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Terra Nova - WithinTerra Nova is ramping up to what should be an exciting conclusion. “Within” resolves Skye’s spy arc while also setting the table for the two-hour finale next week.  “Within” was the third straight episode in which I have more positive things to say than negative ones. Sure, that may be because the problems with each outing tend to be similar week in and week out, and nobody would want to read about that time and time again, but if Terra Nova gets a second season by FOX, I think it’s heading in a decent direction.

Even though this series is only ten episodes old, I’m already feeling completely fed up with this mole story line. After finding out the identity of the mole, it always makes you pay extra close attention to that character since you now know they have an ulterior motive, and Skye has been written very poorly in that regard. Why is it that the only time that Skye has ever acted cagey or suspicious is as soon as we know that she’s a mole? She wasn’t being all mysterious and asking Josh to lie for her before we found out she’s dirty, but now that we know about it she’s acting so incredibly obvious.

The biggest problem with this episode is that it’s basically a retread of the last outing. That one dealt entirely with Skye’s role as a spy and the majority of this episode treads that exact same ground, giving us no new information about Skye and her mother’s plight or any deeper emotional connection to the characters. All I could ask myself during this episode was why the writers decided that we had to have another full hour devoted to this story. It’s the same miscalculation the writers have made all season, they keep focusing on situations that require an emotional connection to the characters to work, but they have utterly failed to create any characters worth caring about so the stories can’t help but fall flat on their face.


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