Watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta S08E11: Season 8, Episode 11 Online

The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 8, Episode 11

Phaedra hosts a visit to the nation’s capital to garner help for her Save Our Sons group and invitations a number of of the women to tag alongside. During their go to to Congress, Kim as soon as once more finds herself on the outskirts of the festivities. Kenya’s household drama continues after she returns from Detroit leading to an argument together with her Aunt Lori. Kandi and Todd work to persuade her aunt’s to hitch in on their subsequent enterprise enterprise. Meanwhile, former besties Cynthia and NeNe reunite over cocktails and many of laughs.


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Watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta S08E05: Season 8, Episode 5 Online

The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 8, Episode 5

After the huge cliffhanger from the last episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” we have been anxiously waiting for tonight’s episode to give us some answers as to what happened with the fight between Cynthia and Porsha. Things got very heated between the two of them and the preview from last week suggests that Porsha is going to get physical with Cynthia making her the second housewife that Porsha has become physical with on the show, but who really started this fight?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta S08E05 HDTV x264

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Watch Bones – The Future in the Past Online S08E01

The Future in the Past

Bones - The Future in the Past Online S08E01 “Bones” Season 8 premiere, titled “The Future in the Past” opens to a touching mother-daughter scene that develops “three months later” following Tempe’s escape. Temperance, Christine and Max are in an idyllic and picturesque location, getting ready for their next trip.

As Booth said when he saw Brennan a brunette again, “Bones is back!” and there’s a lot to talk about. First of all, let’s address Pelant’s storyline. The hacker has been a worthy adversary for the team and Booth, but no one can get away with going after one of their own. In the end, it was only fitting they took him down the way he did. Brennan had to be the one to do it, and they had to have that moment of celebration that they did before it all came crashing down. They may have nailed his guidance counselor’s murder on him—and even Pelant can’t erase his writing style—but at the same time, didn’t that even seem a bit too easy with everything else?

Let’s get right into with Pelant. I love the episodes revolving around his character and Andrew Leeds is brilliant in the part. I love psychological killers. Nothing scares me more than really intelligent people who can think 10 steps ahead of everyone else and are so sinister and take so much pleasure in toying with people’s heads. That’s Pelant. Especially since Brennan is as smart as she is and Pelant has been playing her like a fiddle. Bones and Hart Hanson have done a fantastic job with this arc. I’m not going to lie, I was slightly upset when they captured him (for a few reasons) because I thought that was the end of Pelant. But my husband and I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. My fear was it was going to be Pelant somehow killing one of our own. But it turned out, Pelant was not who he said he was and was able to get out and extradited back to Egypt.


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Watch Weeds – It’s Time (Part 1 & Part 2, Series Finale) Online

It’s Time

It's Time s08e12 s08e13 finale Weeds capped eight seasons of messy drama with a flash-forward episode that allowed the Showtime series to neatly — perhaps a little too neatly — wrap its major characters’ storylines. The journey down mary jane lane managed to include a considerable amount of minor players, as well – some of them not seen since the show’s early seasons. But was the trip to the future a fitting end for such a hot mess of a heroine? You be the judge. Smoke ’em if you’ve got ’em, because here are the major points from “It’s Time.”

Nancy married the rabbi, and her name is now Nancy Bloom. She lives with her teenage son Stevie (guest star Mateus Ward), whom Rabbi David adopted (before his untimely death), in Old Sandwich, Connecticut at the Botwin compound. Marijuana is legal, and she owns several stores where she sells an elite brand of pot. Tim Scottson (guest star Daryl Sabbara) is her assistant.

At home, Nancy makes Stevie a plate of leftovers. He’s worried she’s going to flip out at him. She doesn’t. He asks if the party is still on. It is. He asks about Esteban and Nancy tells him. Maybe she should have told him before, but it’s easy to see how good intentions might have gone awry here. When is it a good time to tell your kid that his dad was a criminal who tried to kill the mother of his child? She opts not to tell him that part. Notice that Guillermo didn’t tell him that part either.

Nancy owns a chain of weed coffee shops. Silas (Hunter Parrish) is married to Megan (Shoshannah Stern) and they have a baby. Shane (Alexander Gould) is a bigger mess than ever. Nancy is a widow once again. Andy is gone for most of this episode, but he does show up and doesn’t give any real reason why he left Nancy with her pants down on a lawn in the middle of the night almost a decade before—perhaps because he finally got what he wanted and couldn’t cope.


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Watch Weeds – God Willing and the Creek Don’t Rise Online S08E11

God Willing and the Creek Don’t Rise

Weeds - God Willing and the Creek Don't Rise Online S08E11 Showtime’s “Weeds” is coming to an end and for Sunday night’s episode, titled “God Willing And The Creek Don’t Rise” it was a return to the Botwin’s roots. Nancy, Andy and Silas made their way back to where it all began. They ended up deciding to grow pot in their first home, Agrestic — now called Regrestic. How fitting.

