Watch Hell on Wheels – Purged Away With Blood Online S02E06

Purged Away With Blood

Hell on Wheels - Purged Away With Blood s02e06 Cullen Bohannon had to take charge of a tricky hostage situation — and deal with a possibly greater danger facing an old friend — in “Purged Away with Blood,” Sunday’s episode of Hell on Wheels. If you missed all the action, here are the most important things you need to know before tuning in next Sunday.

This week the episode opens with the Swede and Reverend Cole riding with horses and a cart. Suddenly two Indians creep up from the grass and quietly come up behind them. One Indian shows the Swede some furs that he has and the two speak in the Indian’s language. Reverend Cole gets off his horse and they all go to the cart which is filled with stolen rifles. The reverend and The Swede hand them out to the Indians. They all seem happy. Not a good sign. Something is definitely up.

“Purged Away With Blood” focuses on the train carrying Durant to Chicago after last week’s shootout. On the way to get medical attention, part of the tracks is blown up by the Sioux and led by Reverend Cole. He and the Swede (or “The White Spirit,” as the Sioux call him) have given the Sioux a whole cart of guns to fight back against the Hell on Wheels crew ruining their land. Cole wants Durant to publish his insane manifesto, filled with his ramblings like “the crimes of the guilty land can only by purged away by blood,” or Cole will kill everyone on the train. Before now, Cole has been fun drunk, stumbling around the camp, preaching to those who will listen. Now, he’s a deranged shell of who he used to be, ready to kill because he believes that’s what God wants him to do.

The reunion of the family Cole is wobbly, too. Ruth (Kasha Kropinski) is still a cipher to me; I can’t get a handle on her character. Is she capricious or is it just off-handed writing because there’s been no real care taken with defining who Ruth is as a character? Her sudden emotional bonding with her father is a sentimental moment that doesn’t ring true for me. Joseph (Eddie Spears) fares better and plays truer to character, but then the writers are clearer on who he is than they are on Ruth.


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Watch Hell on Wheels – The Railroad Job Online S02E05

The Railroad Job

Hell on Wheels - The Railroad Job Online S02E05 This episode of “Hell on Wheels” is full of action and a few surprises. At the beginning of this second season Cullen Bohannon was part of a robbery crew. Tonight his old crew is back with a plan to steal $50,000 from the railroad’s payroll.

For Durant, it’s his chance to create an even greater name for himself. Elam is trying to be considered an equal after the slavery of the past. Lily is attempting to continue her husband’s work, even if it will leave her with an uncertain future once the road is completed. But for Cullen Bohannan, his motivation for joining the railroad was revenge for the murder of his family, and he quickly changed to forget about that, instead deciding to solely do the bidding of Durant, while also sometimes working on the railroad.

As much as the episode is superficially about a bunch of Johnny Rebs looting the railroad’s payroll once again, the question comes up over and over: What would happen to everyone should Durant (Colm Meaney) die? The man who controls everything is, naturally, also the man nearly everyone despises – the disparity of wealth and comfort being only a portion of why Durant is looked upon with such disdain. Of course, since Durant’s ability to draw breath is directly related to the future and wellbeing of so many individuals; namely, the freedmen, Elam Ferguson (Common) and now, Lily Bell (Dominique McElligott) – not to mention the future of the railroad itself – it comes time to put the good Mr. Durant directly in harms’ way.

“The Railroad Job” has a decent premise at its center: Hawkins, the leader of the ex-Confederate bandits from the beginning of the season, decides to rob the camp’s payroll while all the workers are off building the bridge. While casing the camp just before the heist begins, one of the robbers doesn’t take kindly to Elam’s presence in the saloon, and Hawkins’ too-generous attempt to make peace with Elam tips him off that something bad is about to go down. While Durant sends for Bohannon to return to the camp, Elam arms the McGinnes brothers and a sick Psalms, but the heist has already begun.


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Watch Hell on Wheels – Slaughterhouse Online S02E03


Hell on Wheels - Slaughterhouse Online S02E03 Well, that certainly lived up to the name “Slaughterhouse”. Returning to the Hell on Wheels camp after being saved from hanging by Durant (Colm Meaney), Cullen (Anson Mount) reluctantly sets out to bring a little more order to the growing community. He even forms an uneasy partnership with Elam (Common), whose murderous actions haven’t affected his pining for Eva (Robin McLeavy). The Swede (Christopher Heyerdahl), still trying to regain power in the camp and still strangely obsessed with Cullen and his crimes, has begun investigating the murder of the line boss Elam killed at the end of last week’s episode. He doesn’t waste time pinning the murder on his old enemies the McGinnes brothers (Ben Esler and Phil Burke) and maintains his creep level as he goes even further off the deep end. Lily (Dominique McElligott) deals with her guilt for her role in the murder, struggling with the decision to tell Durant her part in it, and all the while, Durant is still single-minded in his fight to win the race with Central Pacific Railroad to get his railroad across the Rockies first.

Dieter Schmidt in the bloodiest way possible, which culminated in a sledgehammer vs. meat cleaver fight to the death between the accuser and the accused (“Shut up, you had me at ‘sledgehammer vs. meat cleaver fight to the death'”). The grisly result illustrated how in a society with no overt governing body besides those able to manipulate public opinion—either through wealth or subterfuge—the concept of justice is as ephemeral and personal as a gavel that constantly changes hands only to smash out the brains of anyone deemed guilty along the way.

