Castle S08E04 stream – What Lies Beneath…

Castle - What Lies Beneath...

Castle is determined to figure out who murdered his idol, a reclusive author, but the truth seems to be stranger than fiction.


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Watch American Horror Story – Checking In Online S05E01

American Horror Story - Checking In

Detective and family man John Lowe investigates a chain of gruesome murders in Los Angeles. A mysterious tip points him to the enigmatic Hotel Cortez.


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The Muppets S01E03:Bear Left Then Bear Write

The Muppets - Bear Left Then Bear Write

Fozzie takes things a little too far when Kermit offers him advice and Nick Offerman steps in to help the gang. Meanwhile, Christina Applegate guests on Up Late,? and brings Miss Piggy a sweet surprise that doesn’t go over well and Pepe, Rizzo and Liam Hemsworth try to help Gonzo out with his online dating situation.


Grandfathered S01E02 stream – Dad Face

Grandfathered - Dad Face

While Jimmy struggles to adjust to his newfound family, Gerald surprises him with plans for the family’s first trip to the beach, which excites everyone ? except Jimmy. When he decides to bail on the outing in favor of a glamorous pool party nearby, he drags Gerald along, leaving Vanessa and Sara with a chance to get to know one another, for better or for worse.


Watch Online NCIS: Incognito (S13E03)

NCIS - Incognito

After a Marine is found murdered in Quantico hours after calling Gibbs to discuss a possible case, Bishop and McGee go undercover as a married couple to run surveillance on a Marine Lieutenant and his wife.


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iZombie S02E01:Grumpy Old Liv

iZombie - Grumpy Old Liv

Liv consumes the brains of a cantankerous old man to help gain insight into his death. After receiving an anonymous call on the tipster hotline, Liv and Detective Babineax stop by the residence of Byron Thistlewaite, to question the mysterious caller. Meanwhile, Ravi suspects that Major might be experiencing a side effect of the cure, and Liv pays Blaine a surprise visit.


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Watch Online Singing in the Rainforest: Scouting for Girls in Papua New Guinea (S01E04)

Singing in the Rainforest - Scouting for Girls in Papua New Guinea

The experiment in the universality of music continues. Platinum-selling indie band Scouting for Girls travel to Papua New Guinea to live and work with the remote Huli wigmen.

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Watch Online Doc Martin: Control-Alt-Delete (S07E05)

Doc Martin - Control-Alt-Delete

After reaching breaking point with being followed around by Buddy, Martin resolves to find a vet to have it put down, while Ruth finds out that Bert has been trying to make his own whisky. Clive is suspicious of Mrs Tishell and who she might be cooking meals for, Penhale makes a hash of asking Janice out, and Louisa and Martin’s therapy homework results in a picnic on the beach, where they are interrupted by local vet Angela Sim – who appears to be hallucinating.


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Ladies of London S02E05:Season 2, Episode 5

Ladies of London - Season 2, Episode 5

This episode doesn’t have a summary yet. Add one here.


Watch Online Cutthroat Kitchen: Sabootage 2: Electric Boo-galoo (S08E24)

Cutthroat Kitchen - Sabootage 2: Electric Boo-galoo

The chefs make wraps that only a mummy could love. Then, a ghoul-ash challenge turns gruesome. Finally, one chef slams the front door on another in an all-out candy competition.