Watch Major Crimes S04E17: #FindKaylaWeber Online

Major Crimes - #FindKaylaWeber

A professional baseball pitcher’s daughter goes missing, and the Major Crimes team’s investigation leads them to the very limits of the justice system. Rusty is put in an extremely awkward position as Slider approaches the last phase of his trial.


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Watch Major Crimes S04E14: Taking the Fall Online

Major Crimes - Taking the Fall

The Major Crimes team is called to investigate a follow up attack on a victim of road rage, as a business executive and his wife fall prey to a furious driver in a pickup truck. As Thanksgiving approaches, Flynn suffers a setback on his road to recovery. And Rusty finally gets the interview with Slider that he wanted.


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Watch Major Crimes S04E13: Reality Check Online

Major Crimes - Reality Check

Sharon and the team investigate a murder during the taping of a reality competition show pitting married couples against each other. The case has a profound effect on Sanchez, bringing back memories of his late wife. Meanwhile, Rusty meets Slider’s lawyer, played by Greg Riikaart from The Young and the Restless.


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Watch Online Major Crimes: Wish You Were Here (S04E09)

Major Crimes - Wish You Were Here

When a YouTube video of a bloodied, half-naked man walking down the middle of a street with a gun goes viral, Major Crimes must decide whether the victim was targeted or a potential suicide. Rusty asks Sharon for help as he finally finds Alice Herrera’s brother, Gustavo.


Major Crimes S03E13 stream – Acting Out

Major Crimes - Acting Out

A former child star is found dead on skid row, halting a Hollywood comeback. The director of the movie and the acts manager are the prime suspects as the investigation gets underway. Flynn’s daughter visits and highlights the true nature of the relationship between father and daughter.

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Major Crimes S03E05:Do Not Disturb

Major Crimes - Do Not Disturb

A murder committed in a hotel room is investigated and results in some potential international repercussions. Rusty things about how to share a huge secret with the rest of the squad.

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Watch Major Crimes – Medical Causes Online S01E03

Medical Causes

Major Crimes - Medical Causes Online S01E03Major Crimes starts with the nightmare scene of a large SUV swerving in traffic before crashing into a crowd of people waiting to get into a club. Video footage from bystander’s phones show the driver stumbling out of the car and being beaten by the crowd before a bouncer stops it. Provenza (G. W. Bailey) tells Buzz (Phillip Keane) to stop the video. He asks if the paramedics smelled any alcohol on the driver’s breath, but that seems a no go. There is a handbag in the car, but it’s zipped. Flynn (Tony Denison) suggests that maybe it spilled its contents in the crash, but as three people were killed and nine were injured, Provenza says they should do things by the book and declare détente with Raydor (Mary McDonnell) considering the seriousness of the case.

Medical Causes” contained one of the most gruesome cases I’ve seen portrayed on television in quite some time. And it was so easy to imagine it happening.

A bunch of happy revelers waiting in line to get into a nightclub were plowed down by an SUV. The crime itself was a bit of a letdown. It was the most cliche of incidents and that was something we weren’t often subjected to before Raydor took over Major Crimes.

Flynn arrives at the hospital with the warrant and the bag and he and Sanchez go through it. They discover the driver is Dr. Leslie Nolan. There are no drugs nor alcohol in the bag. Raydor arrives with Rusty (Graham Patrick Martin) in tow. Rusty is unhappy about being up at 6 in the morning, but no one cares. Raydor and Sanchez go into talk to Leslie.

Along the way, we were given a lot more insight into the new dynamics of Major Crimes. Thankfully, Taylor was absent, thereby making it a rather pleasant experience outside the horror of the crime of the week.


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