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House - Everyone Dies s08e22 season 8 episode 22The big question going into tonight’s series finale of House was whether or not Dr. Gregory House would die. It’s odd, reviewing the end. I’m not sure I serve much point here; this write-up (even more than usual) exists largely to remind you of various points throughout the episode, and give you a space to discuss what you liked or didn’t like. There’s no possible way for me to believably summarize eight years worth of television, and, to be honest, House doesn’t really deserve that level of scrutiny. It was a popular hit that helped anchor the Fox Monday night line-up for a while, and then it wasn’t anymore, so now it’s being cancelled.

Standing in House’s way, however, were the Ghosts of Seasons Past: Kutner (Kal Penn), Amber (Anne Dudek), Stacy (Sela Ward) and Cameron (Jennifer Morrison). Kutner and Amber encouraged Dr. Crankypants to live so that he could continue to solve the medical puzzles put before him. Stacy and Cameron, meanwhile, sought to remind House that, although he thinks it impossible, he is capable of loving and being loved.

How House ended up in that burning building in the first place was part of the mystery. House first asks Foreman (Omar Epps) to tell the parole board that House is needed to work on a number of serious cases, thus delaying his prison stint. When Foreman balks, House assumes Wilson will take the fall for last week’s hockey ticket stunt, therefore creating enough reasonable doubt to clear House’s name.

Watch House – Everyone Dies Online

House S08E22: Everyone Dies (Series Finale)

For the best part of its run, House, while still often clumsy and melodramatic and nowhere near as clever as it wanted to be, had a soul. Then at some point, the soul floated away, and the writers were forced to push harder and harder to make us feel anything at all. I suppose we can be grateful for the fact that “Everybody Dies” barely bothers to try. There are no revelations here, and considering last season ended with House driving a car through an ex-lover’s living room, the idea that he’d finally burn his bridges at Plainsboro isn’t exactly blowing anyone’s mind.

Even more familiar faces (Amber Tamblyn’s Martha Masters, Olivia Wilde’s Thirteen) turn up for House’s memorial service, which is punctuated by Wilson. “He was my friend,” he says. “Gregory House saved lives. He was a healer. And in the end … House was an ass.” Just as Wilson gets really fired up, he receives a text message from… none other than House himself. “SHUT UP YOU IDIOT,” it reads.

Just like Sherlock Holmes, who inspired many of House’s characteristics, House faked his own death. But House did so in order to be with his Watson. “I’m dead, Wilson. How do you want to spend your last five months?” he asks when they reunite after House’s “funeral.”

It was a perfect ending to the series really highlighting what made it so much fun to watch. It built up the character of House and created great emotion right up until you realized that House was just being his usual ass and pulling a giant prank. But the real beauty of the ending was the last line when House tells Wilson that his cancer is boring, and he finally choices life and his friend over the puzzle of the case, proving that he could change.

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