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Our Town

Vampire Diaries - Our Town“Our Town” is one of those episodes that grabs you, you know? Well, at least it grabbed me. As soon as it was over last night, I had to watch it again — not for the sake of this job, just because of the story. I’d originally felt a bit skittish when I heard the episode title, because Thornton Wilder’s profound play, Our Town, is especially precious to me. I first saw it (the television version, starring Glynnis O’Connor and Robby Benson) when I was just a little girl and even then, it hit me where I live. I was afraid that this little-show-that-could-and-often-does, shouldn’t even try to evoke Wilder’s sandbox, never mind play near it. While I’m not trying to say that this “Our Town” episode of The Vampire Diaries, is anything other than a great episode of The Vampire Diaries, it hits all the right emotional notes of love, life, loss, coming of age, and yearning that I had feared it might miss, because it goes so fast.

The Vampire Diaries celebrates Caroline’s (Candice Accola) 18th birthday so that’s a time to be cheerful right? It would seem not, especially as this is the first birthday for Miss Forbes since she has become a vampire and this excellent episode explores letting go of the old and embracing the new. This sounds pretty simple but obstacles such as a power play between Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) makes this both dangerous and complicated.

It’s an average day in Mystic Falls. Elena wallops a bunching bag and Damon takes a shower. How many times have we seen Damon shower? I do appreciate his attention to personal hygiene but even the word “gratuitous” doesn’t really cover it anymore. Just sayin’. Also, Bonnie is chanting and yelling at inanimate objects, namely a coffin that refuses to give up its secrets, which makes her late for decorating Caroline’s locker.

Watch Vampire Diaries – Our Town Online

The Vampire Diaries S03E11: Our Town

Let’s start with Ms. Caroline Forbes. Seriously, is there anything more depressing than watching this typically cheery cheerleader (and third grade hop scotch champion!) in a bad mood? It’s just not the way she’s meant to be.

And who would have thought it would take Klaus, of all people, to put a smile back on her face? To force her to admit that life is very much worth living, especially with all the “genuine beauty” a vampire has access to over the centuries? But he can’t really be making a move on Caroline… can he?!? We all know Klaus has a heart, this is not some one-note villain twirling his figurative mustache and cackling into the night. Still, the especially tender side we witnessed here came somewhat out of nowhere. I say the guy has an agenda.

But let’s just compel Jeremy who had, potentially, the most amazing story that could have been written for him. Did everyone just forget about ghosts? I think the writers of Vampire Diaries either forget or… I don’t know, but there is a huge potential here for a story about ghosts trying to, basically, have a war from the other side. It’s a story I thought was going somewhere this entire time and it indeed did go somewhere: to Denver. Oh, well. I only hope that Jeremy comes back in a big way because it’ll just be useless if he left for the hell of it.

Speaking of spoiling the party, Dr. Fell is having a fight with her senior prom date, Brian. Brian calls her a psycho, and Ric steps in. I would suggest that Ric is seeing a big, red flag being raised in his face, but Meredith is quite pretty so I’m not sure he cares. She explains that even if Brian is a jerk, she has to work with him — he’s the medical examiner.

Upstairs, Stefan finds a hybrid and stabs him, but before he can lop off his head, Damon steps in. He wants Stefan to think before he acts, but Stefan insists the way to beat Klaus is to be a better villain. They banter back and forth, but Stefan is too bullheaded (and inhuman) to see any logic in Damon’s more measured approach.

Liked Dr. Fell and Alaric! Always fun. Enjoyed Damon and Stefan. I think it’s interesting that they specifically had Stefan force blood down Elena’s throat and even though his motives were different I think it’s another step to making Stefan and Damon equal to Elena–so when she chooses it’s not for obvious reasons like good vampire or bad vampire but because she loves one more than the other. Honestly though? The correct answer Elena is to run away!

One further development that is curious involves Meredith Fell (Torrey DeVitto) and her now dead ex Brian (David Colin Smith). Instead of being something supernatural this looks like a case of old fashioned murder, even if the weapon of killing is a stake. So whodunit? Is there more to Meredith than meets the eye? Brian was certainly verbally abusive to Meredith at the Founder’s event and she talked about how she’d like to throw him off Wickery Bridge, but that doesn’t necessarily make her a killer. Alaric (Matt Davis) came to her aid but I really can’t see him committing a cold blooded crime such as this. The fact that Brian is the medical examiner, who falsifies death certificates as ‘animal attacks’ and not vampire ones, is something that I think will be important as to why Brian died. Who do you think killed Brian?

Damon gets Elena and brings her home. I’m not sure how he knows where she is, since Stefan tossed Elena’s cell phone out the window during their death ride, but details schmetails. (When I teased Julie Plec about this on Twitter, she joked that Elena walked right to a pay phone, like at the end of The Firm.) At Elena’s front door, there is all kinds of unresolved sexual tension and other post-kiss feelings swirling around the two, so Elena cuts to the chase and tells Damon he’s not going to kiss her, again. When he says that he knows, Elena tells him, “It’s just not right.” Damon smiles at her. “It’s right. It’s just not right… now.”

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