Watch Simpsons – How I Wet Your Mother Online S23E16

How I Wet Your Mother

Simpsons - How I Wet Your Mother Online S23E16Well the tables have turned with The Simpsons falling behind the Comedy Central animated show in “How I Wet Your Mother.” The snowy setting of Homer’s original dream, the landscape of Homer’s subconscious mind, and the gravity-defying slow battle between Professor Frink and Chief Wiggum all helped create a more precise satire of the film.

I thought the beginning of this week’s episode of The Simpsons with Smithers in the supply closet was quite funny. It is amazing how hard it is to get quality supplies at work! When I started at my firm, I asked my assistant to get me some nice fine point, gel pens or roller points and she kindly advised me that we only had ball point. I could either get them on my own or put in a special request, which is just another way of saying get them on your own. Let’s hope that things are a little better over at Fox. Like Homer, my instinct would have been to raid the supply closet rather than close the open door. I loved the accordion post it bit with Lenny.

The second act has Homer quickly put together that his bedwetting is probably tied to his betrayal of his co-workers, but his problem persists even after they forgive him. When Marge is turned off by his Confidence Man Adult Diapers (ha!), she takes a night walk and meets up with Professor Frink, who has invented an Inception device. This is quite a lot of plot development in a short time, but the episode hums along so well in this act that it does not seem rushed. The gag about Homer napping with a many-armed Apu was the weakest joke in this segment, but most of the others, particularly the nerdy ones about the poles of Mars and the Adobe Acrobat update, were strong enough to carry all of the plot mechanics along. None of the jokes here were extraordinary, but there were few enough stinkers that they had a cumulative strength.

Watch Simpsons – How I Wet Your Mother Online

The Simpsons S23E16: How I Wet Your Mother

Plus, we got to look into four different dream levels. Lisa’s dream, predictably enough, involved a Shakespearean stage; however, we did not get to stay there long before Bart pulled the plug (or rather plugged them in again). For some reason, Marge’s subconscious transplanted them into an earlier version of themselves at a Family Psychiatrist. The animation transformed into the classic drawings of the first season and the character’s voices took on their initial intonations. While Dr. Marvin Monroe wasn’t there to make everyone shock themselves silly, it was a neat little throwback to earlier Simpsons’ episodes.

Thanks to a random intrusion by Chief Wiggum, Homer’s fantasy land quickly turns into a life-threatening nightmare. Who knew that such a simple man could have such a dangerously complex mind? It is revealed that Homer’s departed mother lives on his head – right next to trivia. Thanks to her, The Simpsons are saved from a horrible death and Homer gets to the bottom of the childhood memories causing his bed wetting problem. It’s nice to see that Homer can remain close to his mother in the afterlife.

There were some moments here and there that I thought were a little too on-the-nose with being a parody, but the various dreams they visited were actually a lot of fun. The classic look and Homer’s Walter Matthau voice in Marge’s dream really made me laugh, as did Lisa’s dream getting completely glossed over. The final dream again was a little too close to what the movie was like, but it was still funny and great to look at. I could have done without the police showing up and putting urgency in the final dream (though multiple Moes clogging up the gears was a very funny sight), but I was genuinely surprised to see Mona Simpson appear at the end of the episode. If there was ever a way to being her back and have it make sense, this was the way to do it, and the final resolution and explanation was touching and made sense in the grand scheme of the episode. The final gag with Homer and Marge still thinking this was a dream was a pretty funny note to end on also.

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