Watch Criminal Minds – The Fallen Online S08E07

Criminal Minds - The Fallen Criminal Minds season 8 continues with episode 7, “The Fallen.” It begins with a woman playing guitar on a bench and getting in the car of a man who tipped her decently. That is, of course, a mistake, and he stabs her. Rossi has turned in a new manuscript, but he still needs to write the dedication.

Three charred bodies have shown up on the Santa Monica Pier. Is the unsub burning the bodies to mask their identities or to eliminate evidence? That takes time, so they’re looking for a patient, organized unsub.

“You never find yourself until you face the truth.”

The unsub isn’t showing signs of remorse and wants to be noticed. Garcia does identify the woman as Lindsay, who had no job, was receiving little money from her mother, and had no local contacts. Her address turns out to be a mail center, news to her parents. Her mother tells Hotch she was performing on the pier, chasing her dream. She wants to know where she was living. The ME reports the victims were dead before being burned, and all died of exsanguination from stab wounds. It turns out Lindsay did spend some time at the local outreach center, where Rossi recognizes his former Marine Sergeant, Scott. Flashbacks show the two serving together in Vietnam, 1969, and after a brief conversation in the present, when Rossi goes to get his card, Scott’s gone when he turns back around.

A guy stops a man on the beach and asks if he wants his portrait done. That’s a big mistake, because he ends up with his head shaved and drowned in bleach. He’s found outside a shelter, and there are chemical burns. Scott yells out his name, and Rossi brings him over. Scott points out the last time he saw him, he was unconscious and on his way home. He brings up a PFC who was captured and held for three nights, left with no eyes, ears, or arms, but still alive. They were trying to scare him. That’s what’s going on here.


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Watch Supernatural – A Little Slice of Kevin Online S08E07

Supernatural - A Little Slice of Kevin There was a lot of awesome stuff in this episode. Sam was finally acting in character again, being caring and concerned about Dean. Purgatory is always kickass. Crowley is still the best bad guy ever. Cas is Cas again, and we even got to see his wings. I’m even more in love with Tiger Mom, she has the best arsenal of supersoakers, demon bombs, bucket traps and turkey basters. And last but not least, AMANDA TAPPING!

But Sam “leaving Dean for dead for a girl” isn’t just a storyline I don’t like. For me, as well as being an assassination of Sam’s character, it’s a betrayal of what this show stands for. Supernatural is about brothers who would die for each other, not brothers who would leave each other for dead. That relationship is the heart and soul of the show. It is not just Sam who is out of character, it is the whole show. So for me, Sam leaving Dean for dead taints the whole show.

I was enjoying this episode just fine, I was happy and relieved I was enjoying it, until the bigger picture reared its ugly head. You see, I knew showrunners Jeremy Carver and Robert Singer had said that basically they would level the playing field between Sam and Dean, that Sam could no longer be condemned for not looking for Dean once how Dean escaped from Purgatory comes to light.

Singer said: Dean “is keeping a secret about how he got out, and who he got out withAnd the fact that he’s being judgemental of him is probably not all that fair to Sam, given what Dean’s not saying.”

And Carver said: “Right now, Dean is piling on Sam somewhat. So what happens as these brothers start to discover more of what they’ve done in the past year, and might those tables turn, in terms of who has to answer for what? I think everybody will get their licks in. No one’s going to be a beaten dog for too long.”


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Watch Castle – Swan Song Online S05E07

Castle - Swan Song Our favorite couple came oh-so close to having their relationship outed to the one person who hasn’t figured it out yet in “Swan Song,” this week’s episode of Castle. For a woman who earned her way up the police chain of command, Captain Gates is kind of blind when it comes to Castle and Beckett. I mean, they’re not exactly being all that discreet around the station.

This week’s victim was a guitarist in a moderately successful band who happened to have a film crew tailing them for a documentary. Unfortunately, the murder was the only thing the crew couldn’t seem to catch on film, and it was up to our detectives to figure it out. But thanks to Gates wanting good PR for the department, the crew turned their band movie into a documentary chronicling the investigation.

