Watch Once Upon a Time – Bleeding Through Online S03E18

Once Upon a Time - Bleeding Through
Last week on Once Upon a Time, it was to be a showdown at the Storybrooke Corral when the envious green witch challenged Regina contemplating being able to take her heart as an ingredient to her scheme to travel back in time and change her lot in life. Regina decided to leave her heart in the hands of Robin Hood to protect which was a good idea until this week when Zelena sent Rumpelstiltskin to retrieve it.

That’s her color for the season. She’s not angry, because “nothing’s worth the life of a child.” But she is worried, because if Zelena didn’t want the heart to kill her, she must want it for something else. We see her apologize to Belle for everything because she needs to find the answers in the antique store. She’s definitely on a redemption arc.

Cora, however, as we see in this episode and “The Miller’s Daughter” chose the power of the throne over her love for Rumplestiltkin. By Once Upon A Time standards, this makes her more evil than most, as she buries her own heart so that it won’t get in her way. Rumple, who chose magic when faced with the choice between power (magic) and love (his son), wound up regretting it and never stopped trying to alter it.

Guest starring are Rose McGowan as young Cora, Rebecca Mader as Zelena, Sean Maguire as Robin Hood, David De Lautour as Jonathan, Eric Lange as Prince Leopold, Eva Bourne as Princess Eva, Steve Elliott as drunk, Yvette Dudley-Neuman as mid-wife, Brian Knox McGugan as drunk Charlie’s friend, Raphael Alejandro as Roland, Michael P. Northey as Friar Tuck and Gabrielle Giraud as royal aide.

Watch Once Upon a Time – Bleeding Through Online

Once Upon a Time S03E18: Bleeding Through

This show tends to deliver love or hate moments. The scenes between Snow and Regina were great. Zelena’s origin story was so ridiculous though. Clearly Barbara Hershey had no desire to tarnish her character. Perhaps there will be more to the tornado that took Zelena as an infant, but at the moment I don’t get how Zelena as an infant could have inherently had magic before Cora was even instructed by Rumple.

Cora attacks Snow in an attempt to communicate the answer to Regina’s questions about Zelena. Snow is given the sight of Cora’s past where Princess Ava (Snow’s mother) divulged to the prince Cora was pregnant and stealing causing her to be thrown from the castle and Ava to become queen. Belle confirms the plan to go back in time to kill Ava. This means Snow would not be born, nor would Emma, Henry or possibly Regina. The missing link, Charming figures out to the success of the spell, is the unborn baby which now must be protected at all costs.

More Snow/Regina bonding. They seem to be trying to find their way back to the nice relationship they once had. A tear slips down Regina’s cheek as Snow says, “I know you, and you feel things deeply” with or without a heart. That sends her right into Robin’s arms. He barely gets to promise he’ll find her heart when there is some deep kissing. So if you can fall in love with a heart, and cry without a heart, what exactly is a heart?

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