Watch Girls – Welcome to Bushwick (aka The Crackcident) Online S01E07

Welcome to Bushwick (aka The Crackcident)

Girls - Welcome to Bushwick (aka The Crackcident) Online S01E07
It was sweaty and thick in Bushwick this week, when the girls of Girls met for some partying. Hannah asks in the beginning of the episode – “how good can it be?”, and at the end it may be only Hannah that is really happy and kind of satisfied.

The warehouse party is one big game of hipster bingo — Indian-style braided headbands, high-waisted shorts, feathers (courtesy of Jessa, naturally), spirit animal hoods, and Adam with an ugly shirt. Yes, we finally see the shirtless Adam out in the wild, wearing a shirt, and we begin to understand why he doesn’t because frankly, that is one ugly shirt.

What is it about parties that captures a certain spirit of boundless possibility? As Jessa says, it’s the hope that each one might truly be the best party ever, that’s what drives us to put on lipstick and venture to potentially dangerous points unknown. Jessa says this while dressed as an extra from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, and so I am inclined to believe her. She is ready to dance, as is this episode’s golden days of MTV-esque title sequence.

You see there are two sides to every story, and it looks like up until this week’s episode, we’d only been getting the “Adam is a total douchebag” story from Hannah’s perspective. However, Lena Dunham managed to find a way for us to sympathize (ever so slightly) with the shirtless potential sociopath. He’s just misunderstood! Why, you ask? Because Hannah never took the time to understand him. So what better time than a warehouse party in Bushwick?

Watch Girls – Welcome to Bushwick Online

Girls S01E07: Welcome to Bushwick (aka The Crackcident)

Marnie is nervous because Charlie’s band is playing at the party —she’s not nervous to see him, mind you. She’s nervous that he’ll see her and feel sad. Marnie approaches Charlie after his band finishes playing and compliments him on the set, and happily comments that it’s mature and pleasant between them, but then of course a girl in a headband (referred to later by Marnie as “a tiny Navajo”) jumps right into Charlie’s arms and starts raving to him and Marnie about the band. It’s clear that “Audrey” is dating Charlie and that she has no idea who Marnie is, and Allison Williams makes Marnie’s face work (beautifully) through confusion, sadness, and rejected rage, but Marnie herself is totally unsympathetic when she calls Charlie a sociopath for dating another girl, just two weeks after their break-up.

But not without starting some shit first. Jessa takes the bottle and throws it down to the bottom level, nearly hitting a couple of guys. The dudes yell up at Jessa, but instead of apologizing, she calls them names and storms off.

On the dance floor, it finally seems that Jeff has let lose as him and Jessa innocently dance until he is sucker-punched by the guys. The two head to the hospital and Jeff breaks down, cries to Jessa that he won’t be able to explain this to his wife, then in a moment of weakness, makes a pass at her, which she declines. Jeff calls her a tease, and Jessa responds “I liked you better when you were being a good guy.” “Ain’t that the way,” Jeff says in return.

It really is refreshing to see Hannah and Adam interact outside of his apartment. For the first time, I can imagine this relationship actually going somewhere. Adam seems more playful, and he and Hannah are having fun, just like a coupla kids in love, or at least in like. He dances with her and convinces her to join him on a “scrapping mission” to the Brooklyn Navy Yard, which sounds highly illegal and totally Adam. They take off on his bike, Hannah riding on his handlebars. This is basically a scene out of West Side Story, I love it so much.

The episode also finally got the entire ensemble in the same room, to the point where seemingly everybody who’s been on this show for more than an episode was in that room. (I, honestly, wouldn’t have been surprised if Hannah’s touchy-feely boss had randomly shown up.) Charlie and Ray’s band was performing. Hannah’s college boyfriend was there for Marnie to lean on (and to snap back at her when she completely lacked self-awareness). Jessa’s boss showed up after she returned his text. And, perhaps most importantly, all of Hannah’s friends finally got to see Adam—and she finally got to see him with a shirt on.

Lena Dunham, and I say this in the most positive way – is selfish. I mean, check out the image above – taken from this week’s episode of the show. Adam is the background, you can hardly see him. It’s all Hannah, she’s the only one there. It is a show about her of course, but when the characters around you start to seem a little flat – and not just childish – that is a problem.

How many seasons will Girls have? Because it’s a very personal show – written by Lena Dunham and based on her experiences – I’d guess after season 2, if there will be a season 3 – Hannah will become a successful writer with ‘grown up’s’ problems. I hope that the rest of the characters will grow as well. Some of them are still just characters out of Hann–oops, Lena’s diary.

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