Love Child S02E01:Season 2, Episode 1

Love Child - Season 2, Episode 1

Joan’s new career as a doctor is threatened when she helps a pregnant teen. Viv’s estranged mother tries to take control of her life. Annie learns a harsh lesson as a single mother in 1970s Kings Cross.


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Watch NY Med – Season 2, Episode 6 Online S02E06

NY Med - Season 2, Episode 6

A 2-year-old requires surgery to stop the flow of blood to her brain whilst an ER resident confronts police officers who are trying to question one of her patients.

Watch NY.Med.S02E06.Season.2,.Episode.6.WEBDL.x264.AAC online

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NY Med S02E04:Season 2, Episode 4

NY Med - Season 2, Episode 4

A nurse loses consciousness whilst a groom needs a complex but life-saving operation.

Watch NY.Med.S02E04.720p.HDTV.x264-IMMERSE.mkv here

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Watch New Girl – Re-Launch & Katie Online (Season 2 Premiere)

New Girl Season Premiere

new girl season 2 premiere episode 1 and episode 2 It didn’t take long for New Girl to get back in the swing of things for Season 2. In a matter of minutes, I felt right back at home as Jess and Nick shared some quippy bathroom banter and Schmidt begged Winston to scratch the inside of his crotch cast. (“And before you ask, yes, I have been able to reach completion with some very precise and vigorous nipple play.”) But after a long and seemingly uneventful summer, it was time to kick things back into high gear with Schmidt’s DANGER-themed “rebranding” party, at which Jess, recently laid off from her job, volunteered to be one of the shot girls.

The first ep, “Re-launch” rightly centered on Schmidt’s genitalia — old and unimproved, but no longer broken! Upon getting his cast removed, he rushed to host a “re-branding event,” and the theme would be “Danger” (perhaps inadvisable considering the party was about his penis). Nonetheless, it was on, and he planned to invite all the usual suspects — his urologist, badminton partner, and financial planner, plus Philip Seymour Hoffman, the ladies from Lululemon, “a guy who once wrote for a little show called Crank Yankers,” and, oh yeah, Cece. (More on that later.)

Schmidt spent the summer in a penis cast, and after it was removed he decided to rebrand himself and throw a huge party to launch the new Schmidt. Not surprisingly, the new Schmidt was pretty much the old Schmidt, only with a ton of regret for having dumped CeCe, especially when she showed up to his party with a guy he didn’t consider anywhere near her league. Although they seemed to arrive at some sort of peace, there were clearly lingering feelings running both ways.

Nick, for instance, skipped out of law school and became a bartender. He fears any eventual break down of his home or body because he cannot afford a plumber or medical insurance. This inherent darkness is played for laughs, because his own obstinacy and his pride in his position are the only real things holding him back.


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Watch Awkward – The Other Shoe Online S02E12

Awkward - The Other Shoe Online S02E12 Previously on ‘Awkward.’ Jenna had finally made her decision. She tried a do-over, and much to her chagrin, imagining things on a different wavelength didn’t do much to make it better. This week, she finally makes her big choice – the one we’ve been waiting for all season. Will her beau be the handsome Matty McKibben? Or the super sweet Jake Rosati?

“The Other Shoe” is an effective and entertaining finale, offering a quick resolution to the relationship drama and transitioning into a new situation that offers more material for the show’s other characters. It captures the depth in the show’s ensemble, bringing supporting characters back into focus and using the oncoming summer vacation as a rally point for a collection of storylines featured during the season. While it lacks the same emotional gutpunch of last season’s finale, it nonetheless serves as an engaging and solid conclusion to the season.

After Jake’s turn for the worse in recent episodes, there wasn’t really any coming back from that for me. Granted in all honestly I think I’ve been leaning towards Matty for a while now no matter how much of a good guy Jake was. But he can step aside because now Matty is already doing more to make Jenna feel appreciated: He’s not embarrassed to show his feelings towards her in public, he DTRed without her having to bring it up, and he even asked before taking a bite out of her sandwich. Best boyfriend ever! Mostly for that last reason really. Had he not asked I would have reached through the TV screen and punched him, and it’s not even my food.

