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Lady Killer

pll lady killer s03e12 “Pretty Little Liars” aired the mid-season finale for its third season Tuesday night on ABC Family, channel 38 in Queens, and fans finally got answers to who killed Maya and who’s on the “A” team in episode 12, “The Lady Killer.”

The Maya murder trial is officially underway and all of Rosewood is abuzz. The liars call Emily over under the guise of apologizing for thinking Paige is A but they really just want to tell her that they think Paige is A. Oh, and that they found the earring Aria buried with Alison in her bag. Well, Emily doesn’t want to have any of it and storms out. I bet no one, except for everyone, saw that coming.

When Emily doesn’t show up to school, Hanna puts two and two together when she tells Aria and Spencer that Paige wasn’t at school either. Since the Liars know that Emily doesn’t want to see them, they’ve sent Caleb as a spy to watch over Emily. Caleb assures the Liars that Emily is safe with the reporters outside her house.

She leaves promptly, after saying, “Three to one. A wins.” The girls realize that this is what A, or Paige, wants – to separate Emily from the girls and have her all to herself. Garrett’s trial is underway. Mona, dressed as a nurse, flashes her ID card to the receptionist as she walks out of Radley Sanitarium, also holding some keys.

So it was a massive disappointment that this finale focused not on solving the mystery of the A Team, but on solving the mystery of who killed Emily’s girlfriend Maya. Turns out that it wasn’t Emily’s new girlfriend, whom the Liars decided was the killer last week, but the obviously suspicious new guy in town who claimed to be Maya’s cousin out of nowhere! Just when we thought the show would zig, it… well, zigged.

Watch Pretty Little Liars – The Lady Killer Online

PLL S03E12: The Lady Killer

While one character was leaving the city limits, another was entering them once again. Toby made his triumphant return from Bucks County to have sex with Spencer. (Was she really still in possession of her V-card?) If you’ve ever seen the movie “Scream,” perhaps this romp left you wondering and suspecting the same thing I was. More on that to come…

Here comes the fun part. This whole “getaway” is totally messed up. Oh and FYI Nate threatens Emily with a knife. He’s going to “take something from her and she’s going to watch him do it.”

My first thought? Not murder. Don’t know if you’re thought process is faster than mine, but that person he’s taking away is Paige. Yeah, she’s in the closet. She’s been pretty silent this whole time they’ve been here (for what, like two days? That’s a long time to be in a closet).

Some of us might have seen it coming for weeks, but I didn’t really want to believe it was possible until I saw this episode. Spencer’s reunion with Toby was quite the romantic scene. There was so much attention paid to their love scenes, highlighting the importance of their first time (some may say it wasn’t their first time, but it’s the first time it’s been onscreen) and the love between them, that I couldn’t help but feel that she (and we) were being set up for a big betrAyal.

Toby’s also back – and the sweet love-making moment shared with Spencer is quickly ruined by the first half of this week’s A-scene; which takes us to the much speculated about #betrayAl (sorry to use ABC’s overplayed word-play hash tag, but it still makes me giggle just a little bit).

Honestly, I didn’t even realize Toby (Keegan Allen) was missing. Allegedly, he’s been working a new job out of town. Spencer caught Toby’s reflection while gazing at a poster for the ”Halloween Ghost Train Party” in the window of a shop. Foreshadowing! Cue the music! Spencer was quick to spit out an apology for landing Toby in the middle of the legal drama with Jason. Toby was even quicker to accept her apology. Who else got a little dizzy watching the camera spin wildly around the two as they kissed and made up? A little later on, Toby and Spencer sealed the deal. Oddly the big moment became a part of a montage of clips of the other girls dealing with their own dramas.

That’s what the “Pretty Little Liars” summer season finale implied at least. It’ll be interesting to see what’s next now that we know he’s on the A team — especially considering the fact that Spencer still trusts him. But fans will just have to wait until the Halloween special, or, more likely, until the “PLL” winter season. A last scene featured a disappointed Mona heading back to her asylum with another A-Team member. Apparently, their plan was to frame Paige with Maya’s phone, which is now lost in the mix, but Paige never showed up to the grave! Better luck next time, loon!

I cannot believe what happened on the finale! I was so shocked to see that it was Toby that was working with Mona. I am hoping he is only doing it to protect the girls and really isn’t trying to get revenge on them. I couldn’t watch it last night when it air, so this morning I went onto Dish Online to watch it. I can watch several shows on there free and it even has previous episodes of some of the shows. I wanted to make sure I watched it before I got to work at Dish, so I could talk to my co-workers about the episode. The Halloween special looks really good, but I cannot wait for the next season to start!

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