Modern Family S07E05: The Verdict Online

Modern Family - The Verdict

Claire is excited to give Haley and Alex a great experience for Bring Your Daughter to Work Day but the staff is not making it easy, and Phil takes Luke and Manny’s class out for community service day, which becomes a teachable moment in more ways than one. Elsewhere, Gloria is thrilled to be on jury duty leaving Jay to help out at Joe’s pre-school and he is not happy about it at all. Cam and Mitch disagree over which of their friends to invite to their party, so could Gloria help mediate?


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Watch South Park – You’re Not Yelping Online S19E04

South Park - You're Not Yelping

Cartman considers himself the top on-line restaurant reviewer in South Park.


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Watch Chopped – Bizarre Battle Online S24E11

Chopped - Bizarre Battle

The chefs are shocked to find out that in this special episode, bizarre foods will be found in all the baskets. In the first round, a strange bird part and a stinky young fruit are two of the surprises in the baskets. Then the three chefs who get a shot at the entree round must turn some very hot candies and some ugly offal into beautiful, balanced dishes. And something purple and something fermented make for a very difficult dessert round.


Watch Online NCIS: Los Angeles: Command & Control (S07E04)

NCIS: Los Angeles - Command & Control

Callen and Sam are forced to work on their day off when they mysteriously receive a cell phone and the caller threatens the lives of innocent people if they don’t do exactly what he says.


The Originals S03E01:For the Next Millennium

The Originals - For the Next Millennium

Months following their violent and deadly showdown with the powerful witch Dahlia, a rift continues to divide brothers Klaus and Elijah, while Freya searches for a way to heal their fractured bond and return their family to the way they once were. Meanwhile, Klaus’ suspicion piques when he learns that an old vampire friend named Lucien has arrived to New Orleans with a mysterious agenda involving the Mikaelson’s remaining sire lines. Elsewhere, Elijah questions whether he can truly forgive his brother for his mounting offenses, while Hayley struggles with being cursed to her wolf form in the bayou. In the French Quarter, Vincent and Cami assist Detective Kinney after a series of gruesome discoveries are made, leading them to believe they may have a serial killer on the loose. Finally, Marcel, who has regained control of the French Quarter once again, tries a new strategy to recruit vampires, while Davina, who is now Regent to the New Orleans witches, makes a decision that will find her and Marcel on opposite sides of an escalating conflict.


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How to Get Away with Murder S02E03 stream – It’s Called the Octopus

How to Get Away with Murder - It's Called the Octopus

When Annalise takes on a new client, the team must investigate a very high end sex club to get answers. Meanwhile, Annalise is still representing the siblings accused of killing their parents, but the case takes a turn for the worse when a new motive surfaces, and Wes teams up with an unexpected ally.

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Dual Survival S06E02 stream – Fractured Journey

Dual Survival - Fractured Journey

Matt and Joe take on one of the most common and deadly scenarios in the wilderness: an injury that requires medical intervention. Caught in a thick jungle, this worst-case becomes a test of will in the struggle to get out alive.


Watch Online The Mysteries of Laura: The Mystery of the Locked Box (S02E03)

The Mysteries of Laura - The Mystery of the Locked Box

When a technology wunderkind is murdered in a seemingly impenetrable high-security building, Laura and team must unravel the puzzling murder before someone steals the victim’s billion-dollar ideas.


Watch Online Black-ish: Dr. Hell No (S02E03)

Black-ish - Dr. Hell No

After Dre gets his yearly physical and comes home traumatized, Pops explains his generation’s strong aversion towards healthcare and admits that he hasn’t seen a doctor in years. Shocked by this disclosure, Dre and Bow try to convince Pops to get a check-up and he begrudgingly agrees. When Pops finds out he has a clogged artery and needs a small procedure, the rest of The Johnson family handles the news in different ways.


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Below Deck S03E07 stream – Storm’s a Comin’

Below Deck - Storm's a Comin'

Emile is miffed when Rocky spells out the status of their relationship in a public way. The charter guests, a preppy brother and sister, request an elaborate multi-course tasting menu, but Leon’s failure to order provisions in time puts the meal, and the crew’s tip, in jeopardy. Dane’s professional and personal issues cause his crewmates to become very alarmed. A freak storm creates chaos for the crew and the guests, but the storm brewing between Kate and Leon could be the real disaster.