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She Did

Girls - She Did Online S01E10In the season 1 finale of HBO’s Girls, a small sense of closure brings about a whole bunch of new open doors. “She Did” took place almost entirely at a wedding. Jessa’s wedding! That was the surprise of the century, and yet, it made absolutely perfect sense. Even when I didn’t like something the show would do, I was impressed at its sheer poise and confidence in doing it. It wasn’t a perfect season of television, by any means, but it was as promising a debut season as I can think of, and it ends with a finale that makes me very much want to see where things end up in season two.

So, it seems very fitting that the events that transpire in the season finale revolve around Jessa’s surprise wedding to Thomas John (played by Chris O’Dowd, the character she turned down the three-way with Marnie a few weeks back). It’s shocking, for sure, but not all that surprising considering Jessa’s personality and the journey her character has taken this year. She claims to be happier than she’s ever been (and when asked if she feels like a “real adult” now, she answers “Mmmmmmmmmmm…Yes.”), but knowing Jessa, this brief moment of bliss will eventually come to a (most likely horrible) end sometime next season, but she makes no qualms about living for the now, and falling in love with a guy and marrying him two weeks later, however silly, worked perfectly well for me.

“Girls” is a show that never flinched, never worried much about making you like the main characters — even though I developed affection for several of them in spite of their constant screw-ups and selfishness — and instead let them make mistakes, hurt themselves and each other, in a fashion that was at times very funny, at others heartbreaking.

As predicted, Ray is really into Shoshanna; Shoshanna is really horrified that, not knowing that the party was a wedding, she dressed in white, and she’s almost too preoccupied with that to overthink what she’s agreeing to when Ray proposes taking her home that night. Later, in bed, Shoshanna’s suffering from her usual logorrhea (observing that her aunt told her that losing her virginity felt like “scratching a sunburn” . . . wow, what?), but Ray is seemingly undeterred, and we’re probably to assume that Shoshanna is relieved of her V card shortly thereafter.


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