Conrad’s enthusiasm at seeing Nancy was far more subdued than her (and our) delight at seeing him. That’s understandable, though. According to Conrad, he’d severed ties with Heylia’s operation and left the growing business entirely. He was engaged. He had a sweet house in the swanky Regrestic development, and he had no desire to get messed up with Nancy and the inevitable chaos that followed every scheme she devised. And no, he didn’t have any MILF seeds sitting around… except for the part where he totally did and it wasn’t even that hard for Nancy’s charm to work the truth out of him. Also: HI LUPITA! HI CRAZY PAM!

But things are different now for Nancy, as well. Looking to capitalize on the medical marijuana industry, Nancy’s business plan isn’t as half-baked as he thought. And before you know it, Conrad’s back in the fold and even Guillermo (Guillermo Diaz) learns to make nice when he starts seeing dollar signs.

It looks like Andy will finally be able to tear himself away from the clutches of the devil. After too much alcohol, Andy and Nancy take a walk to the exact place where Judah died. There, Andy tells Nancy how bad she is for him, something he’s said over and over. But the tone of his voice is different and he’s angry and drunk. Nancy sees this and tries to convince him to stay by giving him what he’s always wanted–her. But it isn’t enough because he still leaves. Somehow this is the best thing that he could have done. It’s too soon to tell if his leave if permanent, but seeing him walk away after sex was cruel to Nancy and validating to his character.


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Watch Weeds – Saplings Online S08E09


Weeds - Saplings S08E09 When a good ol’ boy from a Big Tobacco family came knocking on the Botwin family’s door, Nancy was surprised and a little concerned that he was looking for Silas and not her. Maybe some of RJ’s live-and-love philosophy rubbed off Silas, because watching his precious plant be beaten to a pulp and squeezed into a little pill last week was a little too much for his delicate sensibilities to take. It’s not what the drug is about, man. Weed is a beautiful thing, man. Get it, man?

It wasn’t that unexpected for Jill to leave. After last week’s realization that she’s entering menopause, and Andy’s insistence that he create a biological child of his own rather than adopt, there was little left for Jill at the Botwin house. Though her bonding with Nancy was sweet, Jill is a character tethered to any given situation only by her motherhood and a man. She has never known a life outside of the domestic. But we didn’t even get a proper goodbye, and instead her absence was explained away in brief dialogue. Goodbye Jill — we were really starting to enjoy your presence.

Nancy really wants to get Silas out of there, but he tells Nancy that he is really not happy at the pharmaceutical company. He was happy until he watched them destroy his plant to distill it into a pill. He grows a fun, illegal drug, not a medicine. He wants to get back to that. He wants Nancy’s support. Nancy runs into Crick’s dad. He’s on an oxygen tank and he and Crick haven’t talked in two years despite living together. She doesn’t want that for her and Silas. Silas agrees to grow for Crick, and they head home.

It makes sense for Silas to be talking to Big Tobacco—although I have questions about how exactly they found out about his prowess—but there’s no clear tie between Nancy’s storyline in the previous episode and this one. We last left Nancy faking a robbery, selling an entire batch of ADHD drugs at a college party with Jill, and then quizzing Stevie on his state capitals. When we pick things up in “Saplings,” Jill’s suddenly gone and we have no sense of Nancy’s future plans (and whether she has any plans to keep selling drugs illegally to make extra money). It’s like Nancy’s arc stopped entirely, allowing her to shift into a completely different role in Silas’ story.


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Watch Weeds – Five Miles From Yetzer Hara Online S08E08

Five Miles From Yetzer Hara

Weeds - Five Miles From Yetzer Hara Online S08E08Weeds has managed to bring back the uplifting vibe of earlier seasons in its closing act, and “Five Miles From Yetzer Hara” gave longtime fans hope that the series may indeed end on a positive note. The episode title references an old Hebrew tale that suggests God places man five miles from both perfection and perversion. Which will Nancy Botwin choose? The answer may surprise you!

We ended this episode with Nancy and Jill in business and in very good graces with each other. The former reconnected with her son, she made love to someone who actually wanted to look her in the eye, Andy realized he wants to have a child of his own. Is every loose end tied up? No, but that’s my issue with this final season: what loose ends are there?!?

I will admit my anger partly stems from the fact that I look like a fool for doubting that theory two weeks ago, and for not being more skeptical of the storyline in the past. However, putting aside that petty business, I’ve reached a point with the show that I want a clear sense of where things are headed to be able to gauge my expectations accordingly. This isn’t to say I want the show to be predictable, exactly, but my relationship with the show is tenuous enough after last season that to have the narrative completely overturned like this is more likely to elicit concern than excitement.

Of course, now instead of just Nancy breaking the law in Agrestic, it seems it may be both of them breaking the law in Old (New?) Sandwich. Which is full circle in a very interesting way. Instead of Nancy on her own, it’s a sister team now. And it makes me sad that the portrait of suburban housewives is that none of them stand a chance at making money or having happiness unless they mince the rules. (I mean, obviously I love this show, but I don’t like that message. Partly, because I’m worried some of it is true and I may end up in a similar spot someday!)


