Watch Online Bones: The Puzzler in the Pit (S10E08)

Bones - The Puzzler in the Pit

The team are called in after a crossword puzzle master is discovered in an urban fracking site.

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Watch Bones – The But In The Joke Online S08E08

Bones - The But In The Joke
It’s never a dull moment for the team at the Jeffersonian and this week’s episode proves just that. Monday’s episode, entitled “The But in the Joke,” finds Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and Booth (David Boreanaz) investigating the remains that end up stuck to an infamous street artist when he falls from a billboard.

The season’s eighth episode kicks off with Brennan and Booth trying to figure out how a street vandal ends up super glued to decomposed remains. The duo decides to send the remains and the vandal, who turns out to be famed graffiti artist Seth Zolinksi (Jay Paulson), back to the Jeffersonian to be unglued. After spotting an arrow coming out of the victim’s head, Brennan says that the preliminary cause of death is blunt force trauma.

Back at the Jeffersonian, x-ray results reveal that the arrow didn’t in fact pierce the victim’s head but was instead a comedian’s gag. The victim is identified as a male in his early 30s who has undergone a neck operation. By finding the doctor who performed the surgery, the team uncovers the victim’s identity-Morgan Delaney, who works at a company called Telecom during the day and as a stand-up comedian at night.

In order to unglue Delaney and Zalinsky, who goes by his alter ego street name of Zed, Hodgins (TJ Thyne) asks his wife Angela (Michaela Conlin) for her secret stash of peanut butter. Hodgin plans to use the peanut butter to break down the adhesive and save Zalinsky’s skin. However, in getting the peanut butter from Angela, Hodgins discovers that his wife isn’t as happy as he thought she was.


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Watch Bones – The Patriot in Purgatory Online S08E06

Bones - The Patriot in Purgatory Tonight started out with the kind of snarky humor Bones fans love. Bones decides she is going to teach her staff of interns the meaning of teamwork.

Inspired by Booth’s love of basketball, she gives the team the task of identifying as many people as possible in the collection of unknown remains inside the Jeffersonian, cleverly nicknamed “Purgatory.”

Bones has decided to play a “game” with her interns and charges them with working together to bring closure to as many families as possible. It was a lot of fun seeing all of them in the same episode tonight.

Regular guest stars Eugene Byrd as Dr. Clark Edison, Pej Vahdat as Arastoo Vaziri, Michael Grant Terry as Wendell Bray, Luke Kleintank as Finn Abernathy, and my personal favorite, Joel David Moore as Colin Fisher, are usually each featured in their own episode.

But in a very special Bones, which served as a remembrance of Veteran’s Day, each star came together to solve a very mysterious death.


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Watch Bones – The Tiger in the Tale Online S08E04

Bones - The Tiger in the Tale Online S08E04 In the fourth episode of Bones Season 8, “The Tiger in the Tale” Brennan weighs the pros and cons of running for president, Sweets & Daisy aren’t on the same page in their relationship, and the Jeffersonian team solve another murder mystery.

The “Bones” case this week started off gross, with part of the victim’s face ending up on a guy’s shirt and in his mouth after his car got stuck in the mud—and the victim. They were able to figure out who their victim was after they went to the fairgrounds, where day laborers competed for minimum wage jobs. With so few jobs available, they considered that as a motive. The victim’s ex, Marcy, had filed a restraining order, and Mike, her new man, said he kept coming around. They lawyered up.

Because they weren’t all that overwhelming, I didn’t get annoyed by the messages, but started to appreciate them after a while. They gave us a few moments where we were forced to look at the way things are in our country these days, but without getting all preachy. I especially found the scene where the fairground owner pointed out how he only had jobs for two people when there were twenty needing work very poignant. I’m also not afraid to admit that I also got a bit choked up when Brennan found the tiger. Those were two very tough issues and they handled quite well in this episode.

The events that led she and Booth (David Boreanaz) to the tiger came about in typical Bones fashion, and while it seems as if every dead body this year has been especially gory, it’s hard to argue that the skin being peeled off the victim’s face by a tire and splattered onto a man’s shirt doesn’t rank among the grossest of the gross. The most disgusting evidence retrieval method award was also earned here when Brennan whips out a bottle of ipecac and proceeds to make a witness throw up the victim’s tooth. Who knew people carried ipecac outside of Anne of Green Gables?


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Watch Bones – The Future in the Past Online S08E01

The Future in the Past

Bones - The Future in the Past Online S08E01 “Bones” Season 8 premiere, titled “The Future in the Past” opens to a touching mother-daughter scene that develops “three months later” following Tempe’s escape. Temperance, Christine and Max are in an idyllic and picturesque location, getting ready for their next trip.

As Booth said when he saw Brennan a brunette again, “Bones is back!” and there’s a lot to talk about. First of all, let’s address Pelant’s storyline. The hacker has been a worthy adversary for the team and Booth, but no one can get away with going after one of their own. In the end, it was only fitting they took him down the way he did. Brennan had to be the one to do it, and they had to have that moment of celebration that they did before it all came crashing down. They may have nailed his guidance counselor’s murder on him—and even Pelant can’t erase his writing style—but at the same time, didn’t that even seem a bit too easy with everything else?

