Modern Family – 5$ million per season each actor on season 4

According to a recent story on the British owned TV network website, the Modern Family adult stars reached a deal this week over their ongoing dispute for a raise. In turn, TV Guide reported that each of the adult cast members were earning a whopping $175,000 per episode; with a typical season generating 25 episodes for a take home pay of nearly $4.3 million for each Modern Family star. Add to that all those TV commercials featuring the show’s Sofia Vergara; and the Columbian American is one of the highest paid women on television. However, soon after ABC renewed Modern Family for a fourth season on May 10, some of the cast attempted to renegotiate their existing contracts “to obtain higher per-episode fees, stated a Hollywood Reporter story from July 24 titled: “Modern Family Cast Sues 20th TV as Contract Renegotiation Turns Ugly.”

In turn, five of the cast members – Ty Burrell, Julie Bowen, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet and Sofia Vergara – “retained the Quinn Emanuel law firm and sued 20th Century Fox Television in Los Angeles Superior Court on July 24.” The Hollywood Reporter also noted that while not part of the lawsuit, “Ed O’Neill – who had been earning more per episode than the other five adult stars – joined his fellow cast-mates in seeking raises for each to about $200,000 per episode.”

In turn, the lawsuit was settled this week with the adult cast members now getting a cool $5 million each for a season’s work on “Modern Family.”

Sofia Vergara, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet, Julie Bowen and Ty Burrell had filed a suit on Tuesday to void their contracts with 20th Century Fox. Co-star Ed O’Neill joined the case later in the week.


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Watch Futurama – Viva Mars Vegas Online S07E11

Viva Mars Vegas

Futurama - Viva Mars Vegas Online S07E11When Futurama is parodying a genre, it’s usually a mixed blessing. Its parodies are usually tight and pretty spot-on. The show’s writers almost always know how to make an exciting version of a genre, but that’s because they also stick pretty closely to formula, more intent on parodying the idea than in bringing something really revolutionary to it. In this, Futurama has replaced its forebear The Simpsons as the best spot for these things, playfully poking fun at movies and TV through reasonably good genre parodies that are good for quite a few laughs. But the downside of this is that unlike more ambitious science-fiction or emotionally charged episodes, they tend to be unmemorable.

So whats a guy to do when he gets all that cash?? Well go to Vegas!! Zoidberg does just that and soon enough moseys on over to the roulette table where he actually is up in the billions of dollars in winnings. Having said that, Zoidberg ends up losing everything but he has a good attitude about it and simply just walks away from the table. Back at home, the Robot Mafia is there waiting for Dr. Zoidberg and of course when the mafia get wind that the Dr. lost all of their money, they threaten immense physical harm of which Zoidberg reacts by covering himself in ink and taking off running.

Viva Mars Vegas” finds the entire Planet Express team off for a weekend getaway to Mars Vegas—all except Zoidberg, whom Amy disinvites because his absurd poverty means he simply can’t be trusted at a casino. His luck changes when the loot from the latest Robot Mafia heist literally falls into his lap, and he heads off to the Wong family’s casino to celebrate. After a crustacean-themed riff on “Big Spender” and Zoidberg managing to run his money up to over $10 billion, he predictably loses everything when he bets everything for the third time on 34 Red.

As Zoidberg prepares for that good, home cooked cry, the Robot Mafia are still engaged in a high-speed getaway and Joey Mousepad suggests ditching the loot in the nearby dumpster. You know, the one about 65 miles below and they almost crash into the Planet Express ship right before answering the doctor’s halted prayers by dropping the cash in his lap. At the same time, the Wongs are showing the rest of the crew their casino, where they win over a million dollars every hour, and talking about the Native Martians who are a proud and grouchy people who didn’t even have bingo parlours or prostitute choices before other species settled.


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Watch Suits – Asterisk Online S02E09


Suits - Asterisk Online S02E09 At the top of the season, Suits’ promos centered on the idea of civil war coming to Pearson Hardman. While that is certainly been the focus of the major plot this season so far, I should have known the show would have taken it a step further. In essence, civil war is merely internal strife resulting from two conflicting sides that cannot be rectified. In a lot of ways, that is exactly what every main character has been experiencing this season.