Just when we thought we just about had Lacey figured out, and that Kevin was her Matty, we learned that things aren’t so black and white. In many ways Kevin isn’t solely Matty, but more likely a mix of the two. However, Jenna’s decisions now have another shoe involved: Tamara.


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Watch Hell on Wheels – Purged Away With Blood Online S02E06

Purged Away With Blood

Hell on Wheels - Purged Away With Blood s02e06 Cullen Bohannon had to take charge of a tricky hostage situation — and deal with a possibly greater danger facing an old friend — in “Purged Away with Blood,” Sunday’s episode of Hell on Wheels. If you missed all the action, here are the most important things you need to know before tuning in next Sunday.

This week the episode opens with the Swede and Reverend Cole riding with horses and a cart. Suddenly two Indians creep up from the grass and quietly come up behind them. One Indian shows the Swede some furs that he has and the two speak in the Indian’s language. Reverend Cole gets off his horse and they all go to the cart which is filled with stolen rifles. The reverend and The Swede hand them out to the Indians. They all seem happy. Not a good sign. Something is definitely up.

“Purged Away With Blood” focuses on the train carrying Durant to Chicago after last week’s shootout. On the way to get medical attention, part of the tracks is blown up by the Sioux and led by Reverend Cole. He and the Swede (or “The White Spirit,” as the Sioux call him) have given the Sioux a whole cart of guns to fight back against the Hell on Wheels crew ruining their land. Cole wants Durant to publish his insane manifesto, filled with his ramblings like “the crimes of the guilty land can only by purged away by blood,” or Cole will kill everyone on the train. Before now, Cole has been fun drunk, stumbling around the camp, preaching to those who will listen. Now, he’s a deranged shell of who he used to be, ready to kill because he believes that’s what God wants him to do.

The reunion of the family Cole is wobbly, too. Ruth (Kasha Kropinski) is still a cipher to me; I can’t get a handle on her character. Is she capricious or is it just off-handed writing because there’s been no real care taken with defining who Ruth is as a character? Her sudden emotional bonding with her father is a sentimental moment that doesn’t ring true for me. Joseph (Eddie Spears) fares better and plays truer to character, but then the writers are clearer on who he is than they are on Ruth.


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Watch Awkward – Once Upon a Blog Online S02E11

Once Upon a Blog

Awkward - Once Upon a Blog Online S02E11 The 2nd season of MTV’s “Awkward” is attracting up to a close, but you continue to have two episodes full of snark, wit and cardio to look forward to, and a twenty episode third time of year in the horizon. “I know that you will see Jenna in several method than you might ve ever expected this girl, and the biggest differences you might have [imagined],” Rickards previewed in the purple carpet or rug. “It had been a blast for me to try out all those different aspects and all those different circumstances in a single 22 minute episode. I’m doing Twitter take-over, as well as I’ve had gotten numerous behind-the-scenes photos which I could not tweet for the longest time and also I am as a consequence excited to tweet them.”
It’s difficult to truly judge “Once Upon a Blog” utilizing our usual Awkward appliance set given that nature of do over – or what-if episodes- tend to just feel fun, nicely packaged episodes that are, in the end, principally meaningless. Pretty enjoyable for the quintessential element, however come in Jenna, we want to know! Whom s it going to be?
Whenever we kept the program two days back, Jenna was indeed facing this choice, however anyone paying attention would know that the conclusion itself might likely feel stored for upcoming weeks finale. Accordingly, “Once Upon A Blog” enters as a holding pattern, abandoning the entire world of real life in favor of the series of fantasies that give Jenna and the tv series the chance to explore a variety of “What If?” situations. What can have gone wrong if or when Jenna hadn’t gone directly into which closet as well as had DTR’d alongside Matty immediately? Just what would have been different if or when Jenna had embraced an union with Jake since shortly because he showed some sort of interest inside her? As well as just what would have been different if in case Jenna had will never gone to camp at every one of the, and also was actually simply a stranger to they guys battling for her affection?
Now that Jenna’s love existence has become this girl universities most recent obsession, she decided to escape to this girl blog site as an option to figure out this girl thoughts, but making everything general public backfired because now people happened to be actually reading and also throwing inside their two-cents. To be able to get at just this girl accurate emotions, she decided to fictionalize this girl being and also evaluate exactly how things would ve been different if she had do-overs.


