Watch Law and Order: SVU – Presumed Guilty Online S14E10

Law and Order: SVU - Presumed Guilty
There’s something sad about a Christmas episode that airs after Christmas. This week’s episode of Law and Order: SVU, “Presumed Guilty” was chock full of the holiday spirit (if your holiday includes attempted murder and child molestation), but had the misfortune of airing in the new year. Now I’m usually all for extending the season, but what was stopping the network from airing this two weeks ago?

That being said, the episode was?well?pretty predictable with only a marginally interesting twist involving Finn’s ex-con ex-brother-in-law who was mistakenly arrested after coming to the priest’s aid and kept locked up far too long thanks to a truly d-bag ADA. Let’s hope we don’t see that particular ADA again?or, if we do, that he is somehow involved in next week’s promised conspiracy plot. By the way, didn’t they do that in a big way at the beginning of the year?

A priest was beat up by the brother of a girl who was molested by another priest. The first priest was covering up the crime not so much because of his vows, but because he’d already broken them and fathered a child with an adult parishioner, and the molester priest knew about it. In the end, the abuse victim shot and killed the man who had raped her and forced her to abort her baby right before Amaro could arrest him. Don’t they always?

This sort of mistaken identity plot has been done over and over on SVU. I’m really surprised when it doesn’t surprise me to find out that the accused is actually innocent. I even figured out that the little girl he was hugging when he was attacked was his secret daughter, right around the time they said she was nine and he’d left the parish ten years earlier. I’m like a bloodhound when it comes to pregnancies and secret babies; I think it’s all the romance novels I read.


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Watch Law and Order: SVU – Lessons Learned Online S14E08

Law and Order: SVU - Lessons Learned
Happy Thanksgiving Eve, Americans! At you prepare for a frenzy of cooking, eating, and possibly standing outside stores waiting for Black Friday, get into the spirit of season with the SVU squad when?actually, you should probably just avoid this episode.

An elderly man comes into the precinct, but Nick is too busy to talk to him right away. The office is chaotic and the man leaves. He kills himself that night. In his apartment is a letter he brought with him earlier from someone accusing him of abuse.

The man was a Harold Lassiter, an English teacher at a private school. The letter was written by “Curt”, a former student the detectives must hunt down. A different pupil of Lassiter’s confirms that he was, in his words, “touchy-feely”, and points them in the direction of the drama club. Sure enough, Lassiter was a drama teacher in the past, and abused Curt, who fell apart after once dreaming of stardom. Olivia and Nick lean on him to reveal other victims.

They follow him to a therapy group and persuade some of the others there to speak out again in the wake of Lassiter’s death. One guy, Nathan, scoffs angrily at the rest and walks out, but multiple men provide details of what professors did to them when they were kids. That’s “professors” plural, as in more than one. The good news, if there is any, is that Lassiter’s death is confirmed as a suicide, so nobody has to worry about a murder charge.