Harvey is still psuedo-stalking Donna, this time allegedly to bring her a bonus check that she doesn’t want. She’s still angry with him, especially when he gives her the mother of all puppy dog faces. “I am not in love with you, Harvey. I love you like a brother or a cousin,” she tells him. “I told her I can’t be me without you,” he retorts, which A) is a lie and B) would be an awesome line in a romantic comedy. An amused Donna agrees to come back under two conditions, the first of which is a replacement for the bonus check she just ripped up, and the second which isn’t yet revealed to the audience.

Donna makes her triumphant return to the firm and promptly fires her replacement, which is revealed as the second condition of her comeback. When Louis makes an attempt to apologize to her for how he treated her during the mock trial, Donna realizes from his wardrobe what’s happened, and she tells Jessica, who realizes that Hardman has bought Louis’ deciding vote and calls Hardman out on it. Not that Hardman cares.

Donna immediately goes to Jessica and tells her Louis was made Senior Partner. Donna is just that good – all from Louis’ suit. As per Norma, the suit was bought five years ago to be worn when Louis becomes Senior Partner. Daniel Hardman made Louis a Senior Partner so when the voting commenced, Hardman would edge out Jessica.


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Watch Perception – The Messenger Online S01E05

The Messenger

Perception - The Messenger Online S01E05 streamPerception continues with episode 5, “Messenger.” It begins with Daniel having the day off, only for Haley to call him in to accept an award that includes a check. It’s a big deal, and Daniel walks out. Haley follows, but Kate interrupts with a case. She only has her victim’s religious tattoos to go on and wants Haley to look at them because of his background. However, while Haley thinks Kate should look into local Hindu temples, it’s Daniel who’s right that she should look into methadone clinics. Jared’s mother says that he claimed to have found the voice of God and was getting clean.

Pierce’s break with reality noticeably paralleled that of the episode’s case focus on a young man named Kyle who could talk to God. Surprisingly, Pierce immediately jumped towards Temporal Lobe Epilepsy as the problem (the condition that has been said to have affected Joan of Arc) rather than spend the episode trying to figure it all out.

Meanwhile Pierce, who of course is a skeptic of everything religious, is having a hard time coming to terms with Kyle tuning into God radio. He asks the kid a few questions and diagnoses Kyle with a brain tumor that is pressing on one of his temporal lobes. Kyle’s parents are all for running some tests, but Kyle refuses because removing the tumor will cut off his connection with God. He and Pierce have what is actually a pretty great conversation where Pierce struggles to understand how Kyle can be so smart, but still put all his blind faith in something he can’t see.

Daniel talks to Kyle alone and finds out God first started talking to him when he was 12 and he gets headaches and feels nauseated. Daniel explains these are signs of temporal lobe epilepsy and he has a tumor. He wants to run tests, but Kyle thinks God gave it to him so he could talk to him. He refuses to get rid of it, and his parents aren’t going to force him to.


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Watch Teen Wolf – Battlefield Online S02E11


Teen Wolf - Battlefield Online S02E11 ipad MTVFighting. Existential angst. Shirtlessness. Psychotic rage. Lacrosse. “Battlefield” had it all. Relive it with this Teen Wolf review. Morell, which illustrates the fact that he’s pretty close to a stress induced mental breakdown and acts as a handy recap for the audience. Matt’s body was found, Stiles’ dad got his job back for uncovering Matt as the killer, the fact that almost drowning when you’re nine is not a good reason to go on a killing spree is acknowledged, Allison still isn’t talking to Scott because of her all consuming rage, Scott’s mom still isn’t talking to him because of his wolfish tendencies, Boyd, Erica, and Issac are missing, and also there’s a lacrosse game coming up. Someone give Stiles some relaxing breathing exercises.

Stiles himself seems hard-pressed to understand why he’s having this conversation, saying of Matt, “Just because a bunch of dumbasses dragged him into a pool when he couldn’t swim doesn’t give him the right to kill them, one by one.”

Still, that’s a big game, and when Jackson shows up for practice (at the behest of his new master Gerard), it’s a sign for Scott and Stiles to show back up, too, if only to keep an eye on Jackson. Turns out, Gerard’s got quite the potent weapon in Jackson the kanima, and if you thought Scott was in his pocket before, it’s even worse now that Gerard’s got real leverage. All he has to do is speak and the kanima will kill whoever: Scott’s mom, Stiles, Stiles’ dad, Lydia, Danny… you name it, Jackson Lizard can kill them. You see, the kanima is a creature of vengeance, and with Matt’s task incomplete, that leaves Gerard as the most vengeful person in Beacon Hills. Gerard wants Derek Hale dead, and if Scott won’t help voluntarily, Gerard will make him help.

