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NCIS - Shell Shock (Part II)
NCIS season 10 continued with episode 7, “Shell Shock (Part II),” the conclusion of last week’s hour. Gibbs let Joe know that he was right about Randall, and since Randall was up to something, they needed his help. He didn’t remember seeing him talking to anyone else in the store, but he did say Randall didn’t seem to be in there to buy something. Speaking of remembering, Joe also didn’t remember being inside enemy HQ during the ambush; it was only in his report because Torres said they were. While George was ready to go back to work ASAP, Evan was staying with Joe.

Gibbs took Joe to see Paul, a man from his unit he described as “superman,” while Evan waited by the car. Paul said he didn’t recognize Randall, but he was clearly upset with Joe and asked where he was when he needed him. After he went back inside,

Joe flashed back to the ambush and being in the enemy’s HQ, and Gibbs and Evan had to stop him when he began running. That was when Gibbs brought him to Abby for her virtual reality program to help with his memory, and while he remembers bits and pieces of the enemy’s HQ, including Randall’s license, he walked away after getting into the ambush.

Tony talked to Randall’s girlfriend, Brooke, who said he was always on Chat for his job and he stopped by that morning to say goodbye before a business trip. She did tell them that his uncle left him a blue sedan, but when they looked into it, it turned out that was a lie. They knew Randall knew they were onto him. Ducky provided Gibbs with some insight into Randall. He lost his parents young, growing up in foster homes and looking for a permanent family. He found the bond he wanted in the rebels, which meant he wouldn’t go back to a solitary life. He had someone around.

Watch NCIS – Shell Shock (Part II) Online

NCIS S10E07: Shell Shock (Part II)

When Gibbs called Joe, he found out Evan had taken him to a bar-a bad move with his medication. When they tried to get Joe to leave, he punched Evan, and Gibbs had to break up their fight as Joe insisted it was different for Evan because he was okay.

Gibbs talked to Dr. Pete about helping Joe, and he explained there were two objectives with PTSD: rediscovering a sense of purpose and rebuilding trust. And so Gibbs went to see Joe and invited him to stay at his place since he didn’t want to stay in the hotel. He took Joe to the convenience store to see what he could remember, and Joe remembered Randall handing a piece of paper to a blue-haired girl-and he was able to give the sketch artist plenty of details. Meanwhile, McGee did find a license plate after staying at the office all night going through Randall’s chats and files, but when it was spotted, it turned out just to be some scared kid driving. Randall had paid him to drive the car.

Fortunately, Tony and Ziva found the blue-haired girl at the store, and she said she was supposed to meet Randall at a coffee shop to get a box to drop off at Union Station. They had her do that-but they were waiting, and they brought him in. However, Randall had two bombs, so where was the other one? Randall won’t talk in interrogation, no matter what Gibbs did, and that included showing him photos of Joe’s unit. After Randall proclaimed the rebels his brothers and spit on Hall’s photo, Joe burst into the room and pinned him to the wall. As Tony and Gibbs tried to pull him off, Joe remembered that Brooke’s photo was on the wall in the enemy’s HQ. She was part of it.

Brooke was catering an event, and that was where the blueprint came in: a Senator’s home. He was hosting a Thanksgiving dinner for the members of the Joint Economic Committee and their families. They did find the bomb and the bomb squad disarmed it, but Brooke was missing-briefly. They caught her trying to escape in a police car. Gibbs brought Joe back to see Paul, who cleared up something. Joe had thought he had ran when Hall needed him, but it turned out that Joe, not Paul, had been the one to grab Hall during the ambush. Paul said he never ran from anything.

Meanwhile, throughout the episode, Tony was very interested to find out what he could about Ziva and the opera after he overheard her upset to find out it was sold out. As he, McGee, and Gibbs explained to her, the opera is one of the big three of romantic dates. While on the stakeout to find the blue-haired girl, Ziva explained it was about her sister. Her dream was to be on stage, and so for her birthday, Ziva went to the opera every year. With it being sold out, she felt like she was letting her down. And so, in a very sweet (and somewhat expected) gesture, Tony used McGee’s sound system to make Ziva feel like she could be at the opera with her sister if she closed her eyes and left her to it.