‘Slaughterhouse’ opens with the Swede seducing the German butcher, Mr. Bauer (Timothy V. Murphy) with the chance for revenge against those who murdered his prostitute-killing friend in ‘Durant, Nebraska.’ Though the Swede likely knows the McGinnes brothers had nothing to do with Mr. Schmidt’s stabbing death, his hatred for all things Irish (and the McGinnes brothers, in particular) is at the forefront of his insidious decision-making process.

Now that Bohannan is back, Durant has put him back in a place of power, placing him to watch over the workers on the railroad. Since Bohannan stole the money the workers were owed, they’re clearly not to keen on this idea. But once Bohannan puts them in their place, it’s time for Durant to do the same to Bohannan. Durant needs the railroad to get to the Rockies soon or all his construction will be for nothing. Once Bohannan can lead the men to this construction, he will be free. But let’s be honest, Bohannan will probably just end up back in Hell on Wheels once again. You’re never quite free of Hell on Wheels.


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Watch Hell on Wheels – Timshel Online S01E09


Hell on Wheels - Timshel‘Timshel’ starts off big, with Joseph Black Moon (Eddie Spears) finally forced to take the life of his violence-loving brother Pawnee Killer (Gerald Auger), and then explaining to Bohannan that in order for anyone to believe that the path of the railroad is safe, the southerner is going to have to take back some “proof.” Of course, Black Moon is referring to the scalps of the fallen Cheyenne, but Bohannan refuses, despite being told the market value for such evidence is running at $20 a piece.

Joseph and the Union soldier argue, the soldier accusing Joseph of keeping him from finding the Indian band – Joseph’s band. He asks Cullen if he is going with him to help him finish the fight, and Cullen declines. The soldier asks Elam, who tells him to go, if he’s going. Joseph tells Cullen that he has to bring back proof of their kills or no one will believe them. Cullen looks at the knife in Joseph’s hand and walks away, telling him they will have to take his word for it – he’s not bringing back proof.

Tom Noonan is giving a fantastic performance as Reverend Cole and even though I still think the change in character was sharply drastic and immediate, it’s turned into something oddly compelling. Who would have thought that a man of God would turn into an extreme danger and problem?

Cullen returns to find that Doc has hired Lily to do some survey work for him. So presumably she’s still living on her own and being Miss Independent. Just when it looks like Cullen and Lily might be getting a little cozy, Doc barges in and tells Cullen that Federal Marshals are on their way to arrest him for all those murders back east.


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Watch Hell on Wheels – Revelations Online S01E07


Watch Hell on Wheels - Revelations
Alright, Hell On Wheels, here we go. Tonight’s episode “Revelations” was a good one, not as good as my favorite episode “Bread and Circuses” but it had elements that I enjoyed in so far as the scope of the show. That being said, I’d rather that this episode was called “FRIENDSHIP!” but I suppose that’s a little strong. What this episode excelled at was the process of trimming the fat (particularly the majority of major assh*les that occupy the camp) that I believed Hell On Wheels got a little strong on in the first episodes.

So after tonight, Hell On Wheels will be gone from the airwaves for three weeks, then come back, guns a-blazin’, for its three concluding episodes, which I am hoping to Christ nobody in AMC’s promotional department tries to get away with referring to as a “trilogy.” For a show that gave a rat’s ass about narrative momentum, this would qualify as unfortunate. As it is, it makes “Revelations” a sort of holiday, year’s-end episode by default.

After last week we know that Elam is some major trouble. The Irish grumpus Mr. Toole finally had it up to here with Elam (substantial reasons not needed) and set out to hang him. Of course, Cullen comes in to save Elam, and shooting some hapless fellow in the head while doing it. Cullen and Elam set out for the wilderness– wait, where are they going?– and the Swede gives Mr. Toole permission to track them and kill them, or bring them back.

Sure, the same could be said for Bohannon and his revenge focused mind, but he, and the others, have slowly grown into something more. They’ve become characters with a certain depth and as viewers we get to see further glimpses into their lives and the little things that make them tick. Of course, we may not like certain characters, things that they say, or things that they do, but the bottom line is that Hell on Wheels is character invested.


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Watch Hell on Wheels – Pride, Pomp and Circumstance Online S01E06

Pride, Pomp and Circumstance

Hell on Wheels - Pride, Pomp and CircumstanceLast week we saw Cullen vs. Elam in a knock down dragged out brawl. There was blood, sweat, tears and abs. This week we have an Indian on a horse vs. a train in a 100 meter dash. There was… a train… and an Indian… on a horse. I guess I don’t have to tell you all that this episode was not one for the ages. It did, however, build a concrete foundation for exciting episodes to come. Within the hour the show basically stated,  “Shit may not be going down right now, but the future shit… now that’s a different story”.

Tonight also brings some lovely, funny little moments. In one, the camp band turns out to welcome the arrival of Sen. Jordan Crane (James T. Hopkin). The band consists of three members, one of whom is a whore with a tuba. That was a delightful touch.

The other is a bit between Bohannon (Anson Mount) and the annoying villain, Mr. Toole (Duncan Ollerenshaw), who’s trying to rouse his crew to some trouble in the camp bar. Bohannon warns them to back down.

After Bohannon has made it clear that he doesn’t want the men under his watch stirring up angry feelings against the Indians that might lead to violence, Common has a private moment with our hero in which he rubs salt in the wound, telling him that, “after that ass-whuppin’ I laid on you,” he’s not surprised that the doesn’t want seconds. Bohannon pleasantly informs him that the fight was rigged, though he doesn’t betray any feelings about it one way or another, aside from conceding that it was “pretty slick.”


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