There is panic. There is running and screaming and falling. The lights come back, and Jackson is in the middle of the field, bloody and not breathing. His wounds seem to be self-inflicted. As Melissa and Lydia begin CPR, Sheriff Stilinsky (yep, he got reinstated) realizes Stiles is missing.


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Watch Falling Skies – Death March Online S02E08

Death March

Falling Skies - Death March Online S02E08The road is dark and full of terrors. Yes that is a re-take on the quote from Game of Thrones, but I think it fits the title ‘death march’. The 2nd mass is marching blinding to a promised safe zone without any decent intel.

Honest question: with the Second Mass driving its way down south to the promised security and comfort of Charlotte, what’s stopping the presumably very ticked-off aliens from blasting the convoy off the road with their fliers? After the violently effective episode “Molon Labe,” it’s hard to imagine the invaders bringing all of their resources to bar to take down the Massachusetts survivors.

Murphy’s Law struck in a couple of places: Hal, Maggie and Pope got a busted radiator hose (of course) and the rest of the caravan was attacked by the sibling of a harnessed girl that they picked up, because apparently nobody has learned their lesson yet about picking up harnessed kids.

“Death March” is the first episode in a while where it feels like this is a group of people on the move, with the resistance convoy now less than 200 miles from the supposed promised land of Charleston. As such, most of the action is spent in the confines of the various vehicles, where its characters are forced into conversations that are much more loaded than the involved parties would like. And there are definitely some good moments scattered across those vehicles, even if plenty of them feel like the show’s as tired of being on the road as its characters are.


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Watch White Collar – Diminishing Returns Online S04E03

Diminishing Returns

White Collar - Diminishing Returns Online S04E03

Tonight’s episode of White Collar, called “Diminishing Returns” would be high on the list because boy did they pull off a doozy in the last few minutes. But let’s start with the beginning of the episode, shall we?

It’s clear that this season will be about discovery of Neal’s past and we begin to get that in this episode. But the highlight was really Peter undercover and disobeying orders (for the most part). It takes three episodes in, but Neal is finally back at his old desk, clean shaven and in a suit again. It’s nice to have you back. Too bad Peter is not there as well, but Peter takes it all in stride even if it kind of sucks.

Luckily we have some sneak peeks of tonight’s episode “Diminishing Returns” and these show that even when Peter isn’t officially working with Neal, he can be coerced into helping with a case, especially when that case is an old one of Peter’s. They are tracking David Cook (Michael Weston); a brilliant thief who has eluded the FBI for years and this might be the one chance they have to catch him. As this was Peter’s case, he is the expert and he can play an essential role, but will he get caught disobeying orders again? Before the season started Matt Bomer explained that there are moments where Peter “swings further to Neal’s side than he’s ever swung before” and this could be one of them.

Not only was Neal a fresh pair of gorgeous eyes with which to see the case, but he was determined to solve it on Peter’s behalf because it was important to him. The gesture only solidifies their relationship as one of mutual respect and genuine manly affection—almost father/son.


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Watch Weeds – A Beam of Sunshine Online S08E02

A Beam of Sunshine

Weeds - A Beam of Sunshine Online S08E02‘Weeds‘ continues to re-shape Nancy, using the bullet in her head as a soft reset button, allowing the Botwin family to change course. But after 77 days in the hospital, is Nancy really ready to change? And will her family go along with her? At the end of last episode, Nancy looked to be heading towards the grave, and for a moment I really thought they were going to do it. Without Nancy in their lives, all the boys that orbit her would have not only a chance to go off and do their own thing like they’ve all at times wanted to, but also a chance to realize who they are outside of defining themselves by their relationship with Nancy.

If you’ve ever been in a hospital, you know that once you are conscious and awake, the only place you really want to be is home. Nancy Botwin is no stranger to this feeling. Once she can climb a flight of stairs without running out of breath she will be allowed to go home! On her first attempt she makes it half way and gives up. With Shane by her side, she knows she can make it all the way soon.