Of course Beckett wasn’t comfortable in front of the camera, but Esposito went a little nuts under the lights. At first he was being kind of a big, goofy tool about the whole thing…busting out terrible and cheesy lines, showing off his body in tight shirts and trying to be bad-ass to the point of ridiculousness, but by the end he came around and showed the cameras the real Esposito, the guy who is a really great friend and partner to Ryan.


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Watch Gossip Girl – Monstrous Ball Online S06E05

Gossip Girl - Monstrous Ball Cotillion time rolled around again in “Monstrous Ball” this week’s episode of Gossip Girl, with darling Sage ready to make her debut into society. Although it seemed like she was willing to give Serena a chance last week, she must have just been having a good hair day. This week, she was determined to take Serena down, especially when she discovered that her father was going to pop the question.

What was a scheming little teen queen to do? Why, immediately run to the only woman in Manhattan who has a degree in messing with Serena van der Woodsen’s life. Blair was only too happy to help as long as Sage agreed to wear a Waldorf original at the ball; she even threw in an extra scheme wherein Lily expressed her doubts about the marriage and Steven was caught in a set-up that made it look like he was returning the ring.

But Blair had an attack of conscience and told Serena everything, even going so far as to warn her friend that Sage had something even more evil planned on her own. But even Blair couldn’t have guessed that Sage would broadcast the Dan/Serena sex tape that she stole from Georgina’s phone for everyone at the cotillion to see. Although the tape effectively ended three relationships (Serena and Steven, plus Sage and Nate when Nate realized he was dating a bratty little kid, not to mention Blair and Serena’s recently repaired friendship), something good did come out of it.

Just when it seemed like the writers were getting ready to yo-yo back to the ridiculousness of Blair and Dan, the sex tape came along and proved to Blair that Dan is worse than Chuck used to be, because at least Chuck has always been honest about who he is, even at his worst. Dan only pretended to be a good guy. The whole episode made it clear that Blair is right to wait for Chuck to take down Bart, even if that day seems so far out of reach now that Bart has Lily firmly on his side.


Watch The Simpsons – Gone Abie Gone Online S24E04

The Simpsons - Gone Abie Gone In this episode, Homer and Marge search for a missing Grandpa and I couldn’t help asking myself…wow, they really want to find him?

(Abe wins the giant couch/vehicle race in the opening sequence, though…)

Homer goes to a drive-thru, even though Marge has told him to eat healthier. The guy at the counter is overwhelmed, and ends up throwing hot onion rings into Homer’s window, burning him. Homer decides to sue, but his lawyer wants to “increase” the injuries. Krusty ends up paying five grand, even though it wasn’t even his restaurant. Homer puts the money in the bank (surprisingly), but Lenny and Carl warn him that banks aren’t as safe as they used to be. Moe recommends a poker website, which will “hold” the money without having to bet anything. Lisa is dismayed that her college fund is on a poker site, but oh well…this is Homer we’re talking about. At least there’s a college fund.

Marge reminds Homer he was supposed to visit his dad the day before. They head out to the retirement home, but Abe is missing! The staff seem unconcerned, saying they will find him in the spring…”there’s a lot of bobbers then.” Very reassuring.

Marge digs through Abe’s drawers looking for clues. She pulls out his army footlocker and finds a coaster for Spiro’s, where Grandpa had one of the best times of his life. Bart starts playing poker with Lisa’s college money…Lisa gets angry, but starts gambling herself. Homer and Marge visit Spiro’s, which is no longer a “fine dining establishment,” but a biker bar. The patrons start to attack, but the owner sees the picture of Abe and says that Abe used to work there. Abe used to write songs…but Homer doesn’t believe it. A famous female singer, Rita LeFleur, offered to sing one of Abe’s songs, but the owner shot him down and Abe left for good. Marge calls the singer, who says she MARRIED Abe Simpson. Um…say what? Guess Grandpa got around a bit.


