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Greys Anatomy - This Magic MomentNervousness abounds ?t Seattle Grace-Mercy West ?t th? ?t?rt ?f th?? episode, Season 8, Episode 11: “Th?? Magic Moment.” Th? docs ?r? scheming t? apart conjoined twins, dual tot girls named Brandi ?n? Andi. Th?? discipline th? procession one some-more time, ?nd th?n ?t?rt th? genuine deal. It goes ?? good ?? ????? b? expected, b?t one ?f th? twins suffers kidney failure, ?? th?? transplant a kidney fr?m one baby th? th? ?th?r. An? th?n all ?? fine, fine… w?th th? babies, ?t ????t. Callie (Sara Ramirez) ?? pissed w?th Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) f?r being ?? determining during th? surgery, ?n? Alex (Justin Chambers) ?? pissed ?t Richard (James Pickens Jr.) f?r hidden h?? purpose ?n th? operation.

The big case of the episode revolved around two conjoined twins whom the doctors were hoping to separate. Everyone’s been practising for weeks, and it’s come down to today – it’s a big moment. Unfortunately, Arizona’s feeling a little bit tense – she’s been caring for these babies since birth and has gone a bit, um, insane. Alex is due to do the vital “flip” with her, but Webber starts seeding doubt in his mind – he shouldn’t let Arizona destroy his confidence, this is going to go on his record, blah blah blah.

The main focus of this episode was on one sole medical case that had all of our favorite doctors working to separate two conjoined babies. The program has done episodes where the medical case takes the majority of the focus instead of the relationship drama, but this case was just not extraordinarily special to the average viewer. Yes, the doctors kept speaking of how vital and big this surgery was but it didn’t really come off the screen that way. The parents of the babies were very interesting characters but it was a bit disappointing that they started off with the “I know you don’t believe in us but we can do this” speech that we as viewers hear every time a young parent character with flaws enters the show.

Watch Greys Anatomy – This Magic Moment Online

Grey's Anatomy S08E11: This Magic Moment

Meanwhile, in another operating room, Altman is in the middle of surgeon when Christina walks in. Altman asks Christina to explain, in tedious detail, Henry’s surgery. While Christina explains it, Kepner seems nervous and uncomfortable. When Christina is finished, Altman says “again” and Christina repeats the explanation of Henry’s surgery.

Now that we’re on the downward slope of our emotional roller-coaster, the doctors of Seattle Grace are back to attempting “once in a lifetime” surgeries that are highly risky and almost impossible to accomplish successfully. After weeks and weeks of preparing, the staff are finally ready to perform a highly complex surgery which involves separating conjoined twins. Unsurprisingly, the pressure of it all causes nerves to run extremely high among the fellow surgeons, especially in regards to Arizona, who becomes increasingly overbearing throughout the course of the episode. But that’s to be expected since this is ground-breaking stuff and everyone wants to be involved. Dr. Webber even manages to trick Karev into giving up his spot in the surgery TWICE. He said it was to teach him to a lesson about never missing opportunities like that, but still that’s kind of harsh. Low blow Richard.

During the epic surgery to separate the conjoined twins, Derek takes a poll of the OR to see just how many people like Mark’s new girlfriend. An uncomfortable Lexie, still fighting feelings for him, high-tails it out to avoid the massive show of support for Julia. Later, Lexie shows her hand when she hears Mark say that he wished she was in the OR with him — except for the fact that Mark was talking to Julia via Bluetooth. This was something I did not expect. It had been two weeks since Henry had died and Teddy was still having Cristina on repeat explaining the surgery. It made sense. The two most perfect, anal, focused heart surgeons are so alike. Teddy has never been high on my list of favorite characters, but her friendship with Cristina has really made me like her much more.

At one point, as Cristina describes the way Henry’s tumour eroded his pulmonary artery, Teddy pushes for further details – it’s like an interrogation. Cristina explains every step patiently… and is then ordered to recite the surgery yet again, as April visibly deflates.

Later, April tells Cristina that Teddy’s being “mean”, but Cristina insists that she can handle it, and continues to recite whenever Teddy demands. Eventually, April snaps and yells that Teddy has to stop forcing Cristina to relive it – it won’t bring Henry back.

Comedic moments were abound in every portion of this episode but the sweetest of which happened as Meredith was caught between Ben and Bailey. Bailey and Meredith are similar characters. Bailey had everything – a career, a husband, a child – and now Meredith has everything – a career, a husband, a child. Bailey’s fears of moving things forward with Ben are truly heartfelt and its nice to see that he still has his touch of getting her to break down her inner walls – one step at a time.

When Lexi is bringing the twins to the Intensive Care Unit, she overhears Sloan saying “I wish you would have been there,” and Lexi thinks he’s talking to her, and responds by saying “me too”. However, in actuality he is on the phone with his new girlfriend and Lexi runs away embarrassed. At the end Meredith and Derek are sitting in the living room talking about Zola walking, then finally Zola begins to walk and they are ecstatic. That was the magic moment.

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