Shane wants to concentrate on finding the shooter, but his mother is not interested. As the episode goes on, it becomes more and more obvious that Nancy’s had a complete change of character. She becomes distressed by the drug dealing clown that sells steeply marked up goods to cancer patients at the hospital, asking Shane if she was once like that. For the first time in the entirety of the show, we hear Nancy utter the words we never thought we’d hear: “I think I was a bad person. I don’t want to be like that anymore”. I forgot I was watching Weeds for a moment and thought this meant she would never be dealing drugs again, but just ten minutes later, I realized what she meant was that she wouldn’t be charging for drugs anymore. Silly me.

It turns out, a bullet will change Nancy Botwin. She no longer wants to be a “bad person.” She wants the Botwins to smile more often and be happy. So she takes it upon herself to act like the caretaker of the sick and dying at the hospital. She even tells Silas that the drugs are free for all the patients. While that can’t be good for business, it’s nice to see that Nancy can still surprise us.


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Watch Falling Skies – Love and Other Acts of Courage Online S02E05

Love and Other Acts of Courage

Falling Skies - Love and Other Acts of Courage Online S02E05In this Falling Skies episode, the leaders of the 2nd Mass receive new information that could drastically improve the human resistance’s odds of defeating the alien invaders. However, the revelation could actually be an elaborate trap set by the aliens themselves. Hal and Ben take center stage in this episode, as Hal finally makes a move on Maggie and Ben reveals his recent communications with one skitter in particular. The revelation in “Love and Other Acts of Courage” makes it a key episode in which progress is finally made in the battle against the invading alien forces.

Read on for your in-depth recap of everything you need to know about ‘Falling Skies’ season 2 episode 5, “Love and Other Acts of Courage!” It’s an eerie sight early one morning, as a number of Skitters perch themselves atop a building, and howl at the sky with arms outstretched, including the Red-Eye. Also joining them on a nearby roof, glowing spikes and all, is young Ben!

With the blossoming romance between Tom (Noah Wyle) and Anne (Moon Bloodgood), not to mention the constant “we’re just partners” kind of flirtation going on between Hal (Drew Roy) and Maggie (Sarah Carter), one could say the human race doesn’t let something like their pending extinction or enslavement stand in the way of having a good time.

Amongst the rubble, a half-dead Rick is found buried under one of the Skitters. When he comes to, he is disoriented and convinces the team that he knows the whereabouts of Ben and will take them to him. When the crew find Ben, he is protecting a Skitter that Tom is quite familiar with. This particular alien was amongst those that interrogated Tom when he was kidnapped last season. According to Ben, this Skitter is a good guy. Rather than killing the creature, they take him in.


Watch True Blood – We’ll Meet Again Online S05E04

We’ll Meet Again

True Blood - We'll Meet Again Online S05E04As we promised, True Blood’s “We’ll Meet Again” was full of shockers for Bon Temps’ supernatural residents — and even its few remaining mortals too. I haven’t really been loving True Blood that much this season, but I was happier with this episode because of the final moments . . . and that long-awaited kiss. Let’s get to the best and worst parts of the episode after the jump.

If you hadn’t already guessed, Tara isn’t vampire goo. For making such a drastic leap with her, the show’s writers have yet to do anything truly interesting with the character. Tara finally changes her clothes, and like many of the others, voices her disdain for Sookie’s knack for survival. “She’s always safe,” says Tara. “There’s always some fool that will take a bullet for her.” And though Tara is unknowingly leading the hate-train, it’s not a totally unforeseen remark by Sookie’s former best friend. After all, angry Tara is angry.

But after being treated to two flashbacks’ worth of Pam crying bloody tears over her remembered origins, we know she’s got a heart hidden somewhere under her pink velour sweatsuit, and lo and behold, it makes an appearance again in this episode; after sobbing her way through a confrontation with Eric over the whereabouts of one Russell Edgington, she calls his bluff. If he doesn’t trust her, she says, “then release me and get it over with.”

Even if we do get tired of her, drunk Sookie, newly dubbed “the Angel of Death,” was a refreshing part of this episode. In true “Gossip Girl” fashion, Sookie gets to link up with yet another unattached gentleman on this show now that she’s done with Bill and Eric, but this particular match felt overdue so we were OK with it. And look, Bill’s taking a page out of Edward Cullen’s book and watching creepily outside the window.