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Watch Once Upon a Time – Child of the Moon Online S02E07

Once Upon a Time - Child of the Moon Generally, episodes of “Once Upon a Time” fall into two categories: those that propel the mythology forward in big ways (such as last week’s “Tallahassee”) and those that tread water by focusing more on character backstory, and/or form building blocks for the next mythology episode.

This week’s Ruby-centric outing, “Child of the Moon” fell into the latter category — not much was resolved or advanced, but it was clearly pushing things into place for next week’s dramatic-looking installment. That’s not a value judgment; every serialized story requires certain “filler” episodes to pace the story advancement over 22 weeks, and “Child of the Moon” did a fine job of making us root for Ruby/Red as we learned more about her troubled past.

Back in the Enchanted Forest of yesteryear, we picked up where “Red-Handed” left off, with Snow and Red on the run from the queen’s men and Red first getting to grips with her inner Big Bad Wolf after eating her adorable boyfriend Peter. After separating from Snow, she met up with a pack led by her long-lost mother Anita (Annabeth Gish), who wanted to teach her all about embracing her animal side instead of shying away from it.

The episode mostly served as a reminder that humans can be far more monstrous than any beast, as illustrated by the evil King George’s attempts to undermine Charming’s rule in Storybrooke, killing the innocent Billy (AKA Gus, Cinderella’s adorable mouse buddy) in an attempt to frame Red and make it look like Charming couldn’t protect the town. It’s a familiar message, given some of the awful things Cora, Rumple and Regina have done over the course of the show so far, but the theme of free will is especially important this season, with Ruby proving able to fight her darker impulses and make the right choices — something that Regina and Rumple are both struggling with this year.


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Watch Dexter – Chemistry Online S07E07

Watch Dexter - Chemistry Online S07E07 The seventh episode of Showtime’s “Dexter” for this season is titled “Chemistry” and Sunday night’s show starts with Dexter laying on his kill table, naked with Hannah. She climbs atop him and puts the knife to his throat. She asks if he does that to all of his women. Dexter doesn’t really have women, though, so he has no frame of reference. They wind up having sex again on the killing table.

Meanwhile, Debra is on a date with the crime writer, Sal Price. They’re doing a mix of flirting with discussion about Hannah and her family. Dexter drives Hannah back home.

Dexter: This can’t happen again.
Hannah: Which part? The horse tranquilizer?
Dexter: The sex part.
Hannah: Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.

She asks him if he’s still going to try and kill her, and he says no. She gives him a kiss on the cheek and leaves. As Dexter gets ready to go, he sees Price watching from his car. He knows Dexter covered up the blood evidence for Hannah, and he tries to get Dexter to go on the record with him. Dexter offers to give him Wayne Randall’s last words and thoughts instead, and Price says he’ll give it some thought.

LaGuerta talks to Debra about the Bay Harbor Butcher, and Deb says they may be sidetracked because they’re still trying to clear Sgt. Doakes, rather than just looking at the evidence.


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Watch Fringe – Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There Online S05E06

Fringe - Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There Of all the people best-equipped to deal with altered realities and venturing into them, you’d think that Walter Bishop would be at the top of most lists. But, as Friday’s Fringe demonstrated, things aren’t always as they seem… Here’re five questions about the wonderfully-titled “Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There”.

Who is Donald?
For the second time this season, we find out that someone called Donald – who Walter doesn’t remember, and the show seems suspiciously determined to hide from our view – helped Walter organize the plan against the Observers before the Fringe team was ambered. It’s clear that Walter’s identity is going to end up being something that’s important to the overall arc this season, which makes me wonder if we’ve already met Donald, in some other guise. My guess, based on little other than a suspicion that I’ll partially explain in a second? Donald is Captain Windmark. That’s why Windmark is so obsessed with capturing Walter, and yet can’t quite manage to do it…

Who is the “we” that helped Walter design the Pocket Universe? (And how did they do it?)
“We designed this for you,” VideoWalter said. But since when did Walter have the knowledge to construct alternate universes, never mind designing them so that they resembled Escher paintings? Was Donald part of the team…? Or was September, the Observer that crossed sides and teamed with the Fringe team at the end of last season, responsible? If that last option is the case – and it seems to be the most likely option at this point – then what else did he help Walter do before his disappearance?