Watch Doctor Who – Dinosaurs on a Spaceship Online S07E02

Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

Doctor Who - Dinosaurs on a Spaceship Online S07E02 This week, Doctor Who fans continued their adventures with the Time Lord in the second tale of the 7th season entitled “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship”. We begin, once again, with the Doctor pressed up against the TARDIS by a woman keen to find out if any of his other vital organs appear in duplicate form. And as usual, he’s delightfully flustered, but immune to her charm. Well kind of immune. The kind of immune that means you invite the girl in and actually give her coffee rather than… anything else.

Back when Doctor Who started in 1963, part of its remit was as to act as educational programming with sci-fi overtones, which was the main reason why The Doctor would keep running into real historical figures and roping them into his adventures somehow. Five decades later, the educational aspect of the show has eroded away to be replaced with a drive to be as purely entertaining as possible – which is a change for the good, in general – but the desire to work real people from history into the storylines remains, even when they serve no real purpose. New Who has been very hit and miss in this regard, with the only real standout historical figure episode being the Charles Dickens-centric “The Unquiet Dead” during Christopher Ecclestone’s tenure in the TARDIS.

I love the plot design behind the spaceship’s origin; in which it actually once belonged to the Silurians as they attempted to escape their then prophesied apocalypse via other means. But of course, as usual, their death wasn’t far behind. This time they were killed by the nasty and profit hunting space-pirate Solomon. His injured appearance does make you sway your opinion of him being a bad guy at first but as soon as he threatens Brian with his comical Robots, then his dark character emerges. He truly was cruel and without mercy, all in a bid to get what he wants; the ultimate prize. After the onslaught and rampage of the insane Daleks last week, it was nice to get a simple humanoid villain to face-off against the Doctor. They really did play off against each other in a brilliant way and the end result was just cold and shocking. The fact we knew Solomon was a cold-hearted killer who had the Silurians killed by jettison just for the sake of the cargo still doesn’t alter the actions the Doctor took. It did completely shock me and showed a side to the Doctor which is rarely seen. Perhaps there is a reason for this…


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Watch Hell on Wheels – The Railroad Job Online S02E05

The Railroad Job

Hell on Wheels - The Railroad Job Online S02E05 This episode of “Hell on Wheels” is full of action and a few surprises. At the beginning of this second season Cullen Bohannon was part of a robbery crew. Tonight his old crew is back with a plan to steal $50,000 from the railroad’s payroll.

For Durant, it’s his chance to create an even greater name for himself. Elam is trying to be considered an equal after the slavery of the past. Lily is attempting to continue her husband’s work, even if it will leave her with an uncertain future once the road is completed. But for Cullen Bohannan, his motivation for joining the railroad was revenge for the murder of his family, and he quickly changed to forget about that, instead deciding to solely do the bidding of Durant, while also sometimes working on the railroad.

As much as the episode is superficially about a bunch of Johnny Rebs looting the railroad’s payroll once again, the question comes up over and over: What would happen to everyone should Durant (Colm Meaney) die? The man who controls everything is, naturally, also the man nearly everyone despises – the disparity of wealth and comfort being only a portion of why Durant is looked upon with such disdain. Of course, since Durant’s ability to draw breath is directly related to the future and wellbeing of so many individuals; namely, the freedmen, Elam Ferguson (Common) and now, Lily Bell (Dominique McElligott) – not to mention the future of the railroad itself – it comes time to put the good Mr. Durant directly in harms’ way.

“The Railroad Job” has a decent premise at its center: Hawkins, the leader of the ex-Confederate bandits from the beginning of the season, decides to rob the camp’s payroll while all the workers are off building the bridge. While casing the camp just before the heist begins, one of the robbers doesn’t take kindly to Elam’s presence in the saloon, and Hawkins’ too-generous attempt to make peace with Elam tips him off that something bad is about to go down. While Durant sends for Bohannon to return to the camp, Elam arms the McGinnes brothers and a sick Psalms, but the heist has already begun.


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