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Pretty Little Liars - Crazy Online S03E07Pretty Little Liars‘ spooky seventh episode this season mixed real world murder mystery with supernatural scares. “Crazy” was jam packed with everything from Ouija boards to insane asylums.

Hanna doesn’t have to think she’s guilty for the idea of a police officer wanting her blood to freak her out! I mean, it’s vampiric! “I want your blood!” I’d be totally freaked out. I mean, people get paranoid when they are stuck in a line-up because they know they could accidentally get picked. And I’m sure with Rosewood cops, someone’s blood could easily be mixed up and then boom, you’re the one in jail eating the sloppy joe’s! And Hanna probably hates those! (I hate them, everyone hates them!)

Meanwhile at the coffee house, Aria, Emily and Spencer find someone that sounds almost exactly like Alison. The mysterious blonde stranger’s name is Cece and she was a friend of Ali’s. They shared an “intense” few weeks summering together and she dated Jason. She works at the boutique near the coffeehouse and drops hints that she knows at least some of their secrets.

Speaking of Wilden, is it just me or has he been inappropriately flirty with Hanna the past few times that he’s stalked her. Weirdo. Moving along. It’s interesting to me that Toby’s hesitant about Garrett’s guilt (honestly, I am too at this point). I wonder if Spencer’s overwhelming confidence in Garrett being Ali and Maya’s killer will push them apart. We’ll have to see I guess.

Another thing we learned is that Mona really does care for Hanna. She seemed upset to hear that the planchette had made its way to Hanna’s home. She definitely doesn’t trust Aria, so that might mean she doesn’t know exactly who is A’s team. Or does she suspect Aria? Or did she know that A was watching her and secretly recording her?

Watch Pretty Little Liars – Crazy Online

Pretty Little Liars 3x07: Crazy

Turns out, she’s Cece, whose family rented a summer home in Cape May near Ali’s family’s house. She even dated Jason. But then she moved to LA. Though Aria, Spencer and Emily have never heard of Cece, she knows all about them. Apparently, Ali talked about all of them a lot. Cece says Ali was going through a rough time when they were friends, comparing her to “a broken doll.” But before she can give too much info, Cece has to go back to work at the boutique across the street, which is probably bustling on a weekday morning on Rosewood’s one block. They wonder if Cece is like Ali or if Ali was like Cece, but mostly, they’re weirded out she knows their secrets, just like Ali did. My mom, on the other hand, doesn’t see the Ali connection, especially since “she looks like she’s 30.”

In other twisted news, Jason (Drew Van Acker) went on a drunken joyride and crashed his car — but before you ask, no damage was done to his ridiculously perfect face, thank God. I’m also thankful for Queen Spencer (Troian Bellisario), who covered the whole thing up so no one would know her half-brother was driving drunk. Toby (Keegan Allen) seemed especially against Spencer lying for Jason, but as always, his opinion was quickly dismissed. (Doesn’t he know the first rule about dating a Pretty Little Liar? The boyfriend’s only real job is to play dumb and look pretty.)

I thought it was really gripping when Toby reminded his GF that she once had accused him of being the murderer. That’s a “fun” little dynamic to their romance. And no wonder Spencer knows Toby won’t approve of her sleuthing. Though Spencer has the best intentions ever, she’s likely only going to stumble and ruin someone’s life on accident.

Spencer added Cece and her summer in Cape May with Ali to her massive digital records of everything Ali and A. Toby (Keegan Allen) confronted her on the lie she told last week, the one where she asked him to accompany Hanna to her dance while she snuck around with Jason. Spencer copped pretty quickly, hostly. She explained the situation with the bracelet, and Toby seemed forgiving. What if Garrett is innocent? Spencer accused Toby of killing Alison for a good long while, and now they kiss on the lips!

How are high school girls able to sneak in anywhere in this town? Hanna confronts Mona, and we find out what the mysterious event Ali’s dad was upset about. Hanna called Ali’s mom the night of she and Mona’s séance and told her Ali was alive. But, in the midst of story time, Mona has escaped!

Code cracked and Liars all together, they discover that Mona led them to Maya’s password protected website. Thanks Mona, but what about that “magic word” now?

Also, I am glad that Spencer is being more honest with Toby (although he did earn it after lying to save her from the cops), but she’s really got to open up to him. She’s obsessed with Garrett and A, and she refuses to let him help her. It’s causing her to make stupid decisions. Who abandons their car at the scene of an accident with the door open and the keys still in it? Did she really think she’d make it back before anyone noticed the hit-and-run?

Okay. Now breathe. And it’s okay if you peed your pants. This episode was so crazy and really yell-worthy (i.e. SCARY). My mom and I decide we’re going to talk about people like this for a long time, if only we were smart enough to do so.

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