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Watch Weeds – Unfreeze Online S08E07


Weeds - Unfreeze Online S08E07

The show starts off with Nancy fixing some breakfast for Stevie when she finds that she is not appropriately dressed for work. She snags her sweater back from Jill when she learns that her sister is pregnant. She doesn’t appear to know what to make of the news and looks shocked.

At Smith Johnson Pharmaceutical, Nancy has been fast-tracked through the normal three-week orientation process and is assigned to make sales calls for Maritor immediately. Her mentor isn’t pleased that Nancy is already working on the marijuana pill and tells her that it’s not like she’ll be selling lipstick at Macy’s.

Nancy heads off to her first office to speak to Dr. Cornish, a stand-offish type who refuses to play ball with pharmaceutical sales reps like Nancy — he’s a man with a really strong moral compass (as indicated by his crappy old car parked next to the sleek, stylish sports cars of all the other docs in his building) until Nancy gets her paws on him. She buys him lunch, gets his car washed, and tries to talk shop in his car, but that aforementioned compass doesn’t so much inform her as it does turn her on in a way we’ve become very familiar with over the years. There’s no gray area when it comes to the men Nancy’s attracted to. It’s always either highly dangerous, immoral criminals or good men with strong morals and ethics. And depending on who she’s hopping in bed with each season, we’re able to suss out where Nancy’s head is at — and right now, she wants to be a good person. Someone should teach her that morality isn’t an STD.

This episode got even more career focused when Andy got a job at a synagogue. He is now a hebrew school teacher for snot nosed tweens. They complete dicks, but Andy knows just what to do. He scared the kids by locking the windows and doors and told them that they should be safe.


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Watch Weeds – Allosaurus Crush Castle Online S08E06

Allosaurus Crush Castle

Weeds - Allosaurus Crush Castle Online S08E06I find the events in “Allosaurus Crush Castle” to be illogical: Weeds has established enough of a slightly off-kilter version of our world that I take the notion of a pharmaceutical company experimenting with engineered marijuana at face value (and don’t doubt that it might be happening in the industry). Rather, though, I find the episode to be entirely too logical, contorting itself into a situation where Nancy and Silas’ respective roles in the “drug business” can be immediately and perfectly translated into the other drug business seemingly—and, given Nancy’s sleepover deal, literally—overnight.

Later she goes to a soccer match, where once again Stevie is really good, and the dads glare at her. She watches what looks like drug deals. It turns out that they kind of are. Terry (Kevin Sussman) works in Big Pharma. He’s passing out samples of his meds because the dads hate his kid for the exact opposite reason they hate Stevie. His kid is AWFUL. Trips over nothing awful. Nancy realizes that being a pharmaceutical rep would be the perfect fit for her. Terry watches their kids interact and invites his kid over to Nancy’s for a sleepover. It’s been a long time since he and his wife have been able to go on a date because their family has been blackballed by the nannies. If she’ll have him over, he’ll put in a good word for her at work.

But the biggest take away here is that I was wrong, and for a show like ‘Weeds,’ which has become woefully predictable with the cyclical nature of one Nancy Botwin, this is fabulous news. It seemed like ‘Weeds’ would end its final season without much changing for anyone, and it didn’t feel like Jenji Kohan & Co. were treating this final season like a legitimate farewell, but the wheels finally appear to be spinning.

Elsewhere, though, I simply don’t care about Jill or her pregnancy. It opens up Andy a bit, as his job search alone should be worth a few laughs. And his evolution into a responsible father figure seems like the proper final season journey for someone who has served in every capacity on this show except actual father. It’s just Jill. She’s never clicked for me and she’s been shoved down our throats this season.


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Watch Weeds – Red in Tooth and Claw Online S08E05

Red in Tooth and Claw

Weeds - Red in Tooth and Claw Online S08E05After last week Nancy showed us she can still use her talents when needed, in one of the better episodes this season, this week she has another chance to consider her choices, and a good enough motivation to return to her old position. This Week also brought us a much better version of the Andy-Jill story, that placed Doug in the middle and made Andy start believing in god.

Rather, I would argue it is about Nancy’s dependence on marijuana, rather than the series’, as best exemplified by the sixth season. Nancy spends that entire season desperately trying to reestablish her marijuana empire, unable to imagine any other future for herself, despite the fact that simply settling down and working in a hotel would be a perfectly viable—and much safer—way to earn a living.

Jill is repressing her emotional issues with Andy by extreme couponing, because this hodgepodge family is straight up broke. For Andy’s part, his method of dealing with this latest relationship hiccup is to be mysteriously summoned to the roller derby track by a naked woman who throws herself at him.

There’s also been Doug’s random Ambien addiction and, of course, Andy just having women throwing themselves his way left and right. The fact that he acknowledges this – in a monologue that ran for way, way, way too long – doesn’t change the fact that Weeds feels less like an organized show at the moment and more like a series of random events.


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