strikes him in the eye. Daniel calls Kate in a panic, but when Probert gets to the scene, there’s no body.

At the same time, viewers were left trying to guess or be surprised by characters that might or might not be hallucinations. Even if there were certain lapses in Pierce’s stability, there was a certain “fun” element to having him see these people around him.
“Shadow” broke the whole concept down and captured the reality, if you will, of that darker side to having schizophrenia and how heartbreaking it is to see someone fold underneath the illness.

Although she wants to believe in her friend Kate (Rachael Leigh Cook) is forced to accept the possibility that Pierce may have hallucinated the entire event, as well as his relationship with the student which she can find no evidence of. Although they can’t find the young man’s body, a little investigation does suggest a crime was committed and that it may have been tied to a dead reporter who was also investigating the death of the Senator.


Watch Major Crimes – Citizens Arrest Online S01E05

Citizens Arrest

Major Crimes - Citizens Arrest Online S01E05 The Major Crimes squad investigates when the naked body of a young man is found in a 50 gallon drum marked hazardous waste. It was only found because it fell off a truck as it was being removed. Provenza (G.W. Bailey) leads the investigation. Tao (Michael Paul Chan) offers that the marks on his limbs are rope burns. Provenza becomes concerned after they realize that the drums could be filled with bodies since they are supposed to be hazardous waste and are dumped in a landfill. Sykes (Kearran Giovanni) is given the unenviable task of going through all the drums. Flynn (Tony Dennison) asks if he’s thinking serial killer. Provenza doesn’t know, but he’s worried.

From the moment we learned about the crime of the week until the last scene of the episode, every aspect of Major Crimes was perfection. Brenda Leigh Johnson could not have handled the case any better than Sharon Raydor, and it’s my assessment that the nature of the case needed the likes of Raydor and her willingness to deal with the ugliest dregs of society.

Raydor, Flynn and Provenza go to the Barlow house, but they are met with completely freaked out parents, Brian (Casey Biggs) and Laurie (Kari Coleman). Their son and daughter, Emily, were kidnapped and they’ve been warned not to go to the police. Brian is adamant that they follow directions.

Later, Laurie calls the squad for help. She explains that their children have been missing for a while and that they received a ransom demand which they gave into. It was followed by another after a few days. They paid that as well. So far, they’ve heard nothing since then. Brian asks what she’s doing, and she hangs up.

When first faced with the idea of losing his ranking managerial position over the major crimes division, Provenza wasn’t on board. He was ornery, angry and not afraid to say what he felt about it, even if it was a slight exaggeration. However, Sharon did something that I don’t think even Provenza saw coming. She gave him rope. Not to hang himself, but to lead.


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Watch Major Crimes – The Ecstasy and the Agony Online S01E04

The Ecstasy and the Agony

Major Crimes - The Ecstasy and the Agony Online S01E04 Well, it happens with every show. They hit a point in the season when a throw away episode is needed and “The Ecstasy and the Agony” was that episode for Major Crimes. Generally Major Crimes actually has character development, interesting moves between characters, and interesting things to pay attention to during the episodes.

It seems like there are a good number of you who really don’t like the addition of Rusty to the mix. I’m quite enjoying him and his smart ass attitude. He’s a great foil for Sharon Raydor. They both say things with a straight face and then reply similarly and end up staring at each other dumbfounded, as if they can’t believe they’ve found each other. Sharon’s line about how to look Catholic was classic. Even if you weren’t raised as such, certainly you’ve seen the rest of us wearing the mask of guilt.

Raydor is talking to Provenza (G. W. Bailey) and Buzz (Phillip Keane) when Rusty storms over to tell her he’s going to be late. Raydor asks Buzz to drive him to school. Provenza points out that asking a civilian employee to do a personal favor is against the rules. She points out that it’s not a personal favor since going to school is one of the requirements for their material witness. Provenza withdraws his objection and puts in a coffee order. Poor Buzz.

Well, he uses them in this Major Crimes episode. He was the best part of “The Ecstasy and the Agony.” Watching his scenes with series regular, G.W. Bailey, was worth the price of admission. Besides NCIS, Weatherly’s other TV credits include Dark Angel, where he played Logan Cale/Eyes Only; he played opposite Christina Applegate on the NBC sitcom Jesse; he was Theo’s college roommate in an episode of The Cosby Show; and on the daytime front, he was rich hottie Cooper Alden on a soap called Loving. Plus, if you ever get to see Michael appear on a talk show do so. He’s always entertaining.