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American Dad - Virtual In-StanityThis one’s for the nerds. It had regular guest star Patrick Stewart joined by Alyson Hannigan and Sarah Michelle Gellar Prinze Jr., as well as references to Aliens, Avatar and The Terminator (at least). Despite having many opportunities, American Dad generally resisted the impulse to pander, with the possible exception of Francine climbing into an exo-suit and saying “Stay away from him, you bitch!” This meant the episode managed to focus on doing what American Dad does best – being funny.

So Stan yet again forgot to get Steve a gift for his birthday, nor does he seem to have any real memory of anything that goes on during the occasion. When the family watches home videos of Steve’s life, Stan realizes that he hasn’t paid much attention to his son at all. But it’s too little too late: however old Steve is now, he’s at the point where he doesn’t care about his dad nearly as much as he does about masturbating and girls and then masturbating again. So Phyllis (voiced by Sarah Michelle Gellar) moves into town from Hoboken and Steve immediately falls in love.

I really liked that Steve ended up having feelings for his friend, Chelsea who was actually compatible with him. It was nice to see that Steve wasn’t completely shallow, even if he did end up ditching his plan to take Chelsea to Homecoming after Phyllis/Stan promised to have sex with him. Hey, nobody’s perfect, and judging by Steve’s daily calendar, sex is his major Achilles heel.

Watch American Dad – Virtual In-Stanity Online


American Dad S07E05: Virtual In-Stanity

After Steve gives him the brush off from an invitation to a baseball game, Stan starts worrying that he may miss out on a chance to bond with Steve. Stan makes a desperate attempt to bond with his son by creating a busty blonde bombshell avatar, Phyllis, whom he sends Steve’s way. After a date at a baseball game, Steve tries for tongue in a goodnight kiss but Stan just rubs his head. Thinking that Phyllis only wants to be friends, Steve is hesitant to pursue the relationship and is attracted to Chelsea who shows an interest in him. When Stan finds out that his plan isn’t working and Steve is going to ask Chelsea to the Homecoming Dance, he makes a desperate offer through Phyllis to have sex with Steve who gladly accepts. Despite some reservations about having sex with Steve, Stan is determined to go though with the act. But when Francine discovers what he is up to, Francine attempts to intervene with Stan to stop him. Unable to get though the avatar chamber, Francine takes a power lift mecha to keep Steve’s virginity out of “blonde’s” way. Tackling Phyllis while Steve is in the bathroom trying to ready himself, Francine convinces Stan that he should just accept his life with Steve the way it is. Stan has Phyllis break up with Steve. When Steve attempts to hook up with Chelsea again, he finds she is no longer interested in him.

What sucks is that Phyllis is only Stan’s CIA Avatar (seriously, does the CIA have these things?) as a way for him to be in his son’s life. They get closer, but Steve settles for ginger nerd Chelsea when Phyllis/Stan won’t make any sexual advances towards him. Determined to be there for his son, he agrees to have sex with his son Steve if it means being there for him, because that’s what real parents do, you know? Just before he can, however, Francine destroys the Avatar, ruining Stan’s chance of having sex with his son as a robot girl. That… happened.

It also helps that Hannigan and Gellar are effective guest stars. It doesn’t turn into Buffy The Animated Series, and their characters never directly interact, which may or may not be a disappointment to you. But both have voices with enough personality to fit their characters – they’re no Cee-Lo, but they don’t need to be.

There was a little b-story following Roger and Klaus in their limo business venture. After being stiffed on a $20 fare, Roger goes on a hunt to kill all the punks that were in his limo that night. Klaus is initially shocked that Roger would go so far for $20 until Roger reminds him that he killed six people the week before for $19. The moral of the story being, never mess with Roger.

Even though the reality of what was happening in both story lines was actually quite sick and twisted, I enjoyed this episode of American Dad. Putting aside the fact that Stan was trying to seduce his son in exchange for quality father-son time and the fact that Roger was murdering guys for what amounted to $4 per person, I thought the premise was clever and there were a ton of great laughs throughout.

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