Watch The Last Ship S03E02: Rising Sun Online

The Last Ship - Rising Sun

Chandler should discover a strategy to return to his previous crew and examine a harmful new foe.


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The Last Ship S02E12 stream – Cry Havoc

The Last Ship - Cry Havoc

After retrieving the mastermind behind the Immune communications network, Nathan James finds itself trapped between the sub and civilian blockades set up by the Immunes. Chandler sends Dr. Scott and the cure off the ship under the protection of XO Slattery as the James heads towards its inevitable final showdown with the sub.


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The Last Ship S02E07 stream – Alone and Unafraid

The Last Ship - Alone and Unafraid

Slattery finds it hard to evade the sub. Chandler and the land team manage to infiltrate the immune compound.


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The Last Ship S02E05:Achilles

The Last Ship - Achilles

With a small group of survivors from Solace in tow, Chandler and his crew square off against an enemy of the most dangerous kind – a nuclear-powered submarine led by rogue British naval officers, Sean and Ned Ramsey. XO Slattery interrogates a captured mercenary from the hospital ship in an effort to extract information on the sub and its mission. As Nathan James engages in a perilous game of cat-and- mouse, the truth about the mercenary sub unfolds.


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Watch The Last Ship – Trials Online S01E09

The Last Ship - Trials

Rachel and Chandler seek volunteers for the human trials of her vaccine; Chandler’s wife and father try to keep their family alive.

Watch The.Last.Ship.S01E09.720p.HDTV.x264-REMARKABLE.mkv here

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