Who is the child?
The questions of who the child Walter abandoned in the Pocket Universe was and why he needed to be hidden there were central to the episode, and left entirely unanswered purposefully. He was an apparently integral part of the plan to defeat the Observers, but why…? (Weirdly enough, the fact that he came from some Fringe case that Walter doesn’t remember struck me as odd, as well. Did the Fringe team have cases after the Observers invaded? Doesn’t that strike anyone else as weird?) Is he an empath, as Olivia assumed? Is he an Observer? Some kind of human/Observer hybrid? Either way, expect to see him again before too long, I suspect.


Watch Grimm – To Protect and Serve Man Online S02E11

Grimm - To Protect and Serve Man Hank takes center stage in this week’s episode of Grimm as he realizes a case he worked on in the past could have had Wesen involved. He asks Nick to poke around with him because the guy he arrested years ago is about to get the death penalty. As the two reviews the case and go over everything the suspect had said, they come to realize that the two brothers involved in the case were a type of Wesen known as Wendigo. These Wendigos are not the friendliest of the bunch as they are cannibals.

The guy being put on death penalty therefore should be released as he had killed one of the brothers in self-defense and not murder. But how do Hank and Nick clear his name before the death penalty is given to him in a matter of hours? Well, it wasn’t easy, but they had to find the remains (bones) of the Wendigo’s previous victims. Unfortunately, when Hank and Nick go back to where the brothers used to live, their house has been turned into a supermarket. The two of them initially wanted to look underneath the floors of the brother’s living room, but it’s going to be more difficult with the current situation.

Without a warrant to dig into the supermarket’s ground, Hank and Nick decide to take another approach to the matter. They decide to seek out the living location of the remaining brother to see if they can find clues there. When the two get to his house, no one is home, but the brother does return home eventually. Seeing Hank and Nick again (they met earlier at his work place), he goes into crazy overdrive. Hank and the brother get into a fight and in the end Hank is forced to shoot him in self-defense. After this incident, Hank was able to get the guy he arrested a retrial as new evidence (the bones in the ground of the supermarket) proves that he was justified to kill the already dead brother.


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Watch Last Resort – Another Fine Navy Day Online S01E06

Last Resort - Another Fine Navy Day Last Resort changed things up a bit with “Another Fine Navy Day,” by using Memento-like story telling. In the middle of the episode, it got a bit confusing, but it ended up working brilliantly and I loved it. It was particularly nice to see Sam and Christine together, even if their interactions were just hallucinations.

Up until now, the leadership of the USS Colorado has been focused on their own survival and that of their crew. The hallucinations provided them an outlet to focus on their own personal needs and feelings.

Sam desperately misses Christine and worries about what the separation will do to their relationship. They have no mean of communication. While he recorded her a taped message, he hasn’t heard back yet. (Check out our interview with Jessy Schram for more on that video.) They are isolated from each other. And, the photo of Christine and Paul didn’t help the situation.

Even more telling was that shocking final reveal that Sam was hallucinating that Sophie was Christine. Sure he was hallucinating, but for him to connect Sophie with his love for Christine showed his growing feelings for Sophie.

Marcus continues to struggle with the loss of his son. He has pushed his feelings deep inside, so he can lead the USS Colorado through this crisis, the pain is still there. I loved his hallucination of the carrots being crayons and then the bedtime story.

His loss is going to stick with him and if he doesn’t deal with it, it could prevent him from doing what’s right or necessary for his and the crew’s survival. His outburst at Curry during the negotiations could be tame compared to what could happen.


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