Watch Desperate Housewives – Any Moment Online S08E18

Any Moment

Watch Desperate Housewives - Any Moment Online S08E18

Rene Got proposed to by her boyfriend and she tells her friend Bree and about the body at the construction site. The police are trying to catch Bree and have her fingerprints which are a match so the police are gathering more evidence against her. The police get a warrant to serve to Bree. Susan, the wife who just lost her husband is getting care packages from the neighborhood.

Gaby, having blessed Carlos’s decision to give up his corporate job, decides to get her own. When she comes up empty with an employment agency, she goes on a last-hurrah shopping spree. The store manager is so impressed with her eye for style, he offers her a job. The encouraging takeaway is follow your heart, and it will pay off. A more-skeptical view would question whether it is typically that simple for woman out of the workforce that long to just slide back in, with the perfect job no less.

From Bree’s touching moment with Andrew to Lynette’s sweet scene with Penny, I realized that this was just another element of Desperate Housewives that I would truly miss. Though strangely a bit violent, the scene with Susan and MJ taking out their anger by smashing jars of jams left me teary-eyed once again. When MJ dropped the last jar on the ground and finally broke down in his mother’s arms, I could feel their pain, anger and devastation. It was truly a heartbreaking scene.

Watch Desperate Housewives – Any Moment Online

Desperate Housewives S08E18: Any Moment

Andrew makes a surprise visit home (nothing like dragging out ALL the kids for the end of the series) with a big shock for Bree. He’s engaged! To a woman! But as Bree discovers, this very quirky young woman is set to inherit A LOT of money and Andrew is currently broke. Bree sees what’s going on, but Andrew insists he loves her. Bree tries to re-out Andrew by throwing them a surprise engagement party and invites all of Andrew’s old gay friends. Mary Beth informs Bree that she knows Andrew’s gay but since she’s been lonely all her life, she willing to settle with Andrew. Bree tells her she can do better and Mary Beth breaks it off. Andrew is furious that his good deal is ruined but after a heart-to-heart, Bree invites him to stay with her until he can get back on his feet.

And even though Gaby gave Carlos (Ricardo Chavira) her blessing to pursue a more rewarding career, she wasn’t quite ready to return to life on a budget. Thankfully, she found a way to channel her obsession with shopping into a full-time job as — what else — a personal shopper at her favorite department store! I know we’re supposed to be proud of how far Gaby has come, but that job was totally handed to her. And it’s barely a job. I remain unimpressed.

Lynette got her husband Tom over with a story that she has an electrical problem and invites him to stay for dinner. Bree and her son talk about things and he moves back into her house until he gets back on his feet. Lynette and Tom finally get to talk about things and look at old photographs. Tom’s arm sets on fire and she turns on the light after he burns his arm and then he gets mad at her for tricking him and lying to him to get him over and he storms out.

Bree successfully butts in when she realizes gay son Andrew is marrying a woman for her fortune. And Renee gets a ring from Ben. My lack of empathy for Ben also might be blamed on the fact that he’s shown absolutely no remorse for what happened to Mike. I can’t help but blame him the most for Mike’s death. Since I care so little for Ben, I’m hoping he eventually feels guilty enough to want to protect the ladies on Wisteria Lane and takes the fall for what happened to Gaby’s stepfather.

Oh, and remember that whole murder investigation going on? Well, Bree’s latest conversation with Ben (Charles Mesure) was overheard by a few friendly neighborhood wire-tappers. Something tells me she’ll be watching the series finale from a jail cell.

With only three episodes remaining, how will they resolve the case against Bree? Is she going to take the fall for everyone and spend the rest of her life in prison? Or will she get off by some miracle? Will Tom and Lynette find their way back together? I’m getting so anxious to find out what’s going to happen! How about you all?

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