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The Speckerman Recurrence

Big Bang Theory - The Speckerman RecurrenceI can’t say that “The Speckerman Recurrence” was a bad episode of The Big Bang Theory, but I can’t say that it was their greatest offering, either. I’m going to go out a limb here and say that it felt a little like the characters were regressing right in front of my eyes.

Leonard gets a Facebook message from his high school bully, Jimmy Speckerman, asking to have drinks. He can’t decide whether or not he wants to go. After debating it for a while, Leonard decides to go. The guys join him as support. Leonard is nervous but when Jimmy arrives, he’s nothing but nice. Sheldon, however, sees Jimmy’s comments as insults since Jimmy calls Leonard smart and Sheldon doesn’t believe that Leonard is that smart. Jimmy finally admits why he wanted to meet Leonard: he wants to make any movie into a 3-D movie. Leonard doesn’t believe this is possible.

Meanwhile, Penny realizes perhaps on some small level she was the bully, and tries to make amends. Or not really.  The show could have easily gone down a path which showed a bit more compassion with Penny, but this is a comedy so it was light and breezy, and ultimately, Penny, while still being greedy, made no qualms to us viewers that we would still like her by the end of the episode.

Watch Big Bang Theory – The Speckerman Recurrence Online

Big Bang Theory S05E11: The Speckerman Recurrence

Things go surprisingly well during the Leonard-Jimmy encounter. Granted, Jimmy only contacted Leonard to help him create glasses that screen 3D movies, but it’s a start right? With a little liquid courage, Leonard calls Jimmy on all the pranks, from stapling his balls together to calling him Nancy. He and the ccrew leave the bar proud of the confrontation. Later that night, however, Leonard receives a drunken visit from Jimmy who tries to make amends. Leonard finds it in his heart to forgive him and even lets him stay the night. Yay! The cool kid sleepover Leonard always wanted.

Because we certainly didn’t get any real amends from Speckerman, at least not any sober ones. After sleeping it off on the couch, in Sheldon’s spot, he woke up the next morning every bit the jerk he was in high school. For a shining moment, I thought Leonard was going to man up and answer his “what are you going to do about it?” question with “call the police and have you arrested for trespassing,” but he didn’t. He and Sheldon got chased out of their own apartment.

Penny’s a horrible person, and it makes for great comedy. She makes fun of a stuttering girl while trying to apologize for being a bitch in high school, and when she donates clothes to the poor, she ends up taking clothes out of the bin for herself. The only reason she’s even donating is to make space in her closet, not out of any sort of genuine desire to see the poor helped, and it’s a whole lot of fun to see Penny suck Amy and Bernadette into her selfish worldview. Girls like Penny stole all of Bernadette’s clothes and put an oversized elf costume in her locker. Girls like Penny put Rogaine in Amy’s hand cream and called her “Gorilla Fingers Fowler.” But girls like Penny were also who young Bernadette and Amy wanted to be, and now that they finally have acceptance from a mean girl, they take on her behavior.

However, no one accepts the apologies. Amy suggests that to get rid of her guilt, Penny should do something nice for others. They decide on donating Penny’s unused clothes. While dropping the clothes off at the clothes donation bin, Penny finds some more clothes for her wardrobe. So they return to the bin to “shop.” However, Penny feels guilty and they return the stuff they had grabbed so far.

Overall, it was a solid episode full of chuckles, not gut-busting laughs like it used to be, but then again, the quotient on that varies this season. I would have loved to seen the stories either focus primarily on one or the other, either with the girls or with the boys, but instead it was given equal storytime to both parties. While mileage may vary on Amy, Penny and Bernadette, I for one, find them to be an hilarious addition to the show; to have Penny maybe more in depth (and to much comic styling) about her role in bullying and how that effects her or doesn’t effect her now.

By most TV standards, this was a great episode. But by my The Big Bang Theory standards it was meh. I loved going back their geeky roots and reinforced what the show’s all about, but it did have me laughing out loud. What did you think of tonight’s The Big Bang Theory?

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