Watch Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia – The High School Reunion Online S07E12

The High School Reunion

Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia - The High School Reunion OnlineThe first part of “High School Reunion” did not disappoint. After all, when you take an event that is already prime for awkward moments and throw the gang in the mix you know that you are in for lots of laughs, revelations and a bit of FACE! In the first half of the “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” Season 7 finale, the gang heads to their high school reunion. Although there were plenty of familiar names and faces and some good moments, the episode wasn’t up to the level that I expect from “Sunny” – especially for a season-ender. Hopefully, the second half will wrap up this season in the proper demented and darkly funny fashion.

In addition to perennial punching bags Rickety Cricket and the Waitress, we also got Dennis’ ex-wife, Deadtooth Maureen, and the Waitress’ one-time fiance, Brad Fisher (last seen receiving a box of hornets from Charlie). We’ve learned to expect the former two to show up at these things, and I suppose it was only logical for the latter two to be there since it’s already been established that the gang knew them from high school, so I’ll give the episode a pass for now for not doing much with them besides reminding us of the central jokes of their respective past episodes. Also, the Kings of Leon were there.

Speaking of teeth, Dennis’ ex-wife, Maureen, made an appearance and it seemed just to antagonize Dennis and disgust Frank. The stench of a dead tooth must have been pretty intense to make even Frank run away. Dennis again slayed me with his out of control haughtiness. Really, Dennis? Because it seemed like no one could stand you back in the day.


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