Let’s get right into with Pelant. I love the episodes revolving around his character and Andrew Leeds is brilliant in the part. I love psychological killers. Nothing scares me more than really intelligent people who can think 10 steps ahead of everyone else and are so sinister and take so much pleasure in toying with people’s heads. That’s Pelant. Especially since Brennan is as smart as she is and Pelant has been playing her like a fiddle. Bones and Hart Hanson have done a fantastic job with this arc. I’m not going to lie, I was slightly upset when they captured him (for a few reasons) because I thought that was the end of Pelant. But my husband and I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. My fear was it was going to be Pelant somehow killing one of our own. But it turned out, Pelant was not who he said he was and was able to get out and extradited back to Egypt.


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Watch Bones – The Twist in the Twister Online S07E05

The Twist in the Twister

Bones - The Twist in the TwisterIn this episode of Bones, titled “The Twist in the Twister”, the team comes across a body that has been sucked up into a tornado. This leads to some fun moments, such as when Bones, Booth and Sweets end up nearly getting sucked up into another tornado themselves. Skeletal remains are found by two women working at a summer camp. Bones finds dozens of fractures other than the obvious stab wound on the 30-something male. At the lab, Hodgins discovers that the victim died 5 weeks before. Fisher finds evidence that the victim was killed before being crushed by a tornado, which caused the fractures and stab wound. Hodgins finds paint flecks on the wounds. Angela’s reconstruction identifies the victim as Scott Braley.

While this episode wasn’t anywhere near as emotionally powerful as the last one, you still gave us plenty of good food for thought. Don’t think we didn’t pick up on all the lying going on: Booth (David Boreanaz) lies to Brennan (Emily Deschanel); Angela (Michaela Conlin) and Hodgins (TJ Thyne) lie to Billy Gibbons; and the murderer lies about being at the murder scene. The murderer we get because they always lie, but for a show with a team whose job is to find the truth they’re kind of living a double standard. Guess House is right. Everybody lies. Kudos for recycling Buck and Wanda Moosejaw’s trailer and giving it some action sequences. Bonus points for the continuity shout-out to Mr. Vincent Nigel-Murray (Ryan Cartwright); may he rest in peace. Also, it’s nice to see that the Avatar/Windows/Mac/Prius money is being put to good use in the tornado scene; though would it’ve been that hard to throw in just one cow?


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Watch Bones – The Male in the Mail Online S07E04

The Male in the Mail

Bones - The Male in the MailNow armed with all a latest info, Booth brings cuckolded Hugh in for questioning.  But Hugh, as it turns out, has consecrated a really same curmudgeonly counsel defended by Sheila.  (Gee, who would have thought?)  That’s okay, though, since Booth doesn’t indeed have any questions.  He tosses an intent to Hugh, who catches it with catlike reflexes…and also with his left hand.  Jeez…at this point, a killer could be anyone!

Mr Edison is back as our intern of the week, and I found him quite humorous as he tries to deal with a pregnant boss. So as far as the dead body goes, I’ve seen grosser ones but this was kind of cool how it was all packaged into a small box. I actually enjoy seeing just how icky and gross they can get on these things. I still think the death of the Gravedigger was the total Best!!!

The Victim: Lawrence Oliver — a male in his early 20s and a former employee of a Print-n-Ship office. He is described by his co-workers as a goody-two-shoes, annoyingly anti-drugs, and not into gambling. His former coworkers went in together on a lottery ticket and won the big jackpot. When FBI Agent Shaw finds out that the lottery ticket’s winning numbers included a lot of Lawrence’s personal information, the team wonders if Lawrence did participate, only to be killed for his share of the money. His remains were shipped to an untraceable location with an untraceable location as the return address — making their destination automatically the “dead letter office.”


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Watch Bones – The Prince in the Plastic Online S07E03

The Prince in the Plastic

Bones - The Prince in the PlasticWell Bones, you’re three for three, sort of. “The Prince in the Plastic” isn’t quite as phenomenal as the two preceding episodes, but it’s still great. The case, a big-time executive at a toy company is found murdered with a valuable doll in her possession, is interesting and helps drive the story forward. Morgan Fairchild as Bianca Chiverton, the head of the toy company is great casting, but she doesn’t overpower anyone or take away from the episode. There are great moments between all of my favorite characters, but this week’s squintern almost ruined this episode for me. You know, I’ve been sort of casually wondering to myself what was going to happen when Bones (and Emily) went on maternity leave and I think I got my answer in this episode. I was a little puzzled at first when Sweets kept trying so hard to get a gun, I mean I liked the idea but I couldn’t imagine why he would really need it. Then of course it hit me – Sweets is obviously going to be Booth’s new partner.

The investigation itself was not particularly captivating for the third straight week – it’s been awhile since the killer wasn’t plainly obvious and almost an afterthought – but it was all about the symbolism. Brennan grappled with what is becoming her weekly obstacle on the road to motherhood. We hope you’re sitting down for this, but – wait for it – Temperance is not the “playing” type as a youngster. Listening to her state matter-of-factly that this allowed her to focus on science was vintage Brennan, as if there were no other option. Also classic? Her first attempt at playing with the dismembered doll.

This last will strike a chord with almost everyone, since even childless people have dealt with this at some point. Conlin plays the normally gentle Angela’s rising rage wonderfully. As to the main storyline, writer Dean Lapata and the production design team have some fun with the toys in development. Brennan does seem a bit denser than usual or necessary – surely even she has heard of teddy bears – but much of this is still amusing. Morgan Fairchild guest stars as the head of the toy company, looking great while playing smoothly professional.


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